'X3' talk, 'LXG' trailer, 'Dredd' start and more: Comics2Film wrap for May 7th, 2003

Wed, May 7th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


We know it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time before somebody

makes it official. Chicago

Sun Times columnist Cindy Pearlman isn't waiting though. Pearlman has

already chatted it up with "X2" director Bryan Singer to talk about

"X-Men 3" (or "X3" or "X3: With Some Subtitle").

For his own part, Singer said he's interested in continuing to grow the

big-screen franchise he helped create.

"It depends on the circumstances. I know I love this cast and I love the

experiences I have on these movies. I feel great affection and proprietorship

when it comes to this franchise, so I would probably want to be involved in a

third film," Singer told Pearlman.

Pearlman also asked Singer about rumors that Oscar winner Halle Berry, whose

Storm character has seemed disconnected from the rest of the team in the mutant

movies, will not return for another. The director holds out hope that, if her

character is developed appropriately, Berry could be lured back one more


Thanks to SCI

FI Wire for the lead on that one.

No matter how much fans and critics agree that "X2" is a top-notch

movie, some cinemagoers can't help looking for trouble.

The readers at the Movie

Mistakes website have now reported 47 mistakes in the mutant masterpiece.

The fun Movie Mistakes site catalogs continuity errors in Hollywood movies.

However, a quick gloss-over of many of the reported errors indicates that

nitpickers are really stretching to find flaws. Some purported problems with the

film include gripes like Nightcrawler's tail isn't seen often enough or

misinterpretations of how the x-factor gene triggers mutation, as opposed to

true mistakes, like the President's magically closing file folder at the end of

the movie.

In other X-news...

When the X-Men are united, is there anyone who can withstand their uncanny

might? Apparently the South Koreans can. Screen

Daily reports that one market where "X2" failed to top the charts

this weekend was in South Korea.

Instead the homegrown success "Memories Of Murder" was the number

one movie there for the second week in a row, keeping the mutants' debut at

number two.

"Memories" is a critically acclaimed black comedy by director Bong

Joon-ho based on a real-life case of serial killings in Korea in the 1980's.

Thanks to the super-portal Movie City

Geek for the leads on those last two.


Fans who caught a weekend screening of "X2: X-Men United" (surely

some of our readers did) have already seen it, but Fox has now put the trailer

for "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" online. As with so many

trailers these days, the new clip can be found at the Apple.com

Quicktime trailers site.

One point of interest that has been rumored and discussed over the past few

weeks is the use of the shortened title, "The League." In the new

preview the on-screen title graphic still displays the complete five-word title.

However, the narrator of the clip simply refers to the movie by the two-word


Another puzzling point is that the trailer doesn't seem to make any attempts

to encapsulate the broad concept: that this is a team up between a half-dozen or

so characters from classic literature. Although the start of the clip focuses on

Sean Connery's character, they never refer to him as Allan Quatermain. Nor to

they allude to the identities of the rest of the League, with the exception of

Dr. Jekyll, who is named in passing in the dialog.

One wonders if the studio is assuming that the average moviegoer won't

appreciate the finer points of Alan Moore's clever concept. Never-the-less check

out the trailer

for what looks to be a rockin' good action flick.


Shoreline Entertainment announced last week that they've formed a new genre

imprint called Riptide Entertainment. The Riptide division will handle

Shoreline's development of horror and action movies.

This is of interest to comic fans, who have been waiting for word of the new

"Judge Dredd" movies since they were announced eighteen month ago. The

legendary British comic character is said to be the top priority for the new


Plans have always called for Shoreline to film two new "Dredd"

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movies back to back. According to the press release, Shoreline/Riptide is set to

begin production on the films in July 2003.

Other irons in the Riptide fires include horror titles "Parasite"

and "Centipede."

Heading up the new division is Steve Chicorel.


"Angel" star David Boreanaz recently talked to SCI

FI Wire about his upcoming turn as the bad guy in "The Crow: Wicked


According to SCI FI, the actor plays a character named Luc Crash, the leader

of a biker gang who has a history with the film's protagonist Jimmy Cuervo

(played by Edward Furlong).

"They're two buddies that grew up

together, but fell apart somewhere, because of a love triangle around this girl,

Lily [Emmanuelle Chriqui], who was an Indian," Boreanaz said. "So

there are a lot of racial elements to it. There's a lot of angst between miners

and Indians and casinos. It brings together so much vulnerability and


Boreanaz also reports that his character heads up a biker gang called "the Four Horsemen of the

Apocalypse," cozies up with big, bad, biker mama Tara Reid ("Josie and

the Pussycats") and owes all his badness to Dennis Hopper (who doesn't?). Hopper is

"The guy who pretty much turned

me into Satan," Boreanaz said.

The movie is shooting in June in Utah.


"Over the Hedge" co-creator T Lewis recently scooped Aint-it-cool-news

on the status of the CGI feature based on his and Mike Fry's strip. The strip

focuses on a raccoon named RJ and his turtle buddy Verne who have to cope with

an encroaching human population.

As C2F has previously reported, the lead critters will be voiced by Jim Carrey

and Gary Shandling respectively.

Lewis also provided a list of the talent attached to the film, including some

new names we haven't reported before. Bonnie Arnold ("Toy Story") is

producing. Jim Cox ("Ferngully") is co-producing. Tim Johnson

("Antz", "Sinbad") will direct the feature with Ash

Brannon ("Toy Story") co-directing. Len Blum ("Private

Parts") is writing the script.

Lewis reports that DreamWorks is prepping the feature for a holiday 2005


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