Punisher, Teen Titans, Hulk, Hellboy, Over the Hedge: Comics2Film wrap for June 26, 2003

Thu, June 26th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


DC Comics' "Teen Titans" is set to make its animated debut on

Cartoon Network in less than a month.

Being a member of the press sometimes has its perks. The "Teen

Titans" press kit has us wondering if the west-coast city that the

super-kids inhabit is Coaster City. In addition to the usual screener tape,

colorful folders and materials, the "Teen Titans" kit also came with a

set of five coasters, each depicting a member of the team, all contained in a

nice metal canister. Click the images for a closer look.

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larger images

Batman's sidekick Robin leads fellow young teens Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire

and Raven in the all-new high-adventure series. Fans will see it for the first

time on Saturday, July 19, at 9 p.m. (ET, PT). Unlike the network's

"Justice League," which teams DC's adult heroes, "Teen

Titans" is aimed at younger viewers. Here's the network's description of

the show:

"'Teen Titans' features five teen superheroes each with special powers.

Led by Robin, this group unites to form a force to protect their teeming,

sun-baked city from a new generation of villains while coping with the

challenges of adolescence. When they work together as a team, their powers are

formidable. As superheroes, the Teen Titans are fully developed. But they

struggle with the same challenges every teen would - things like sibling

rivalry, taking responsibility, jealousy and fitting in with the group.

"The Teen Titans live together in a high-tech command center that is

also the ultimate hangout. They play video games, squabble and leave dirty

dishes around. They get on each other's nerves… a lot. But ultimately the

Teen Titans have to put their super-insecurities and super-gripes aside and save

the world from a next generation of bad guys."

"With Teen Titans, we

wanted to create a new take on the animated superhero series. Teen Titans will

be more about what the characters are experiencing and feeling right now, as

opposed to being wrapped up in backstory," said Glen Murakami, producer of

Teen Titans. "These superheroes don't have alter egos or secret

identities. The show is lighthearted and fun, with new villains, a bold look and

exciting action sequences. We think it will have broad appeal - not just to fans

of the comic books but also to kids who don't know who the Teen Titans



You call this punishment? The

Hollywood Reporter tells us that two actresses are circling Artisan and

Marvel's "The Punisher."


to the write-up, Laura Harring has signed on to the movie. Harring will play

Ivia Saint, the "ruthless, vengeful" wife of John Travolta's Howard

Saint character. Harring recently appeared in David Lynch's "Mulholland

Drive" in which she played...we're not really sure who played what in that


Also eying a role in the movie is Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Romijn, of course,

played Mystique in the "X-Men" movies. She's said to be in

negotiations for a part but no word is given on what role she is seeking.

In other punishing news, SCI

FI Wire chatted it up with the film's star, Thomas Jane, who has been

learning to dish it out by training with Navy Seals. Jane tells the outlet that

when things get nasty, look for the Punisher to resort to

"old-school," down-and-dirty fighting techniques.

"What would you really do to take these [bad] guys out? What it usually

comes down to is, you poke their eyes out, you slit their throat, break their

nose, brutal stuff. That kind of ends the fight kind of quickly," Jane

said. "That's why you don't see it too much. No wires, no 'Crouching Tiger,

Hidden Dragon' stuff. It's all going to be real world."

The punishment begins summer of 2004.


Hulk smash puny pirates. Variety

reports that a New Jersey man, accused of illegally distributing copies of

"The Hulk" on the Internet has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of

felony copyright infringement.

Kerry Gonzalez, 25, of Hamilton, N.J. entered the plea marking the first time

someone has faced charges for web distribution of a Hollywood movie.

Gonzalez reportedly received a copy of the film from a friend at an ad agency

and then cracked the copy protection and uploaded it, two weeks before the movie

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hit theaters. The cracked version lead to a string of negative reviews from

movie fan sites that complained about the shoddy effects in the unfinished work


Universal claims they became aware of the copyright breach "within

minutes" of its posting and immediately began their aggressive pursuit of

the perpetrator.

The FBI managed to trace the leak back to Gonzalez and by the middle of last

week the man realized the jig was up. Gonzalez arranged through his attorney to

surrender to the FBI.

"Kerry certainly didn't contemplate the magnitude of the consequences of

uploading the movie," his attorney said.

Gonzalez could receive up to three years in prison and a fine of $250,000 at

his Sept. 26 sentencing hearing.


CHUD.com continues it's coverage of webmaster Nick Nunziata's recent trip to

the set of "Hellboy" in Prague.

This week CHUD published exclusive

photos as well as an in-depth interview with director Guillermo

del Toro.


Animation director Tim Johnson recently talked to The

Chicago Sun Times about his upcoming comic strip-based feature, "Over

the Hedge." The CGI film, based on the strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis, is

set to star Jim Carrey and Gary Shandling as R.J. the raccoon and Verne the

turtle respectively.

Johnson is making the press rounds for his current release, "Sinbad:

Legend of the Seven Seas," but he talked about bit about "Hedge"

as well.

"The movie is based on a terrific comic strip. It's about a smart-aleck

raccoon [Carrey] who wakes up from a long slumber near a retiring turtle [Shandling].

They realize that suburbia has taken over their home while they were

sleeping," Johnson said.

It turns out, human encroachment isn't the end of the world.

"They can't believe humans are nice enough to put out food for them in

giant silver cans!" Johnson says. "They think they've found


But Carrey's R.J. will have none of that, prompting the other forest critters

to engage in risky missions into human neighborhoods.

"Over The Hedge" is due in theaters in 2005.



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