Comics2Film Wrap for March 21st, 2003

Fri, March 21st, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Rob Worley, Columnist



a few weeks anime fans will put on their party hats, fire up their rocket boots

and sing "Happy Birthday, Tetsuwan Atom," in celebration of one of the

genre's most enduring characters' birthday. April 6, 2003 is the birthday of

Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy. We're not talking about an anniversary date, but the

actual date from the storyline in which Astroboy's creator Dr. Boynton brought

the robotic youngster to life.


reports that fans in Japan will be celebrating the event. A new anime remake of

the character, set to hit Fuji TV on the 6th.

The article also indicates that the long-awaited "Astro Boy" movie

is still targeted for 2004. Eric Leighton ("Dinosaur") is directing

the movie from a script by Todd Alcott ("Antz") and Ken Kaufman

("Space Cowboys").

The movie, a CGI animated affair, has long been in development with Sony.

Lisa Henson and Kristine Belson of Jim Henson Pictures and Don Murphy of

Angryfilms are producing.


Efforts to produce the CG animated "BloodQuest" movie, based on Games

Workshop's gaming and comics concepts, have

apparently stalled.

Exile Films, the producers of the feature, posted an announcement on their

web site early last week simply stating, "BloodQuest should be considered to be on indefinite hold. More info will follow

as soon as possible."

Although Exile had developed a number of the computer models for the film's

hard ware, the biggest difficulty has been finding financial backing for a

dramatic adventure movie for older audiences. Such fare is still a tough sell in

the American film market with even heavily promoted films like "Final

Fantasy" doing poorly at the box office.

"BloodQuest" was to be based on the Warhammer 40,000 games and

comic books. The movie centered on an epic adventure set in a far-flung future,

which blends sci-fi and fantasy elements. Near immortal, berserker Space Marines

must battle ancient, evil forces over the fate of a world.

An Exile-produced "trailer" has been making the rounds on the web.

However, Comics2Film can verify that we'd seen that trailer over a year ago and

can tell you that the clip is largely unfinished test animation and is not

representative of the planned movie.

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