Comics2Film Wrap for March 31st, 2003

Mon, March 31st, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Sources in-the-know gave Comics2Film/CBR News an update on what to expect

that when Garfield the cat is brought to CGI life. In the new live-action and

animated feature he'll have a slightly realistic look, a la "Stewart

Little" rather than simply looking like a cartoon character rendered in 3-D

(as with "Rocky and Bullwinkle").


Tobolowsky is the latest actor to join the cast of "Garfield," playing

a character named Happy. Fans will remember Tobolowsky as amnesiac Sammy Jankis

in "Memento". The actor can currently be seen in the Gwenyth Paltrow

laugher, "A View From The Top."

The movie stars Breckin Meyer ("Road Trip") as Garfield's owner Jon

Arbuckle, and

Jennifer Love Hewitt as his prospective girlfriend, Liz. The voice of the roly-poly

red tabby himself has not yet been cast.

In other fat cat news, Fritz at the German Comicgate

site tells us that Fox has announced "Garfield" is set to bow January

29th, 2004 in Germany.

For who missed it, C2F/CBR News previously

reported that the U.S. release is slated for December 19th of this year.


In its seventh week of release

"Daredevil" closed the weekend just short of the $100 million

milestone. According to early estimates published byBox

Office Mojo, the movie without fear ranked 16th for the weekend. It's

total domestic is now estimated at $99.5 million meaning it'll likely need one

more week to hit the bullseye.

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