Energy Entertainment inks management deal for 'CiCi'

Fri, March 21st, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Rob Worley, Columnist


if the life you remembered living actually belonged to someone else?

What if you woke up one day and found out you were a clone? And what if the very

idea of cloning conflicted with your personal beliefs? These are the questions

explored by writer Parker Smart in his independent comic book "CiCi,"

which is now attracting attention in Hollywood.

Smart is the latest talent from the comic industry to sign a management deal

with Energy Entertainment, who is looking to develop "CiCi" in

other media.


is the heroine of Smart's four-issue story, a woman who discovers that she was

brought into existence just days earlier through a nanotechnology-based cloning

system developed by a private corporation.

"This severely

conflicts with all of her beliefs that have remained intact," Smart told

Comics2Film/CBR News. "She tries to learn

more about her creation as her beliefs slowly crumble while attempting to put a

stop to future creations."

As an action heroine, CiCi discovers that she's actually an improvement


Cynthia Christiansen, the woman she was cloned from. The nanotech that built her

cell-by-cell remains inside her and has a mind of its own. CiCi struggles to increase

her control over

it and use it to her advantage to form armor and weapons.

Daniel Alter of Energy said that Smart's story appeals to him on many levels.

"The main character is a strong female lead, but she has a certain

vulnerability with regard to what's happened to her (which in itself, is a very

topical issue)," Alter told C2F/CBR News. "I think that makes her

relatable to a general audience, but the long and short of it is, CiCi is a

great ride: Action-packed. A kick-ass heroine. Lots of twists

and turns and some sweet set-pieces."

The ink on the deal between Smart and Energy is still fresh. Plans are to try

to get the property set up as a film or TV series. Smart told C2F that he's very

excited about the arrangement.

"I like Daniel and [Energy founder Brooklyn Weaver's] enthusiasm. I mean nobody can have the passion

for the project that I have, but to have people that are pretty close, that gave

me a warm fuzzy," Smart said.

"Parker's a really amiable guy," Alter said. "My focus now is

to line his pockets and get this thing set-up in as a film franchiseor

television series."

Up until now Smart has self-published the book under his Spilled

Milk banner. However, Alter calls the book "the best Top Cow book Top

Cow never published," and added, "if Image or Top Cow are reading

this, contact this guy about putting out the trade and doing a new


The original four issue run of "CiCi" is currently available on the

Spilled Milk website.

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