Ellis Returns to 'Strange Killings' with 'Strong Medicine' from Avatar

Sun, March 23rd, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

Avatar Press is pleased to announce the return of combat

magician and rogue SAS operative William Gravel in Warren

Ellis' Strange Killings: Strong Medicine, a three issue mini-

series by Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer. The first new project

Ellis has launched at Avatar since the highly-regarded Scars

mini-series, Strange Killings: Strong Medicine joins an Avatar

Press lineup which includes work from Ellis, Alan Moore, Garth

Ennis, Frank Miller, and others. Issue #1 of the mini-series

will be solicited in the April 2003 Previews for items

shipping June.

"Strong Medicine is an old-fashioned occult detective story

based on an actual unsolved case: a boy's torso washed up on

the banks of the Thames, bearing the hallmarks of a ritual

death for the purpose of muti -- African shamanic medicine,"

says creator Warren Ellis. "In a London already unusually

charged with racial tension, combat magician William Gravel is

blackmailed into solving the crime before it triggers off mass


"Only Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer could make this sharp,

potent mix of Strong Medicine go down so smooth," notes Avatar

Press editor-in-chief William Christensen. "It gets right down

there in your gut before you know what hit you. As I've said

before, Ellis and Wolfer are one of the top creative teams

working in comics right now. With Strange Killings: Strong

Medicine, they once again demonstrate a mastery of the way

comics storytelling can work at its best. Strange Killings is

a re-defining exploration of an area of comics just as The

Authority and Scars are, and anyone who wants to know where

comic book horror, magic, espionage thrillers, and even pulp-

style crime noir are headed should be reading this book."

"Collaborating with Warren Ellis on the Strange Killings saga

continues to be the most comfortable and creative working

experience in which I have ever been involved in the field of

comics," adds artist Mike Wolfer. "With each successive mini-

series, the storytelling bar is raised a little bit higher and

I'm sure you'll agree that in the political horror arena,

Strange Killings does not disappoint."

I think that the most intriguing aspect of each series and of

Strong Medicine in particular is that there are elements in

Warren's tales that are absolutely real," Wolfer continues.

"Much is fictionalized, but there is an underlying voice,

beneath the magic bullets and the Body Orchards, that reminds

us, "This is happening. Now. Watch the news."

Strange Killings is the story of Sergeant Major William

Gravel, a brilliant soldier of Britain's SAS -- and a combat

magician. Placed on "K" duty -- deniable operations -- when

he's found to be taking unofficial black market jobs for money

due to mysterious personal reasons, Gravel is plunged into the

dirty life of a secret black-ops world. Still, with his power

Gravel could probably change the world if he was capable of

actually getting his life together. Instead, he's constantly

involved in other people's lives and dirty secrets, running

headlong towards the day when he hits something he can't

escape from, shoot, or wish away.

Warren Ellis' Strange Killings: Strong Medicine is solicited

beginning in April 2003 for June release with art plus regular

and wraparound covers by Mike Wolfer. The saga will be a three

issue mini-series for mature readers.

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