Samwise direct 'Jeremiah.' 'Hulk' writer creds determined. 'X2' set for global explosion: Comics2Film wrap for April 25th, 2003

Fri, April 25th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


When the second season Showtime's comic-based "Jeremiah" returns

this year it'll have a new cast member. This year Jeremiah (Luke Perry) and

Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) will be joined in their travels by Sean Astin, who

is best known to fans as Frodo Baggins' traveling companion Samwise Gamgee in

"The Lord of the Rings" movies.

On one episode Astin will be pulling double duty, stepping behind the camera

as well as in front. Astin has directed the 13th episode of the new season.

The episode isn't the first time at the helm for the fledgling director. Fans

who watched one of the making-of specials for "Rings" last fall also

saw a segment on the making-of Astin's short film "The Long and Short of

It." That movie was filmed on the same location as Peter Jackson's fantasy

epic and even features Jackson in a supporting role.

He's also directed episodes of the Buffy spin-off "Angel" and

comic-based "Perversions of Science."

Astin is currently acting in his new movie "50 First Kisses" and

will next be seen on the big-screen in the final "Rings" installment

"The Return of the King."

"Jeremiah" returns to ShowTime in August.



Writers Guild of America has rendered its determination in the credits for

"The Hulk." The official screenwriting credits for the film, as

determined by the WGA are: "Screenplay by John Turman, Michael France and

James Schamus. Story by James Schamus."

Turman, who has penned many comic

book scripts including "Iron Fist," was one of the first people

working on the movie and began his work in 1994. He reportedly continued work on

the project until 1996 and many of his innovations to the story remain in the

final work.

France was actually the third writer to work on the project,

coming on board in 1997. France returned to take another pass at the script

during the period of 1999-2000, after writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh's run

at the material.

It wasn't long after that that director Ang Lee came on board

with producer/partner James Schamus to carry the project to theaters.


arbitration process is designed for projects like "The Hulk" where as

many as eleven writers have worked on the script over the course of almost nine

years. The process is a review of all drafts by three arbiters in order to

determine that writers are fairly represented in the final credits of the movie.


"X2: X-Men United" is just a week away and the hype is louder than


Twentieth Century Fox has announced that they are set to make motion picture

history with the mutant movie, giving it the largest-ever, global day-and-date


"X2" will have an unprecedented opening, bowing simultaneously in

93 markets around the world.

Expectations are high for the movie, which will likely top the original's

$300 million worldwide box office.

The anticipation for the movie is apparently through the roof. Fox reports

that people are scalping tickets for the radio promotion screening to be held on

May 1st at the AMC Empire in New York City. Tickets for the winners-only

audience are reportedly going for $25 a piece.

Comics2Film/CBR News reviewed

'X2' earlier this week and we find it to be a major improvement over the



In our early-April Hulk

DVD report we incorrectly reported that Mariette Hartley's Emmy Award for

her 1978 turn in the "Married" episode of "The Incredible

Hulk" was the first time a sci-fi-themed show won an Emmy award in a

non-technical category.

Reader David Carreiro points out that Lindsay Wagner

took home a best actress Emmy for her work in "The Bionic Woman" in


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