Guillermo Del Toro making Ron Perlman's life a living 'Hellboy'

Mon, April 7th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist

Director Guillermo del Toro gave Comics2Film/CBR news a report from the set

of "Hellboy" currently in its fifth week of the eighteen-week


As one would expect, Del Toro's enthusiasm for the project is still high. The

director reports that the shoot is going great and also added, "I'm having

a blast!!"

However, things may be less fun for actors Ron Perlman and Doug Jones, who

play Hellboy and Abe Sapien respectively. These non-human characters

require the actors to spend lots of time in the make up chair.

"Ron's make up time is four hours every day. Doug Jones: six

hours," the director told C2F. "When bare-chested Ron is six and a

half hours and Doug is around eight hours."

We're not sure if that includes time removing the makeup after the shoot as

well. Still the effort from the actors is paying off.

"We've shot only a scene or two of Abe and Hellboy but they are a joy to

see together," Del Toro said, "like seeing Lennon and McCartney!"

So when will fans see Perlman in make up? Probably this week! The director

told C2F/CBR News that there should be a batch of design images and other photos

up on the official site

with "one selected photo of the Big Red One" showing up on Friday.

Del Toro also tells us that the film still has not landed a composer. Marco

Beltrami ("Blade II") had previously been on board but dropped out due

to scheduling concerns.

"I am hoping to lock the composer in the next three to four weeks,"

Del Toro said. The movie would also have a song soundtrack on top of the

traditional score "The soundtrack is in discussion and I would love for it

to have a lot of Tom Waits, that's for sure."

"Hellboy" is due in theaters summer of 2004.

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