'Hellboy,' 'Garfield' and 'Hulk': Comics2Film wrap for May 28, 2003

Wed, May 28th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist



another look at the cast of characters from "Hellboy"? Counting

Down has scored a trio of pics direct from the set of Prague. These aren't

photos of some hand-drawn sign directing craft services to the parking area for

the shoot. CD has three pictures of actors, in costume and on set.


posting a small picture of the mysterious Kroenen in his protective nazi gear.

For the full size image click over to Counting

Down where you'll also find a nice image of Kroenen with his master Rasputin

(Karl Roden) and an image of Professor Bruttenholm (John Hurt) posing with his

team of G.I.s back in the day.



boy Bill Murray ("The Royal Tenenbaums") has landed the starring role

in "Garfield" according to today's Variety.

With filming wrapped on the live-action segments of the movie, the comic actor

is now on board to provide the voice for the film's CGI star.


Director Ang Lee sent "Hulk" star Eric Bana to watch a bout of

Ultimate Fighting to prep him for his role as the big, green rage-a-holic

according to a write-up at Empire


The U.K. movie mag reports that Bana, along with F/X staffers at ILM were

sent out for a night of "entertainment" arranged by Lee. It turned

they had ringside seats for a night at the brutal Ultimate Fighting competition.

"I really didn't want to do it," Bana told Empire.

"It was just short of finding an illegal bare-knuckle fight somewhere."


the actor watched as men pummeled each other into semi-consciousness.

"I think it was about pure,

unadulterated rage. About being exposed to something very, very primal,"

the actor said of Lee's field trip. "There

were some specifics that I wouldn't like to mention that Ang wanted me to pay

attention to. Interesting, then, but not something I'm in any real hurry to see



Online presents additional Q & A with Bana in the subscriber-only segment

of the website.

Thanks to Movie City

Geek for the lead.



week Artisan shipped the teaser poster for next summer's "The

Punisher" to movie theaters everywhere. The artwork got a good reaction

from fans, with it's menacing skull and black and red color scheme.

Now Artisan has provided Comics2Film with a copy of the one-sheet to pass on

to you members of the Punisher posse.

Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.com

for your chance to win!

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