Countdown to LXG: Flemying, Shah and Curran talk about their extraordinary roles

Fri, July 4th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" made its premiere on Monday

at a press event. The movie was screened and the cast and crew were on hand to

be interviewed by the press.

Twentieth Century Fox has provide Comics2Film/CBR News readers with this

brief Q & A session with actors Jason Flemyng, Naseeruddin Shah and Tony Curran

who play Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Captain Nemo and Rodney Skinner (an invisible man)

in the movie.

Jason Flemying plays...

...Dr. Jekyll and...

...Mr. Hyde

Naseeruddin Shah plays...

...Captain Nemo

Tony Curran plays...

...Rodney Skinner, an invisible man

Q: Real fast, who do you all play?

Jason Flemyng (JF): Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Naseeruddin Shah (NS): Captain Nemo.

Tony Curran (TC): Rodney Skinner: Gentleman thief!

Q: Here we are we. We've got "The League of Extraordinary

Gentlemen." What exactly makes each of you extraordinary?

JF: I take a lot of drugs.

TC: He sat in makeup for seven and a half hours every morning before the

camera rolls.

JF: I transform into a beast.

NS: And Nemo has the Nautilus, the submarine and he has all these scientific

instruments to guide them to where they're going.

TC: I have the ability of invisibility which means I have to walk around

naked. And he gets up to all sorts of ...

HS: Stealth!

TC: ...dubious things. Stealthfully walking around.

Q: The two of you had to do a lot of makeup and special effects. How was that


JF: I think as actors it's interesting just because, in film generally, they

set limits around you and you have to try and look natural within those limits,

whether it be marks or camera positions and stuff. So when you've made a few

films, I really, really find it exciting when they try and make it as difficult

for you as possible and this prosthetic was the ultimate test of that because,

you know, it's a seven hour makeup changeover and then the movement once you're

in that body is very, very difficult. So to try and make that look easy and weightless

on the screen was a challenge and I think...THINK we got away with it.

Q: And you were just the opposite, next to nothing...

TC: Yeah, absolutely. When my agent first said this to me, her name's Denise,

she says, "Tony, we've got this part. It's the invisible man!"

And I was like, "Invisible man? What?"

I guess it's sort of an actor's vanity or whatever, you go, "Well I

won't be seen. What's the point of it?"

In retrospect, I loved playing the character. I guess it's a lot to do with,

you don't see me but, to be honest, I don't really care. It's all about playing

the character and...

JF: He's the most visible invisible man.

TC: ...the most visible invisible man. Yeah! [laughs]

So the voice of the character is very important as well, to get across

because you can't see who this guy is, but that's the mystery of H.G. Wells'

"The Invisible man."

Everybody always things, "I wonder what that guy looks like," you


"I wonder what he really is like?"

Q: So we brought all these extraordinary characters together. It takes place

in the 1800s. How do you think people are going to respond to it?

TC: I think because there's a huge diversity of all the characters, I think

apart from the action, adventure, the sort roller-coaster ride of it, the

special effects, the Nautilus, his car. There's a lot there for the characters.

There's a lot of humanity. There's a lot of humility with all these characters

and a lot of people can relate to them in the sense that they can see themselves

in them. I think we're always scared of our dark sides: denying your dark sides,

facing your dark sides and all of these characters have dark sides. It's like,

how do you deal with your dark side?

NS: I think the concern of this movie is to entertain, rather than to display

its special effects or all that sort of thing. What is going to be unique, I

think, about this film is that the people in it are going to be remembered

rather than the magnificent effects that are put up there.

JF: That's true.

TC: Although they are marvelous as well.

NS: Oh, absolutely.

Q: Alright. Thank you very much.

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is due in theaters July 11th.

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