Comics2Film Wrap for April 16th, 2003

Wed, April 16th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


"X2" director Bryan Singer told SCI

FI Wire that the new Marvel movie is the film the original should have been.

"X-Men," as well received as it was, presented a learning curve for

the directors and actors, even as the story was burdened with laying down the

foundation of the mutant universe. All that should pay off in the sequel.

"There were limitations, financial limitations, scheduling limitations.

And yet I couldn't have made 'X2' without having made the first 'X-Men'

picture," Singer told SCI FI. "So this is definitely the movie that I

would have, could have, should have made. Yet it does take off from where the

other one left off, and I don't think it could have been made had I not had the

first experience."


Although German director Oliver Hirschbiegel was once under consideration for

the job of directing "Blade III," Variety

now reports that he's attached to a conflicting project.

Hirschbiegel will instead helm "Der Untergang -- Hitler und das Ende des

3. Reichs" ("The Downfall -- Hitler and the End of the Third

Reich") for Constantin Films. That project is set to roll in August of this


"Blade III" writer and producer David Goyer previously

told C2F/CBR News that the Marvel movie could be shooting as early as

September of this year, which would now make Hirschbiegel's participation



Although it's a project that's been discussed for years, filmmaking giant

James Cameron told Hot Dog magazine that he still plans on making a big screen

version of "Battle Angel Alita." Cameron (whose comments were

reprinted by

says "Battle Angel" will be a movie that he directs, but it may not be

the next movie he directs.

"The issue is will it be the next film, or will it be the one after the

next film? That's really all there is to it at this point," Cameron is

quoted as saying. "We've done a

tremendous amount of design for the film, we're fine-tuning the script, it's

just a matter of time."


Film Roman, Inc., the makers of animated fare like "The Simpsons"

and "X-Men: Evolution" announced yesterday that the ShowTime cable net

has ordered up seven episodes of an animated series based on Brett Merhar's

comic strip, "Free For All."

The show will be presented in Hi-Definition. The show will present a blend of

hand-drawn animation, as well as 2D and 3D computer animation.

Film Roman's president and CEO John Hyde, commented, "We have hit

another milestone in animation by devising new methodology to enable affordable

top quality production to take place right here under our roof."

"The day has finally arrived where we can combine the talents of

traditional animators with the vast array of software solutions now available to

create top quality animated shows within the financial conditions of the current

marketplace," says Mindi Lipschultz, line producer for "Free For


The cast of the show includes Jonathan Silverman ("Weekend at

Bernie's") who will voice Johnny who still lives with his parents and

attends a pseudo-community college. Juliette Lewis ("Old School") has

been tapped to play Paula, Johnny's unattainable love interest, and Brett Merhar

will voice the character of Clay, who is enjoying his millions won in a

frivolous lawsuit from a fast-food restaurant. The series will also boast the

talents of Mitzi McCall ("Ice Age") and Sam McMurray ("Sunshine


"Free For All" is co-written and executive produced by Merriwether

Williams ("Spongebob Squarepants," "Wonder Twins"). Brett

Merhar, creator of the comic strip, will also serve as co-writer and executive


"Free For All" is slated to air on ShowTime this summer.


From a press release:


April 21, 2003, seven of the world's most popular, fearless

crime-fighting Super Heroes -- Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern,

Flash, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl -- will leap off the pages of DC Comics

and burst out of the TV screen for a power-packed kids' promotion at

participating Burger King restaurants nationwide. DC Comics' Justice League

Super Heroes are bounding into Burger King Big Kids' Meals in the form of eight

action toys.

"These Super Heroes appeal both to kids who have come to know and love

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the Justice League cartoon as well as parents who grew up admiring these popular

characters," said Craig Braasch, vice president, global advertising and

promotions, Burger King Corporation. "These eight action-based toys inside

our Kids Meals, as well as the mini-comic books, will give our young customers

hours of enjoyment."

Power-Packed Fun: About The Toys

Each toy features a Justice League crime fighter showcasing their unique

powers in a display of Super Hero prowess. The promotion runs for five weeks,

during which time kids can collect all eight toys as well as accompanying 12-

page mini comic books. Each comic book features storylines inspired by each

toy's activity and will be the one of the largest per custom-comic project print

runs ever published!

"We are extremely excited to bring these well-loved and empowering Super

Heroes to Burger King restaurants," said Joel Ehrlich, Senior Vice

President of Advertising and Promotions for Warner Bros. Consumer Products and

DC Comics. "We are certain that this supreme team of Justice League members

will provide the same fun and excitement they have offered for decades to the

kids of today at Burger King restaurants."

Blast Off With New Spicy Catsup Dipping Sauce

The Justice League superheroes will burst into Burger King restaurants with an

exciting, new "Power Blast" spicy Catsup Dipping Sauce. Kids can have

a "blast" with dipping one of the most popular items on the Burger King

Big Kids menu, Chicken Tenders, in fun star and lightning bolt shapes.

Catsup is the #1 kids condiment and the new "Power Blast" spicy Catsup

Dipping Sauce brings catsup into a whole new realm! Kids will love to dip their Chicken Tenders

into this new dipping sauce with a "powerful," tangy kick. "We

know that kids like to 'have it their way' with unique, fun food presented in

imaginative ways," said Braasch. "Kids can order their old favorites

at Burger King, like Chicken Tenders, in cool shapes and dip them into new

catsup with a spicy twist."

Super-powered Online Fun

To add further excitement to the Burger King Justice League promotion, the

packaging for each superhero toy will contain special codes -- available only at

Burger King restaurants! -- that kids can use on the Cartoon Network Web site to

win cToon online trading cards and other items from Justice League and Burger King.

By entering the Cartoon Orbit area microsite on,

kids can use their exclusive Burger King cToons to win screen savers, Burger King

"Burger Bucks" gift certificates and more toys, featuring their favorite cartoon


Become a Justice League Character!

In conjunction with the in-restaurant premium promotion at Burger King, for the

first time ever, Cartoon Network and DC Comics are holding the "Justice

League Adventure Sweepstakes." Contestants can log on to

to enter. In addition to several amazing runner-up prizes, the grand prize

winner will be illustrated in a real Justice League comic book and receive the

original artwork from the DC Comics artist.

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