EXCLUSIVE: Masquerade #2 Cover by Alex Ross

Tue, December 23rd, 2008 at 5:08pm PST

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EXCLUSIVE: "Masquerade" #2 cover by Alex Ross
Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the Alex Ross cover of "Masquerade" #2. Written by Ross and Phil Hester with artwork by Carlos Paul, "Masquerade" #2 goes on sale in 2009. When you're through checking out this exclusive image, don't forget to visit CBR's Independents forum to discuss "Masquerade" with fellow readers.

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Plots: Alex Ross, Phil Hester

Writer: Phil Hester

Penciller: Carlos Paul

Covers: Alex Ross (100%), Carlos Paul (1-in-8), George Tuska (1-in-12)

Colorist: Debora Carita

Rating: TEEN+

As the mystery of the slowly disappearing heroes deepens, Masquerade finds herself hot on the trail, but not before teaming up with Pyroman to battle the Black Dragon Society and The Black Terror on a stake-out. As the heroes compare notes, a pattern begins to emerge that sets Masquerade further on her quest! Written by Phil (The Darkness) Hester, illustrated by Carlos Paul and overseen by Alex Ross – who also provides the incredible main cover of this issue!

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