Tutenstein, Superman, LXG: Comics2Film wrap for June 6, 2003

Fri, June 6th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


Comic creator Jay

Stephens has provided Comics2Film/CBR News with a first look at artwork for

the upcoming "Tutenstein" animated TV series. Based on his concept

about a mummified kid pharaoh revived in a 21st century museum,

"Tutenstein"  will premier on NBC and Discovery Channel just in

time for Halloween. 

Tutenstein is joined by his devoted servant, the talking cat Luxor and

Cleo, a modern-day girl who is the only person aware of Tutenstein's existence.

The villain of the show is Set, who is aided and abetted by his demonic henchmen

Sekhem and Kesef.

Stephens tells us he recently returned from the show's production offices in


"I had a great time with the crew," Stephens told C2F. "The directors (Rob LaDuca and Bob

Richardson) are just fantastic. Everything looks great. We went over the

theme music and title sequence as well.

The titles will reportedly be based on Stephens'

pantomime sequence from Jetcat Clubhouse #3 with a slick, "Saul Bass-style" intro that contrasts the series


"I sat in on the last voice pick up for the final

episode. All 26 half-hours are just about ready to ship overseas to be animated. I took a peek at the pencil tests of the

first four," Stephens told C2F.

The show is now set to debut

Saturday October the 25th, 2003. NBC and Discovery Channel plan to simultaneously run two back-to-back episodes that day, with the regular

series following every Saturday morning thereafter.

While in Burbank, Stephens also took meetings on his new concept, "Cryptids,"

showing it to some of the major studios. Stephens tells us that Atomic Cartoons

is now on board as co-production partners with the project.

"Cryptids" features a troop of zoological marvels on a mission to

help their cryptozoological cousins stay safe and hidden from the prying eyes of




Is McG circling the "Superman" movie again? It would appear so. The

Hollywood Reporter picked up on recent comments made by the "Charlie's

Angels" director to a British interviewer about the project. 

McG reportedly told the interviewer that he is "this close" to

taking back the helm of the "Superman" movie and is already eyeing

three actors for the lead. With regards to casting, the director would only say

that "the movie is the star," which may indicate a willingness to go

with an unknown performer.

Concrete announcements about the director's involvement (or lack thereof) may

come within the next few weeks.



Rumors are swirling the Internet that problems are afoot with "The

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" movie in the form of a struggle in the

editing room. These reports allege that star Sean Connery is muscling in on the

post-production process and taken control of the editing of the movie and is

overseeing the process from locales in the Bahamas, New York and Los Angeles.


FilmForce consulted producer Don Murphy to get to the bottom of these


Murphy said, "Sean has provided suggestions on the cut of the film. Some of these have proved helpful. He has 'taken

control' of nothing. Indeed he has

only been in L.A. twice this year for normal ADR

sessions. And the idea of him working from a base in

the Bahamas ... they must think he REALLY is James Bond."

LXG opens in theaters on July 11th.



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