'Hulk' trailer, 'Trouble' from Tucci, 'X2' and 'Smallville': Comics2Film wrap for May 2nd, 2003

Fri, May 2nd, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Hulk smash again! Hulk smash jet! Hulk fight helicopters! Hulk smash puny

dogs. Banner smash puny Talbot. Hulk smash ground so hard cars flip over!


That's right. The new "Hulk" trailer is up at Apple.com's

QuickTime trailer site. The new clip shows lots of cool clips of big green

wigging out and provides new insights into the plot of the movie. Here're some

stills for those of you who aren't up to the big download.

As if Hulk wasn't smashing enough in

the trailer, the CGI star of Universal Pictures' upcoming blockbuster makes a smashing

cover model for the June/July issue of CFQ.

People complaining this guy looks "too cartoony" ought to click the

thumbnail at right for a close up look at the details on Doc Bana...er...the

Hulk's face.


Comic creator and filmmaker Billy Tucci has announced plans to release his

award winning short film "some trouble of a seRRious nature" in a "Deluxe Diamond DVD

Edition" available exclusively through the Previews catalog.

The DVD features two cuts of the movie, a festival cut and an extended

director's cut with commentary. The disc also has deleted scenes, a memorial mini-doc on late star Joe

Tobul, special effects, pages from the comic book edition and more!

The movie tells the hilarious

tale, set in WW2's final days, of one unfortunate Corsair fighter plane and the

hillbillies who are determined to fly it. Limited to 5,000 editions, the DVD signed

and numbered by director Billy Tucci and comes in a full color shrink-wrapped

plastic case. The price is $24.99.

Also available will be the Deluxe Diamond VHS with many of the same features,

also priced at $24.99.

Diamond retailers will also have access to the "Any Damn Fool" DVD.

One free copy of this disc will be shipped for every 10 copies of the "some

trouble" DVD. "Any Damn Fool" is the hour-long documentary on the making of Billy's

"some trouble of a SeRRious nature." It

chronicles the trials and tribulations of a first-time filmmaker and his torrid

production schedule from "some trouble's" earliest inception as a

1946 hoax letter to its award-winning debut at the Long Island International

Film Expo. The film includes behind the scenes, production footage, special

effects and interviews with the films cast and crew.


"X2: X-Men United" is already hearing the cha-ching of box office

registers. According to today's Variety,

the movie has already opened in key international territories and rung up a

preview take of $8 million.

By weekend's close, the movie will have hit 93 markets overseas.

However, if you want to see the movie, don't look for it in-flight with

Boeing. The

Hollywood Reporter reports that Fox and the aerospace company could not come

to "a satisfactory service arrangement" for putting Marvel's Mutants

in front of travelers.


"Smallville" Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk will be on the cover of the May 10 edition of

TV Guide. KryptonSite.com, the top

Smallville outlet on the Internet, has a nice picture of the new cover.

The site can also give you all the details (if you don't mind spoilers) on

the season ender.

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