Comics2Film Wrap for April 11th, 2003

Fri, April 11th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


"Band of Brothers" scribe Bruce McKenna is set to write the latest

new project based on a Marvel comics character according to Today's Variety.

"The Hands of Shang Chi" will blend Marvel's master of kung fu with

the crime family sensibilities of "The Godfather" says Variety

columnist Michael Fleming.

Woo-ping Yuen, who is best known to genre fans as the fight choreographer for

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," and "The Matrix" is set to

direct the movie. The movie is set up at DreamWorks

McKenna described the movie for Variety. "A young kung fu master learns

his father is the worst criminal in the world and the drama becomes 'The

Godfather' in reverse, because Shang Chi doesn't want to be like Michael

Corleone. There's this contemporary world of Chinese billionaire industrialists,

but it's a bit like the Wild West or the robber baron era because the influence

of the mafia is so strong."

DreamWorks' Michael DeLuca hopes that "Shang Chi" will be for his

new employer what "Blade" was for his old stomping grounds, New Line

Cinema: a modest-budget take on a low-profile character that is "visually

distinctive and totally cool."


Jeremy Love of


Entertainment told Comics2Film/CBR News that the first draft of screenplay

for the "Venus Kincaid" movie has been

completed. Last September, TV writer Lori Lakin ("The American

Embassy") was tapped to write the all-ages feature for Twentieth Century

Fox's Fox 2000 banner.

"Fox is very, very pleased," said Love. "There will be one round of re-writes and

hopefully it'll go to casting."

Venus Kincaid is the subject of an online, animated comic that tells the story of a super secret agent, bomb squad expert,

diver, pilot and superhuman athlete who is transformed from a 30 year-old woman

to a 12 year-old girl by a mad scientist. She's still got all her spy-skills,

but is mentally and physically 12 years old.

Fox 2000 purchased the film rights for the property last March. Plans are to

develop it as a live-action feature.



photos are popping up all over the net. Dark

Horizons posted a nifty shot of the much-rumored Hulk dogs. The pic shows

jade jaws facing down one of these mutated mastiffs. We'll give you a peek here,

but head over to Dark Horizons for the full view.



to see more of "X-Men 2" before it gets into theaters? A new preview

clip is available online via the official site and's QuickTime portal.

Click here

for a clip exploring Iceman (a.k.a. Bobby Drake, played by Shawn Ashmore) and

his relationship with Rogue.

Then, if you want to see a bunch of cool

publicity shots head over to Movie

City Geek who scored about a half-dozen leaked images from the new movie.

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