Comics2Film Wrap for March 26th, 2003

Wed, March 26th, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Filmmaker David Goyer told Comics2Film/CBR News that the final chapter of

the "Blade" trilogy should roll cameras later this year. The script

for "Blade III" has been turned in and Goyer tells us it "very

well received."

The next job is to hire a director, which may or may not be the screenwriter

himself. "We're talking about the director situation now -- but however it

pans out, we will probably be shooting by September," Goyer said.

The filmmaker made his directing debut last year with the as-yet-unreleased

movie "Zigzag."



reports that comic-to-film players Al Gough and Miles Millar have signed a

lucrative deal with Warner Bros. TV to stay on as the "Smallville"

showrunners for two more years. The deal is worth seven figures to the pair, who

shepherded the young Superman concept to being one of the net's top-rated shows.

As with any TV series, the goal is to have "Smallville" run at

least long enough to collect into a syndication package. This deal would

hopefully keep the show's quality and ratings up through a fourth season.

The writers told Variety that they were happy to stay on what has become a

pet project.

"With any show you create, you're invested in it and want to protect

that vision and ensure it continues," Gough said. "We still have a lot

of stories to tell and we're excited about where we can this saga and these


While "Smallville" may be their TV baby, Gough and Millar have

several irons in the big-screen fires too. They are the writer's behind the Owen

Wilson/Jackie Chan "Shanghai" franchise. They also penned a draft of

"The Amazing Spider-Man" and are currently hard at work on Marvel's

"Iron Man" for New Line.


A source at the Mad Chance production house tells us that DC Comics'

"Jonah Hex" remains in development. The movie had previously been

pitched as a TV series, but the producers are now eyeballing it (with their good

eye) as a feature film. This one is still in the very early stages.

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