Comics2Film Wrap for March 27th, 2003

Thu, March 27th, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Rob Worley, Columnist


DC Comics movie properties have been floundering around like fish on dry

land. Yet Warner Bros. continues to try to bring one of these legendary

characters to the big screen and who better to help with that than the man who

helped kick-start the Marvel movie renaissance?


reports that David Goyer, the man behind the "Blade" franchise, has

signed on to write the script for a new "Batman" feature. This will

not be "Batman: Year One." Nor will it have anything to do with

"Batman Vs. Superman." It's not "Batman: The Frightening"


According to the write-up, Goyer will pen an all-new script based on a take

by the film's director Christopher Nolan. Nolan, who helmed such top-notch films

as "Memento" and "Insomnia" signed on to direct a

"Batman" movie last January.

Goyer redefined Marvel's Blade for the big screen way back in 1998 and kicked

off what would be the first in a series of great movies based on Marvel

characters. He's also written many top-selling comics for DC. "Batman"

would mark his first work writing a DC character for film.


Providing even further evidence that "Spider-Man" is a mover and

shaker in Hollywood is an article from today's Variety.

The web-slinger's sequel has moved from it's targeted May 7, 2004 release and

shaken up the entire summer release schedule.

"Spider-Man 2" is now due out on July 2, 2004. The change in plans

is a result of a delay in filming, which is due to star Tobey Maguire's extended

stay on the movie "Seabiscuit." The article states that the delays are

not due to the rumored back problems the actor has allegedly been suffering


With the announcement, Universal jumped right in and declared that their

"Van Helsing" would now open on the May weekend. That date has proven

successful for "Van Helsing" helmer Stephen Sommers' previous two

outings, "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns."

Meanwhile, Twentieth Century Fox may be sweating the move, which now pits

Sony's superhero against Will Smith's "I Robot."


Speaking of floundering DC film projects, SCI

FI Wire sat down with director Brett Ratner, who recently announced his

departure from the ever-troubled "Superman" movie.

Ratner told the web site that his exit from the movie was not due to

alleged tensions between himself and the film's producers. "The

longer it took, the longer I was going to be on the film, because I'm the only

person that's on the film all the way through release," Ratner told SCI FI.

"I just had to make a choice. It was a very hard choice to make, believe

me, because I was very passionate and excited about it."

The director said he hopes the film will be made because J.J. Abrams

("Alias") turned in a great script.


Speaking of David Goyer, in yesterday's "Blade III" report we

incorrectly stated that his movie "Zigzag" has not been


"Zigzag" which marks Goyer's debut as a director, enjoyed a

direct-to-video release last summer.

The movie stars Sam Jones III ("Smallville") as Zigzag, an autistic

15-year-old whose efforts to rescue his corrupt father (Wesley Snipes) lead to

dire circumstances. His only ally is his big brother figure (John Leguizamo) who

must help the boy get out of hot water.

Thanks to Don and Mark (both of whom recommend the movie) for setting us


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