Comics2Film Wrap for April 14th, 2003

Mon, April 14th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Cameras are rolling on the "Spider-Man 2" movie (a.k.a "The

Amazing Spider-Man"). Aint-It-Cool-News

snagged a photo from the set featuring Peter Parker and Dr. Curtis Conners.

Character actor Dylan Baker is playing professor to Tobey Maguire's Parker.

Baker has a long filmography and can currently be seen in the TV sitcom

"The Pitts" (which lives up to its name). "Spider-Man 2"

would only feature Conners in one-armed doctor form. The character will not

transform into the Lizard in this installment.

AICN also reports Donna Murphy is set to play Rosalie Octavius although that

casting has not been verified.

A few weeks back word came out in the trades that Sony was eying Jake

Gyllenhaal ("Moonlight Mile") to possibly replace Maguire in the

sequel. Some fans poo-pooed the report as mere rumor. However, today's Variety

features an interesting account of what happened in the behind-the-scenes power

struggle between the studio and the rising star.

The report indicates that the studio was becoming increasingly unhappy with

Maguire's behavior in the pre-production of the movie and they felt that the

star's reported back problems were being used as a bargaining chip to leverage

the actor's demands.

What were those demands? The article is not specific. Supposedly any money

issues were resolved in February. However, the studio decided to push back and

told Maguire they would make the movie without him. Apparently Sony went as far

as to extend an offer to Gyllenhaal.

Following that, the disagreements with Maguire were quickly smoothed over and

the star was back in the picture.

Maguire is reportedly seeking new representation in the wake of the

career-scare, in spite of the fact that his previous agents bagged him a $17

million salary for "Spider-Man 2" and worked out the cricks in his

aching back.



it under the heading of "What the," but Twentieth Century Fox says

that the official title of the "X-Men" sequel is now "X2: X-Men

United." No word as to why the sudden title change, but the new heading can

be seen on trailers and TV commercials rolling out now.

And if you needed a new poster for the film, check out this new one dug up by

Latino Review.

"X2: X-Men United" opens in theaters on May 2.


Will Sean Connery be cast in the "King Conan: Crown of Iron"



Arnold Fans reports and IGN

Filmforce confirms that writer-director John Milius wrote a part in the new

script just for Connery. The part is said to be "Alba Metallus Fortunas,

Conan's commander and tyrannical Emperor."

However, actually having Connery in the movie is by no means close to

happening. The movie seems to be snagged in the depths of development hell and,

if it does get made, there's no telling if Connery will actually be offered or

accept the role.

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