Death, Deathlok, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk: Comics2Film wrap for June 4, 2003

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Neil Gaiman is feeling optimistic about the movie version of "Death: The

High Cost of Living." He recently posted an update for fans in his online

journal at

"Today was a good day," Gaiman starts his May 31 entry.

"It started with a terrific meeting with Roger and Brenda, my directors

on the 'Tam Lin' project. Then I walked across the hall and met with a company

who wanted to finance 'Death: The High Cost of Living,' and the only condition

that they had thought might be a sticking point was something I already wanted.

Things can go wrong (things can always go wrong) and lots of deals need to be

made before a formal announcement can be made, but I wouldn't be surprised to be

shooting 'Death' next Spring."

Gaiman has long been attached to direct the movie, based on his best-loved

comic book character. He turned in the latest draft of the script for the film

last year.

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for the lead.


Are Marvel and Paramount about to sign a director for the big-screen version

of "Deathlok?" That's the rumor published Monday by IGN


The the typically reliable site's sources tell them that Lee Tamahori tops

the list to direct the movie.

However, today's Hollywood

Reporter tells us that MGM has signed the director to the upcoming

"Risk Addiction", which was developed initially as a "Basic

Instinct" sequel but has now been separated from those roots.

The two

reports don't necessarily contradict one another. Hot directors often attach

themselves to many projects simultaneously, filming one while developing the

others and allowing them to have many projects at the ready.

Tamahori most recently helmed the James Bond pic "Die Another Day"

for MGM and also had directing creds for "Along Came a Spider,"

"The Edge," "Mulholland Falls" and "Once Were



Insights into the new "Iron Man" movie can be found in the latest

issue of Cinescape

magazine. Quotes from article, provided by IGN

FilmForce reveal plans are to remain true to the comic and portray Tony

Stark as an alcoholic whose armor not only gives him super-human abilities, but

helps keep his damaged heart working.

Producers Avi Arad ("X2"), Don Murphy ("The League of

Extraordinary Gentlemen") and screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar

("Smallville") commented on the movie.

Gough told Cinescape "the intriguing thing to us [Gough & partner

Miles Millar] was [Tony Stark] has an alcohol problem and he needs the suit to

stay alive."

The writer also said to expect 'Iron Man' to take on bigger problems than

simple crime-fighting. "[The movie is] a very relevant sort of thing to be

doing somebody who's basically a weapons manufacturer in this world situation

we're in. And also, it's global. It's not a guy protecting one city; it has a

James Bond-meets-Tom Clancy feel. That's our approach."

Millar added that Iron Man is "a very unique character in terms of

he's not a teenager struggling with a superpower. ... he's like the Howard

Hughes of superheroes."

Producer Don Murphy told Cinescape, "He's not going to be Superman

turning back the world. It's believable stuff."

Arad's comments on the film may surprise fans. The Marvel chief said,

"'Iron Man' is about a kid whose father was bigger-than-life and he felt

like, 'What's in it for me?'" Arad told Cinescape. "Then he loses his

parents and never got to say a kind word to [his father] like, 'Dad, I admire

you and I love you and I didn't mean to be an [expletive]."

Look for more on "Iron Man" in Cinescape magazine.



Continuum posted a trio of swell new images from MTV's upcoming

"Spider-Man" animated TV series. The images depict Spidey in action, a

group shot of Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn and an image of a

new, Black Cat-like villain named Talon.


From a press release:


soundtrack for "Hulk," will be released on Decca/UMG Soundtracks June

17, 2003.

It'll feature the music score by Danny Elfman, as well as the exclusive new

track, "Set Me Free," performed by the as-yet-unnamed music group

featuring Scott Weiland (formerly of Stone Temple Pilots), Slash, Duff McKagan

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and Matt Sorum, (all formerly of Guns N' Roses), and Dave Kushner (of Suicidal


Elfman is no stranger to comic book adaptations, providing the music for

"Spider-Man," "Batman" and the "Men In Black"


Always an active presence in the world of film world, Danny Elfman has been

nominated for several Grammys, including Planet of the Apes for "Best Score

Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media"

and Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas. He won a Grammy for "Best

Instrumental Composition" for "The Batman Theme."

"Set Me Free" was inspired by the movie itself and appears in the

film's closing scroll. This is the first-ever commercially available track from

this new hard rock mega-group and can be downloaded exclusively on Apple's

iTunes Music Store from June 8, 2003 through June 17, 2003.

The currently unnamed band was invited by director Ang Lee to see an early

cut of the film, which inspired them to write a powerful song that would match

the movie in both theme and intensity. Slash commented, "Writing songs is

really cool, but if you get inspired to do it for a really good movie, the

outcome is more fulfilling. We got a certain energy from watching the film, and

we wanted to do something that would be really appropriate for it. The Hulk is a

very dramatic version of the same stuff that we all go through. All this

bottled-up tension is what the song's about, so it's a pretty good marriage: the

theme of the song and what The Hulk is all about."

Added Scott Weiland, "Ang Lee had a lot of intensity about the movie and

his art form." He met with the band following their screening and provided

some additional ideas and inspiration for lyrics that would closely reflect the

story of Bruce Banner and his struggle with his monstrous alter-ego, The Hulk.



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