Goyer set to helm 'Blade III'

Sun, June 1st, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

TV Film
Rob Worley, Columnist



reports that David Goyer will get behind the camera for the third installment of

New Line's "Blade." While Goyer has hinted many times in C2F's recent

reports on the subject, the trade publication says he is now officially the

director of the third installment.

The "Blade" franchise is a roadmap for Goyer's progression as a

filmmaker. He wrote the first one. On the second segment he wrote the script and

also stepped up as producer. With the latest episode he'll be wearing all three


Goyer has previously directed "Zig Zag." His next big-screen credit

as screenwriter is on the upcoming "Freddy Vs. Jason."

According to the write-up, the movie will lens in Vancouver some time this


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