'Hulk,' 'LXG' and 'X2': Comics2Film wrap for May 27, 2003

Tue, May 27th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


The final countdown to "The Hulk" begins with less than four weeks

to go until big green smashes onto the big screen. Universal is pumping up TheHulk.com

with some all-new content for fans to get excited about.

First up is the new "Origin of the Hulk" video clip, which gives

viewers background on the roots of the character. With commentary from Stan Lee,

James Schamus, Avi Arad, Eric Bana, Gale Anne Hurd and Jennifer Connelly,

the clip traces the characters path from the minds of Lee and Jack Kirby,

through his popular TV incarnation, and on to this summer's movie. Fans will see

a few new bits of film from the movie, as well as some bare CGI effects and lots

of previews of "The Hulk" video game.

Click on "The Movie" and then "Trailers/TV Spots" to find

"Origin of The Hulk."

Next up on the site is the "Wish Fulfillment" TV spot promoting the

film. This new advertisement has been running on network television all weekend.

There're just a few new snippets of Hulk-Smash action, but it's still a cool

clip that focuses on the rush of being a giant force of nature.


clips join the Stan Lee video interview on the site as well as the Eric Bana

text Q & A.

Finally, visitors to TheHulk.com

can enter the Hulk sweepstakes and win a trip for four to Universal Studios Hollywood

or Universal Studios Orlando.



Fans who are looking

for new artwork for "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" can click

over to mc.themes.ru.

There's a new poster there featuring the seven members of the League. Unlike

the previous poster, this one features an invisible Invisible Man and the

brutish Mr. Hyde in place of Dr. Jekyll.

Thanks to Movie

City Geek for the lead.



While two movie characters claimed to be

"the one" this weekend, Morgan Freeman's God won out over Keanu

Reeves' Neo in the battle for the box office.


Office Mojo reports that "Bruce Almighty" was the champ this

weekend, giving fans the Jim Carrey they've been missing; the goofy, funny one.

"Bruce" took in an estimated $86 million plus over the long, Memorial

Day weekend.

The movie toppled "The Matrix: Reloaded,"

which took in over $45 million in its second week of release. That movie shed

about 50% of its audience from last week's blockbuster opening.


X-Men United" is still box office force in it's forth week of release. The

movie is hanging in at #4 (still trailing "Daddy Day Care"). The

Marvel mutants took home another $13 million in ticket sales this week bringing

its opening month domestic tally to $192 million. Could the $200 million mark

be just a week away?



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