Image Comics Solicitations for June, 2003

Thu, March 20th, 2003 at 12:00am PST

Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

AGENTS #3 (of 6)
(W) Kevin Gunstone

(A) Ben Dunn

(Cover) Ben Dunn

BW 32pp $2.95 Six-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

From the ashes of nuclear devastation wrought on the cities of Washington and Moscow thirty years ago, a planet-wide protectorate was formed in Britain called The Agency.

The Agency enforce their own brand of defensive guardianship through

espionage and counteraction, but not all of the Earth is united in this

New World Order, as individual countries, states and rival organizations

threaten to undermine and destroy all The Agency stand for.

This Issue

Trapped within Daedalus' South American stronghold, Nigel Cord has a

surprising encounter. As The Agency superspy; the assassin, Kristal

Veil; and the unseen, watching eye of the C.A.B.A.L. are introduced to

the Professor's grand vision for the New World. Whilst in London, tired

of searching for the missing Mike 70, Douglas Chance and Lady Pippa take

some downtime in a hotel room - until a desperate phone call awakens

them from their blissed out state.


The Agents is ™ and Kevin Gunstone and Ben Dunn, 2003, All right reserved.

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) by Marc Andreyko

(A) by Scott Morse

(Cover) by Scott Morse

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 11th

"Have You Seen Me" Part 2 of 6

The Concept

This is the second spinoff book featuring New York City police

detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams, popular characters originally

introduced in the core Spawn title. Casefiles: Sam and Twitch takes the

crime noir world of Sam and Twitch to a darker level, featuring unique

artwork and storytelling from Marc Andreyko and Scott Morse. Intended

for mature audiences only.

This Issue

Twitch's life is shattered as ghosts from the past return for vengeance!

And no one Twitch knows is safe --- not his friends, his partner, his

children! As the horrors inflicted on Twitch get greater, will he crack

under the stress? And will he turn to cold-blooded murder to stop it?


Casefiles: Sam and Twitch is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2003.

All right reserved.

Offered Again: Sam and Twitch TP Vol. I: Udaku

CLOCKMAKER #5 (of 12)
(W) Jim Krueger

(A) Matt Smith and Zach Howard

(Cover) Matt Smith

FC 16pp (Folds out from standard comic size to glossy high-quality

CSN/Marvel Treasury Edition size) $2.50 12 issue epic

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

Hidden within a hollow mountain in Switzerland is a giant clockworks.

Hundreds of men that never age maintain the old behemoths operation. The

clock is the cause and sustainer of the Earth's revolutions. And more,

it is the gateway to Heaven itself.

Which is why the Clockmaker and her family are about to go through hell.

"The mouth is interesting because it's one of those places where the dry

outside moves toward the slippery inside" -Jenny Holzer

This Issue

Last issue, Astrid's discovered that the missing clockworkers were

killed and did not run off as Hans had believed. When their remains are

found hidden beneath the gears, Hans commits himself to find out what

really happened to Astrid's brother and father below the clockworks.

There, in the lava pits below the gears, a virtual hell, he makes the

discovery that there is not one devil, but two, that threaten the gates

of Heaven. The question is, can Hans survive long enough to tell Astrid

what he's found?


The Clockmaker is ™ and Jim Kruger, 2003. All rights reserved.

By Joseph Michael Linser

FC 32pp $2.95 Six-issue finite series

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

2003 marks the return of Dawn in her third series, after a 3-year

absence. Artist/writer Joseph Michael Linsner resurrects his modern

take on the Goddess of birth and rebirth in this full color,

fully-painted 6-issue series. DAWN: THREE TIERS co-stars Darrian Ashoka

and picks up his adventures from the end of LUCIFER'S HALO, the first

DAWN mini-series.

This Issue

In a post-apocalyptic, sword & sorcery Europe, Dawn leads Darrian

through wars, disasters, fire, duels, and into liaisons which bring him

cheek to cheek with the three faces of the Goddess. The spectre of

Death, the Horned God, haunts his every step as he tries to come to

Story continues below

grips with his own dark destiny. Will he find a balance between his

spiritual aspirations and his own dwindling sense of mercy? Find out in



DAWN is ™ and Joseph Michael Linsner 2003. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Dawn TP Vol. I: Lucifer's Halo

(W) Douglass Barr

(A) Kanno Kang and Zack Suh

(Cover) Kanno Kang and Zack Suh

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

Satan's got a plan to conquer Heaven and Earth. By bearing a mortal son,

he can reclaim his angelic sword of fire and break free of Hell.

Unfortunately, he's been betrayed by his closest advisor, who hid away

his other child...a daughter who now holds the key to his defeat.

There's only one slight problem... she's not the slightest bit

interested in getting involved.

This Issue

"The Scabbard" Conclusion

No more jokes. No more distractions. No more flirting. This issue Ivan

does the unthinkable, and there's no coming back from it. The war

between Earth and Hell is about to enter its final stage, and if you

thought you knew who was on which side... you're wrong. Dead wrong.

There's a reason this book is called Defiance, you know... and this issue is it.


Defiance is ™ and Chimp Daddy Studios, 2003. All rights reserved.

G.I.JOE #19
(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Brandon Badeaux

(I) John Larter

(Cover) Tim Seeley and HI-FI

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

G.I.Joe is the code name for America's daring and highly trained special

mission force. It's purpose: to defend freedom against COBRA, a

ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

This Issue

With a G.I.Joe team sent to rescue the Baroness and Flint from their

captors in Czechoslovakia, they finally start to work as a team with the

October Guard and Destro's men. What will happen, though, when the

patchwork team accomplishes its mission, and suddenly doesn't need each

others' help anymore?

Also, Lady Jaye lets Flint know what she thinks of the time he spent

with the Baroness.


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro

and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

(W) Sean McKeever

(P) Francis Portela

(I) Pierre-Andre Dery

(Cover) Francis Manipul

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

The origin of ZANYA finally told!

Raised by a harsh and thoughtless mother, young Zanya has always had to

fend for herself. So when she learns her father is none other than the

leader of the Dreadnoks, she hits the road in search of a new life with

the father she never knew. But will the road prove to be too harsh for

her to travel?

This Issue

After traveling across the country tracking down the Dreadnoks, Zanya

and her older boyfriend Kevin finally meet up with the elusive biker

gang in Kansas City. To gain admission to the rough and tough gang,

fourteen year old Zanya must hold her own in a biker brawl while Kevin

stands idly by, flirting with danger.


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

(W) Larry Hama

(P) Dan jurgens

(I) Bob Layton and Scott Hanna

(Cover) Mike Norton and Dan Jurgens

FC 112pp $12.95 Trade paperback

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

G.I. Joe Frontline expands the action of the regular G.I. JOE series

into another title, featuring a cast of rotating creative teams.

Frontline allows us to see the G.I. JOE universe through the eyes of

different artists, and of course, it's full of action, action, action!

This Issue

Collecting issues #1-4 featuring the entire story of the last true

mission of G.I.Joe before their newest incarnation. It's an old school

romp written by the Godfather of G.I.joe, Larry Hama - his first Joe

comic book in eight years. Put on your Cobra t-shirt, pop in the old

Story continues below

cartoon on DVD for background noise, an crack open this classic G.I.Joe



G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro

and are used with permission. 2002 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

Offered Again: G.I. Joe TP Vol. I: Reinstated

(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Mike Miller

(I) Armando Durruthy

Cover A- Mike Miller

Cover B- J. Scott Campbell

Cover C- Kaare Andrews

Retailers: See order form for incentive program.

FC 32pp $2.95 Six-issue finite monthly series

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

The crossover of the decade is here! Featuring the two big players of

the 80's, this story chronicles what happens when an infant COBRA

organization stumbles upon an alien spacecraft full of damaged robots -

the TRANSFORMERS. With these new weapons under their control, they will

conquer the entire planet, unless a newly formed Special Forces unit

called G.I.JOE can stop them.

This Issue

When an unknown organization known as COBRA attacks important government sites, the United States military quickly responds to stop them. When Cobra's HISS tanks, RATTLER jets, and arsenal of vehicles suddenly transform into GIANT ROBOTS, the good guys don't stand a chance, and is forced to retreat. Only one of the Hiss-robots seems to reject control. One that looks oddly similar to Optimus Prime.

On the front lines is an officer named Clayton Abernathy, who is called in to head a new elite force under the name HAWK. The team is dubbed G.I.JOE, and they have the entire power of the US Armed Forces at their disposal. Their purpose: To defend freedom from Cobra, and put a stop to their army of destructive machines...or find a way to use the machines against them.


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. TRANSFORMERS, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

(W) Mark Obie Wheatley & Michael Avon Oeming

(A) Michael Avon Oeming

(Cover) Michael Avon Oeming

FC 32pp $2.95 Three-issue bi-monthly finite series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

The Gods in Asgard are at their usual bickering worst. When Lord Odin

goes missing, instead of going to find him, the Gods jockey for

position; who will rule in Asgard now? The search for Odin falls to the

young mortal, Modi. But Modi, who saved Asgard from destruction at

Thor's side, no longer has the strength of Thorr's Hammer. Even with

this limitation, Modi searches the world and finds Odin, captured by

Chinese Gods.

This Issue

Every man in Modi's army has been slain. Modi is captured. He sees no

chance to overcome this powerful Chinese Spirit. But this mortal will

use every battlefield trick and all his strength or die in the attempt

to set Lord Odin free. The shattering climax to this series is

guaranteed to impress even the Gods.

SPECIAL FEATURE: NEVERMORE, a spooky new series of creeps and

adventurers from Mike Oeming and Chris Golden begins here!


HAMMER OF THE GODS is ™ Michael Avon Oeming and Michael Avon Oeming &

Mark Obie Wheatley, 2003. All rights reserved. NEVERMORE is ™ Mike

Oeming and is Mike Oeming & Chris Golden, 2003. All rights reserved.

Offered Again: Hammer of the Gods TP Vol. I: Mortal Enemy

(W) Jose L. Torres

(P) Jae Tsai

(I) Chad Fletcher

(Cover) Jae Tsai

FC 32pp $2.95 Five-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

Music of the spheres, or the perfect order of art and science, rule our

world. But what would you do if this music became discordant? If the

cacophony of the cosmos shattered the thin veil of reality and rained

the jagged shards of your whole world and all your preconceived notions

of Heaven, Hell, good, evil and everything in between down on you, what

would you have left?

This Issue

Pyrus' mission strikes painfully close to home as Wayne is forced to

rethink some of his rigid views of right and wrong. Meanwhile, heaven's

Story continues below

newest Earthly agent guts the cities underworld in search of a little

vengeance. Golgoth ties up a loose end and makes an ambitious leap

toward his rightful place. If that wasn't enough, Yun shows his true

colors. This issue is a must read!


Heirs of Eternity is ™ and Jose L. Torres and Jae Tsai, 2003. All right reserved.

(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) Cory Walker

(Cover) Cory Walker & Bill Crabtree.

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. He's a senior at

a normal American high School. He has a crappy part time job after

school and on weekends. He likes girls quite a bit… but doesn't quite

understand them. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, and sleeping

late on Saturdays… at least until the good cartoons come on. The only

difference between Mark and everyone else is that his father is the most

powerful superhero on the planet, and as of late, he seems to be

inheriting his father's powers. Which sounds okay at first, but how do

you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live

up to his standards?

This Issue

IT CAME FROM OUTERSPACE... and it was ready to fight! Mark is sent out

into space by his father to deal with an all too familiar villain. It

seems his father is too busy saving the world with The Guardians of the

Globe and he needs Mark to fill in for him. Mark's lazy Sunday

afternoon is ruined when he's forced to face his most formidable foe so

far! Lucky for him, though, his mother is cooking pork chops tonight...

his favorite.


Invincible is ™ and Robert Kirkman & Cory Walker, 2003. All right reserved.

By Paul Grist

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

Jack Staff is Britain's Greatest Hero. At least he was. For years he

fought the bad guys and all the weird stuff that followed him around.

Then, twenty years ago, he disappeared, and everybody forgot about him.

Now he's back, and all the old bad guys and weird stuff have started

crawling back out of the woodwork too. They never went away. They just

got a little bit more bad and a little bit more weird.

This Issue

Twenty years ago, the city of Castletown was attacked by the ultimate

weapon - Hurricane. The only thing stood in it's way was Jack Staff,

Britain's Greatest Hero. Now the Hurricane is back, and this time the

agents of Q are the only ones to stand between Castletown and total

destruction. But if they want to get to Hurricane they've got to cross

to the other side of a rioting city! It's not a fun drive…


Jack Staff is ™ and Paul Grist, 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Tim Seeley

(I) Cory Hamscher

(Cover) Tim Seeley and Cory Hamscher

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

Alex Crane has spent much of his life dodging responisiblity. But when

a big mistake curses him with the power of the Mantikore, Alex has the

weight of two worlds on his shoulders. Alex is sent to a strikingly

familiar fantasy world of elves, dwaves and vampires, but one key

element is gone. Magic. A stranger in a strange land, and a strange

powerful body, Alex must escape from those that would exploit his dark


This Issue

After being smuggled from Earth to the strange new world of ABADDON,

Alex finds that now is he not only a hulking monster, but also

surrounded by bizarre creatures. Alex meets a small blue fairy named

Molli, on the run from ogres, trolls, vampires and elves, who have one

weird characteristic - they act more like common thugs and criminals

than the fantastical creatures we know so well. As if that wasn't a big

enough problem, the mysterious ARCHEAN wants him for himself, and has

his own army of skilled warriors to catch him.

Back home, Alex's girlfriend, Mandy, answers questions for the Chicago PD - Alex was last seen at the museum just minutes before it went up in smoke, and he's a prime suspect.

Story continues below


KORE is ™ and Devil's Due Publishing. 2003 Devil's Due. All rights reserved.

Offered Again: Radiskull and Devil Doll: Radiskull Hate Christmas

by Frank Cho

B&W 32pp $2.95 Bi-monthly ongoing series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

Life and love in Liberty Meadows, animal sanctuary, where anything and

everything can happen.

This Issue

Fireworks explode as Frank dates Jen and encounters Jen's ex-boyfriend.

Frank shops at an intimate apparel store to find Jen the perfect

lingerie gift. Ralph and Leslie arm themselves as the vengeance seeking

Cow is released from prison. Yes, THE COW IS BACK!

New widescreen format. All the comic strips are completely remastered and uncensored.


Liberty Meadows is ™ and Frank Cho, 2003. All rights reserved.

By Frank Cho

BW 144pp $24.95 Hardcover

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

Life and love in Liberty Meadows, animal sanctuary, where anything and everything can happen.

This Issue

By popular demand, this volume collects the out of print first nine issues of the multi-award winning strip, Liberty Meadows, in HARDBACK!

All the comic strips are completely remastered and uncensored. Plus 16 new pages of extended cover and sketch galleries not seen in the trade version.


Liberty Meadows is ™ and Frank Cho, 2003. All right reserved.

(W) Val Staples

(A) Emiliano Santalucia

Cover A Emiliano Santalucia

Cover B Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell $5.95

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

In a realm where sorcery meets science, The Masters of the Universe set

forth to protect all of Eternia from the evil onslaught of Skeketor and

his evil forces. It's an epic tale of good versus evil, where there is

new danger and suspense at every turn. The story we all loved from the

80's is reborn and relaunched for a new era.

This Issue

When recent events turn to into turmoil, the Masters fight their hardest

for survival. But, warnings from the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull clue

us in to something even more dreadful. Can things get any worse? Find

out in the pages of Masters of the Universe as the battle continues!


MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is ™ and 2003 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) Tony Moore

(Cover) Tony Moore and Val Staples

FC 48pp $4.95 One-shot

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

The Icons of Evil series of one-shots takes you on a roller coaster ride

of action, thrills, and suspense, telling key stories in the lives of

Eternia's vilest villains, and bringing their personalities and

back-stories to the forefront. Featuring standalone stories, perfect

for fans of the toys and the new cartoon.

This Issue

The young sorcerer, Keldor, ventures into the dreaded Berserker Islands

of Eternia in search of the savage beasts that inhabit it. His plan is

to add them to his growing army to aid in his quest to rule the world.

His search puts him on a one-way collision course with the legendary

Beast Man, the most savage inhabitant of the islands.


MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is ™ and 2003 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

McFarlane Toys

Item #: 71210

McFarlane Toys' sixth line of Major League Baseball action figures is

ready to take the field of play ... or your collection shelf. Set size

is seven players in this series, comprising seven of the hottest talents

in the Bigs. As always, accurate uniforms and all equipment - including

custom base -- come standard.

* Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs RF, No. 21

* Kazuhisu Ishii, Los Angeles Dodgers P, No. 17

* Jorge Posada, New York Yankees C, No. 20

* Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants LF, No. 25

* Luis Gonzalez, Arizona Diamondbacks LF, No. 20

* Jim Thome, Philadelphia Phillies 1B, No. 25

* Jim Edmonds, St. Louis. Cardinal CF, No. 15

The item ships 12 per case.

No guarantee of mix.

Please inquire for pricing.


(W) Dan Jolley

(P) Steve Kurth

(I) Barb Schulz

(Cover) Steve Kurth

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

Ryan Archer returns to Earth with his Micronauts companions to find his

world locked in a massive war with the forces of Baron Karza.

Story continues below

This Issue

Steve Kurth of KARZA joins the series as new penciller! The invasion of

Earth is already well underway, as the Micronauts discover first-hand

when they arrive in the middle of a massive aerial battle. Things

quickly go from bad to worse as Baron Karza launches his plan of global

enslavement and genocide -- and the winged fighter called Red Falcon

zeroes in on the 'Nauts to deal some personal damage. It's a lousy day

to be human, in "Welcome to Earth."


Micronauts, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of A.G.E. and are used with permission. 2003 A.G.E. All rights reserved.

(W) Douglass Barr

(A) Jiro

(Cover) Jiro

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

There are two things you need to know about the man named Mister Coble.

First, he's the head of the British Ministry of Objective Sciences, the branch of the Empire's government that deals with so-called "supernatural" or "spiritual" matters... and by "deal with," we mean "terminate."

Second, he's actually traveled back to 1893 from the year 2006 for one reason alone: to stop the Mythstalkers.

This Issue

The Labyrinth, Part Four of Four

"What Your People Call Labyrinth, My People Call Maze"

In the Labyrinth of Crete, the Mythstalkers found far more Minotaur than

they expected... and the only one left conscious is the retired army

Colonel, Augustus Durant. How can one old man defeat a trio of

man-killers? And assuming he does, there's still the matter of getting a

live Minotaur back to London. That's London... where Mister Coble waits

for their return.


Mythstalkers Comics is ™ and Douglass Barr, Jiro, and Quantum Color

FX., 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Matt Cashel w/dialogue assist by Erik Larsen

(P) Jeremy Haun

(I) William Haun

(Cover) Jeremy Haun

BW 40pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

Paradigm is a soap-opera charting the final generation of mankind as we

know it. Focusing on an ever growing and/or dying ensemble cast,

Paradigm is status-quo defying with an ever-evolving plot that bears it

out. This is the linear arc, gang, so now is the time to get in on the

ground floor and find out just what "Fight for the Sitcom" and "Join the

POP Evolution" really mean(s) and why they are at such nasty, violent,

and world-morphing odds.

This Issue

The Beastials viciously attack a small town, Summer finds herself in the

top secret headquarters of the Presidents of the Apocalypse, Audrey

makes a BIG revelation, Zeke introduces Nick to the under-city, and

Ethan still doesn't clean his apartment. All this and Summer receives a

visit from one or more Image Universe stalwart regulars! AND we find out

where Lug the dog has been hanging all this time.


Paradigm is ™ and Matt Cashel and Jeremy Haun 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Arvid Nelson

(A) Eric Johnson

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of June 11th

The Concept

Paris, 1933. Europe is still in the grip of feudalism, sorcerers stalk

the streets at night, and secret societies vie for power. It is the

world of REX MUNDI.

This Issue

Shadows Beneath the City

Dr. Julien Saunire penetrates the highest ranks of the Paris underworld

on his quest to find the stolen medieval scroll that cost the life of

his best friend Father Grard Marin. The hunt for the scroll literally

takes Julien to the lowest depths of the city.

Meanwhile, Genevieve uncovers a clue to the meaning of the mysterious

Latin phrase "Et in Arcadia Ego" in the palace of the Duke of Lorraine…


Rex Mundi and Shrunken Head Studios is ™ and Arvid Nelson and Eric Johnson 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Jay Lee

(A) J. Korim

(I) GJ Aguila

Cover A by J. Korim

Cover B by Jay Lee

FC 32pp $2.95 Eight-issue bi-monthly finite series

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

Rotogin battles have been banned in Nalus City for the past 8 years.

However, there is an underground organization known as the U.B.B., which

sets up illegal robot tournaments using the city as their battleground.

Building her own robot, Kaylin Dakota enters into the shady world of

Story continues below

illegal robot battles and underground gambling, in the hope of saving

her friend's life. His fate lies in the hands of this young girl and her junkbot.

This Issue

Asper and Nicky head deep into old Chinatown to pay a visit to Uncle

Moon, Rolly's boss and a known member of the criminal organization 'The

Lotuz Society'. But, upon their visit, a member of the UBB recognizes

Asper. A call is made and minutes later the two find themselves cornered

in an alley by an unfriendly group of thugs with no choice but to fight

their way out.


Rotogin is ™ and Sunscript Studios, 2003. All rights reserved.

By Erik Larsen (with a back up by Erik Larsen and Mark Englert)

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

In a world where creatures roam, Savage Dragon and his family fight to

make the world a better place.

This Issue

Because you demanded it! The vilest villains of all time take on the ever-Savage Dragon! Octopus and OpenFace plan to take over the world-and one man stands in their way-the Savage Dragon!

Plus a NEW Mighty Man feature IN ADDITION to a full length Savage Dragon feature by Erik Larsen and Mark Englert! Over 30 pages of comic book goodness for the same low price! The biggest bargain in comics!


Savage Dragon is and Erik Larsen, 2003. All right reserved.

By Erik Larsen

FC 144pp $15.95 Trade paperback

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

The planet Earth has gone through a startling transformation! The domino

effect caused from the Dragon killing a deadly time-traveling foe has

forever changed the world the Dragon lives in! Trapped in This Savage

World, the former police officer must cope with the strange new earth he

unwittingly created!

This Issue

This book collects Savage Dragon #76-81, the first six issues of this

bold new direction! Erik Larsen pays homage to the work of the legendary

Jack Kirby as he reinvents the very world in which the Dragon dwells.

Dangerous monsters lurk around every corner in this fantastic world and

the Dragon finds himself hunted and alone. This critically acclaimed

series is collected here for the first time. A guaranteed high-octane



Savage Dragon is and Erik Larsen, 2003. All right reserved.

Offered Again: Savage Dragon TP Vol. I: Baptism of Fire

By Sherard Jackson

BW 112pp $9.95 Graphic Novel 5" x 7.5"

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

Tel Aviv, Israel 2190 - The conflict in the Middle East has changed

little... but the weapons used to fight it have. Mossad agent, Iluatha

Assad, is on the front line of this battle. Trained as an assassin for

the Israeli Intelligence Agency, she finds herself assigned to a "search

and rescue" mission which quickly goes awry. As she fights to keep

terrorists at bay with her Harlequin model Automaton, however, Iluatha

must also face the struggle within herself. In the government's effort

to create a more effective and protected soldier, have they also

succeeded in stripping away her humanity? In a world that is more

machine that man, is it worth even being human?


Semantic Lace, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of

Sherard Jackson, and are used with permission. 2003 Sherard Jackson.

Under license to Devil's Due. All rights reserved.

(W) Jade Dodge

(A) Matt Camp

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of June 18th

The Concept

In the space between fantasy and reality lies the realm of the unknown.

Four paranormal investigators have set out to explore this world and

bring to light those things that hide in the shadows. But they find,

along the way, that some creatures that live in the shadows will do

anything to keep it that way.

This Issue

With the appearance of the ominous "Cryptozoological Preservation

Society," the team's plan to relocate the bigfoot family is thwarted.

Bound and gagged, Peter, Morgan, Tyler, Jillian, and Joseph sit,

helplessly, as the "Society" gains a substantial lead in tracking the

endangered trio. Though their exact intentions are unclear, one thing is

certain: while relocation is not on the Society's agenda, murder is.

Story continues below

When the shots are fired, who will remain standing?


Shadows is ™ and Jade Dodge and Matt Camp, 2003. All rights reserved.

By Will Dixon

BW 48pp $3.95 Four issue bi-monthly finite series

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

In order to achieve his ultimate goal of enlightenment, a young samurai

is forced to face his four inner demons, each of whom repersent a

different piece of his soul. With each new discovery bringing more

agony that bliss, he realizes that sometimes knowledge of the self can

come at a high price when you are your own worst enemy.

This Issue

Shinzu's quest for self discovery takes a sudden turn when he encounters

a longtime friend. Their brief exchange makes a profound effect on

Shinzu, and as he departs, he is left with an unsettling insight into

the nature of his doubt. His problems compound when an unlikely

discovery brings him face to face with his fear manifest, and he finds

himself in for the fight of his life. Soon Shinzu realizes that his

journey is more perilous to both body and soul than he ever imagined.


Soul of a Samurai is ™ and Will Dixon 2003. All rights reserved.

SPAWN #135
Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Brian Holguin and Todd McFarlane

(P) Angel Medina

(I) Danny Miki

(Cover) Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most

effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected

from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of

darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell.

Disfigured, homeless and alone, this warrior now known as Spawn wanders

the shadowy alleys of New York City in search of his past life.

Art shown is not the cover

This Issue

"Mad Shadows, part 1"

Childhood memories blend with adult terror: A bizarre rash of attacks have recently occurred in the city -- attacks that seem to mimic scenes from classic horror films and stories. Could an obsessed new kind of serial killer be behind the brutal assaults? Or could something far stranger and far more dangerous be responsible? One way or another, Spawn is determined to find out.


Spawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2003. All right reserved.

STRANGERS #4 (of 6)

(W) J.M. & Randy Lofficier

(P) Manuel Garcia

(I) Eduardo Alpuente

Cover A Manuel Garcia

Cover B Stuart Immonen

FC 32pp $2.95 Six issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of June 25th

The Concept

HOMICRON: a NASA physicist whose body is inhabited by a powerful alien;

STARLOCK: the former servant of awesome cosmic entities, now a fugitive;

FUTURA: a mysterious woman from another dimension;

JALEB: the secretive agent of a race of telepaths;

JAYDEE: the deadliest killing machine in the universe;

... These are STRANGERS to our world, brought together by Tanka, an

"invariant" empowered by an unfathomably distant future to safeguard our time.

This Issue

"The Livid Daylights"

From his Moonbase, the dying NECROMANCER schemes to turn Earth into his

funeral pyre. But his passing would not be complete without the

humiliation of his arch-enemies, the super-group known as HEXAGON. As

the STRANGERS mount a last, desperate attempt on the Moonbase to stop

the NECROMACER's suicidal plan, the villain turns HEXAGON against them

-- but not all heroes will escape alive from the deadly confrontation.


STRANGERS is ™ and 2003 SEMIC S.A. All characters appearing therein

and the distinctive likeness thereof is ™ and of Semic S.A.

(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) E.J. Su

(Cover) E.J. Su

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

The Geldarians are a race of incredibly intelligent, yet physically weak

and fragile beings. To compensate for their frailty they have invented

the "Tech Jacket," a vest that every Geldarian is equipped with upon

birth. Each jacket grows and matures with its host, specializing in

tasks that the host will find most useful. A fully developed Tech

Jacket is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the

Universe. Zack Thompson, through an event of sheer chance, has come to

Story continues below

possess a Tech Jacket of his own. Now it appears that the fate of the

entire Universe rests on his shoulders as he learns that with infinite

power comes infinite responsibility.

This Issue

Zack's climactic battle with the Scavengine continues! The fate of the

Earth hangs in the balance as Zack faces his most deadly foe yet. Our

hero is forced to make the most important decision of his life, one that

will change things forever! Homework will have to wait! It's a free

for all of epic proportions; this one is not to be missed!


Tech Jacket is ™ and Robert Kirkman & E.J. Su, 2003. All right reserved.

(W) Dan Jolley

(P) Mike Norton and Clint Hilinski

(I) Clayton Brown

(Cover) Mike Norton

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of June 4th

The Concept

Hidden in the depths of the planet Arus are five giant mechanical lions. Together, with the aid of magics long forgotten, they form Voltron: Defender of the Universe, an immensely powerful robot that will give the people of Arus the means necessary to restore their war-torn galaxy to peace. At the helm of the lions: five courageous pilots who have sworn themselves to protect this alien world, and the princess who commands it.

This Issue

After crash-landing on Planet Arus, Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk and Pidge discover the legend of Voltron is real when they find one of the fabled robotic Lions. But after a Supremacy patrol squadron makes the same discovery, a race against time unfolds as the five pilots struggle to beat the Drules to the other four lions hidden beneath the planet's surface. Will the pilots learn the secret of controlling the legendary Lions? Find out in part two of "Revelations."


Voltron is 2003 World Events Productions, under license to Devil's Due Publishing.


BATTLE OF THE PLANETS - "Trial by Fire" Collected Edition
(W) Munier Sharrieff (P) Wilson Tortosa (C) Shane Law and Udon

Get the first three issues of this best selling comic book series

collected in Battle of the Planets Trial by Fire! Join Mark, Jason,

Tiny, Keyop, and Princess on their adventures to save the earth from the

evil Zoltar and the forces of Spectra! The attack on Earth has begun,

and only the super-team known as G-Force stands between the forces of

evil and our planet's utter destruction. Can Mark, Jason, Keyop, Tiny

and Princess defeat Zoltar and the soldiers of Spectra? Earth had better

hope so, because time is running OUT!

FC 80 pages $7.99 trade paper back

BATTLE OF THE PLANETS #11 - "Second Encounters" 11 of 12
(W) Munier Sharrieff (P) Wilson Tortosa (C ) Shane Law and Udon

In this issue, Anderson is granted a formal meeting with the mysterious

Rigans. He learns that this isn't the first time he and the highly

advanced alien race have made contact. Meanwhile, a discarded soldier

under Zoltar's command returns as a deadly new enemy that seeks

vengeance.Ships with two covers in a 75/25 ratio.

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

(W) David Wohl (P) Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel (I) Jason Gorder (C) Tyson Wengler

An ancient evil has been unleashed in Paris that traces its origins back

to the Catholic Church. The Magdalena is called in to investigate and

gets caught up in a battle with the one and only Vampirella! Can these

two iron out their differences in time? They'd better hope so, because

if they don't we're ALL in trouble!

Features a cover with a 75/25 split

FC 32 pages $2.99 one shot

TOMB RAIDER #31 -"Conquista"
(W) John Ney Reiber (P) Pop Mhan (I) Jonathan Sibal (C ) Jonathan D. Smith

In the jungles of war-scarred Guatemala, Lara uncovers an ancient Mayan

treasure--and an ancient people caught in a crossfire between the

murderous overlords of the land's bloodstained past and her war-scarred

present. A generation of conquistadors who've lost all sanity and

humanity in subterranean darkness. An army of death squad killers more

beast than man. Trapped between the two, the people of the land can

expect no future but slavery or death... Until fate deals them a Tomb

Raider--the ultimate wildcard! The legendary Pop Mhan (Spyboy) makes an

explosive return to comics in this old school classic Tomb Raider

Story continues below

adventure--and his spicy, kinetic artwork is hotter and cooler than

ever. So grab your shades. You'll need them.

Ships with two covers in a 75/25 split.

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

(W) Dan Jurgens (P) Daryl Banks (I) Jonathan Sibal (C ) Brian Buccellato

As a child, Lara Croft had no interest in archeology until hearing

several lectures given by Professor Werner Von Croy, who had revealed

some of history's greatest secrets. Lara joined him on a hunt, and the

two friends quickly became enemies when Von Croy's greed caused him to

betray Lara. Now, the specter of Von Croy has returned as Lara returns

to the scene of her first adventure, where she almost lost her life. In

a gripping tale told by Dan Jurgens, Darryl Banks and John Sibal, the

past comes alive and collides with the present as Lara confronts not

only the mysteries of long buried treasures, but her own personal

history as well.

FC 48 pages $4.99 one shot

The secrets of the Top Cow Universe are revealed in this tour-de-force 32-pager giving you all the inside dirt on your favorite characters: Powers, first appearances, hat sizes*, birth dates, origins, you-name-it! Get the inside scoop on characters from Witchblade, The Darkness, Evo, Cyberforce and more! Hey, you could read a kajillion books and dredge up all of this info yourself-but we did it for you!

* Note: hat sizes may not be included for all characters.

FC 32 pages $2.99 one shot

(W) Chuck Austen (P) Scott Benefiel (I) Jasen Rodriguez (c) John Starr

Uncanny X-Men writer Chuck Austen lends his talents to NYPD detective and Witchblade-wielder Sara Pezzini in this special stand-alone tale! Sara unravels a mystery that will stretch the limits of both her deductive and supernatural powers, as ber-artist Scott Benefiel (Tomb Raider #28) lays down the pencils. And did we mention this is by the guy who writes Uncanny X-Men? You know, that book you buy EVERY month?

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series


Magdalena Trade Paper Back

Magdalena #2-3

Magdalena / Angelus #1/2

Darkness #15

Darkness #15 signed $19.99

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