PREVIEW: "Lenore: Noogies"

Wed, November 11th, 2009 at 10:58am PST

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The recently released "Lenore: Noogies" hardcover collection features classic Roman Dirge Lenore strips presented in color for the first time. "Noogies" publisher, Titan Books, has provided CBR with some before and after examples to show readers, both new and old, what the wonderfully dark world of Lenore looks like in full-color.

Lenore: Noogies (color edition)
By Roman Dirge
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: October 2009
Price: $17.95

Take a trip into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl with a knack for (often) unintentional mayhem in this remastered, newly-colored gothic classic! Lenore might only be small, but her talent for mischief — and occasional wanton destruction — is anything but. Featuring stories about limbless cannibals, clock monsters, cursed vampire dolls, taxidermied friends, an obsessed would-be lover and more fuzzy animal mutilations than should be legal, never has the term ‘something for everyone’ seemed more sinister and bizarre. A massive cult hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Lenore is one of the funniest, darkest, cutest, creepiest characters on the marketplace today.

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