Tentacle Grape samples to be free at NY Comic Con

Thu, January 8th, 2009 at 7:47am PST

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Attending New York Comic Con? Come to booth 1161 for a free sample of Tentacle Grape soda! Offer good while supplies last.

Tentacle Grape is the new beverage, inspired by the genre of adult Japanese animation called Hentai. A perfect caffeine rush for gamers, cosplayers, and comic book fans.

6 packs can be purchased online at tentaclegrape.com


"You either know what the joke here is, or you're a very lucky person living a happy, healthy life." -Alex Zalben, Nerve.com

"The people at Tentacle Grape probably have a storehouse of tentacles, where they collect this jelly into large vats, and through the carbonation process, the jelly's grape flavor comes out -- which is, in fact, the reason why women in hentai have such trouble resisting the tentacles. It's so delicious." - Japanator.com

"Tentacle Grape is a caffienated grape soda that Mnemosyne is targeting at gamers, cosplayers, and comic book fans. It is also perhaps the best name I've ever seen for a product you actually ingest." - Mike Fahey, Kotaku.com

"Frankly, I find this product to be sexist, disgusting and cheap. Now where did I put my credit card..." - Arya Ponto, Just Press Play

"Are you a cosplayer? Do you know someone who cosplays? Do you think what they really need in life is yet another dose of caffeine?" - Rich Johnston, Lying in the Gutters, Comic Book Resources

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