Comics2Film Wrap for April 7th, 2003

Mon, April 7th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Kirsten Dunst told SCI

FI Wire that she hopes to see her character grow in the sequel to


"She's going to be a much stronger woman and empowered by herself and

her sexuality and her choices in life," Dunst told SCI FI. "She's

going to be a very strong woman."

The actress said that the filmmakers sat down with her last year and let her

have story input with regards to her Mary Jane. "[They] asked where I saw

my character going and what I wanted," Dunst said. "And they gave it

to me. That's really nice, to be able to change things and to really be

creatively involved in where you want your character to go. ... I think it's

going to be better than the first one, for sure."

While the original movie left Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker breaking things

off with the super-model-to-be, Dunst said fans shouldn't expect her character

to stand for that. Mary Jane will be active in deciding where the relationship

with Peter goes.

Cameras roll on "The Amazing Spider-Man" this month.


Fans who want in depth insights into next month's blockbuster comic-to-film

release "X-Men 2" can get them straight from the mutant cast and

director Bryan Singer himself.

On April 15th, at 12 Noon PST, the official

X2 Movie site will host a Live Global Video Chat with members of the cast

and director Bryan Singer. Registered members of the official site can download

the RealOne Player that they'll need to participate.


Fine Line has announced that "American

Splendor," based on Harvey Pekar's comic of the same name, will see a

limited release in Los Angeles, New York City and Pekar's home stomping grounds

of Cleveland on August 15th.


The $100 million mark

remains elusive for the man without fear. According to weekend estimates

published by Box Office Mojo,

"Daredevil" ranked #25 on this week's box office chart. The total take

for the movie now stands at $99.96 million dollars, just a hair shy of the

landmark six-figure sum.



to Krypton Site, AOL

users will have access to exclusive "Smallville" shorts.


Chronicles, a series of 2 to 2 and a half minute stories featuring

"Smallville's" Allison Mack and available only online at AOL keyword

"Smallville," will be beginning on April 28. The April 12 TV Guide (on

sale this week) will has details.

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