Comics2Film Wrap for April 10th, 2003

Thu, April 10th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Mary Jane Watson's love life is set to go into the stratosphere in the

"Spider-Man" sequel.



reports that New Zealand thespian Daniel Gillies has come on board to play the

love interest to Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane. As if our hero, Peter Parker, didn't

have enough trouble, Gillies is said to be playing none other than an astronaut

named John "Jamison." We're assuming that that's a typo on the part of

Variety and the character is actually John Jameson, none other than the son of

the irritable J. Jonah Jameson.

Gillies has a handful of credits, including an appearance in ShowTime's

comic-based "Jeremiah" show. In addition to "Spider-Man 2,"

he'll soon be seen in "Trespassing" with Estella Warren and "Head

in the Clouds" with Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz and Stuart Townsend.

John Jameson of course had a varied history in the Spider-Man mythos. J.

Jonah Jameson's resentment of Spider-Man was in part due to the fact that as an

astronaut John was a real hero as opposed to a masked glory-hog like the

web-slinger. John Jameson went on to collect a mysterious gem from the moon's

surface that turned him into the Man Wolf. He was also a central character in

the "Spider-Man Unlimited" cartoon series, in which he traveled to

Counter Earth and Spider-Man followed him there on a rescue mission.


Comics2Film/CBR News readers heard

it first on Monday. New design art from the Hellboy movie was due on the

official website this week.

As promised by director Guillermo del Toro himself, the site has now been

updated with a variety of cool concept art images from the production.

First up are a series of concept designs showing Hellboy and his wardrobe,

various monsters and settings. Best of all, there's a nice shot of TyRuben

Ellingson's big-ass Hellboy gun!

There are also a few bits of prop art. One sweet image shows the cover

to the "Hellboy" comic that will be seen in the movie. It's done up

like a classic Marvel comic, with artwork that is clearly in the Jack Kirby


There's also a nice cover to the Weekly World News, which places the

existence of our red-skinned buddy in the same realm of UFOs and Bigfoot.

If fans recalled the excellent website for del Toro's "Blade II"

movie, the updated Hellsite should seem familiar. Much of the artwork is

accompanied by audio commentary from del Toro and creator Mike Mignola, giving

fans the feel of DVD extras before the movie is even out.

Check out the images today! Then keep your eyes peeled for that photo of Ron

Perlman in full Hellboy coolness. Del Toro tells us that they should be up




of cool images, those rascally guys at Ain't it Cool News have struck again.

They've gotten their hands on a good-quality image of "The Hulk" from

the new movie. The image shows jade jaws towering over Betty Ross (Jennifer

Connelly). We'll give you a little preview image here, but you'll have to click

to AICN for the full size image.

In other "Hulk" news, Universal is capitalizing on the movie buzz

by releasing a DVD featuring the two-hour pilot movie from the classic TV

series. That show, which starred Bill Bixby as David Banner (a change from the

comics' "Bruce") and Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk, catapulted

the the character from the pages of the comics and cemented him in the

mainstream public's consciousness.

The DVD contains these special features:

  • FREE movie mail-in rebate! Available only with a rebate form

    contained in every "The Incredible Hulk: Original Television

    Premiere" DVD when accompanied by a ticket stub for "The Hulk."

  • Exclusive Hulk Sneak Preview! A behind-the-scenes look into the

    making of "The Hulk: with director Ang Lee and stars Eric Bana and

    Jennifer Connelly.

  • A special introduction by Lou Ferrigno, popular star of "The

    Incredible Hulk" TV series.

  • A Special Bonus Episode! Available only on the DVD is

    "Married," an extra two-hour episode of "The Incredible

    Hulk" featuring Mariette Hartley, who won a 1978/79 Outstanding Lead

    Actress in a Drama Series Emmy for her portrayal of psychiatrist Carolyn

    Fields, marking the first time a sci-fi-themed show won an Emmy award in a

    non-technical category.

  • Hot extras including an audio commentary on "The Incredible Hulk"

    TV pilot and "Married" bonus episode from director Kenneth Johnson,

    the theatrical trailer for "The Hulk" feature film, and a trailer

    for "The Hulk" interactive game.

The new disc is due out June 3, 2003.

Fans of the old TV show may also be aware that there is a two-disc DVD set

coming out around the same time from Anchor Bay Entertainment. That one features

two of the "Incredible Hulk" made-for-TV movies that followed the

series. Those movies guest star Marvel characters Daredevil and Thor.

Additionally, Buena Vista Home Entertainment is getting in on the act by

releasing a DVD collecting episodes of "The Incredible Hulk" animated

show, which ran in the early 1990s. That series also featured Ferrigno voicing

the Hulk character (something he actually didn't do in the live-action show) and

was much closer to the classic comics than the live-action show.

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