LXG, Boondocks, Garfield, Smallville: Comics2Film wrap for July 11, 2003

Fri, July 11th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist


The game is on today as "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"

storms into theaters. In a season populated with an unprecedented number of

comic-to-film adaptations, "League" is fifth big-budget superhero

movie to hit the screens. Here's a round up of LXG stuff on the web.


FilmForce has an assortment of behind-the-scenes clips for the movie. These

clips are spoiler-free but reveal the fun details about the making of the movie.

Check out "Library Shoot Out", "Vampire Stunt Double",

"Connery on the Set", "Nemo's Car" and "Shooting Dorian

Gray" at FilmForce.

Then, for insights straight from "League"

writer and creator Alan Moore, head over to the National

Public Radio site.

On his notion to assemble the League Moore told

NPR, "I thought that maybe if I looked back to the roots of superheroes,

then I might find some inspiration there. And it pretty well all wound back to

19th-century fantastic fiction."

To hear Moore tell it, click over to the

site for a couple of audio clips in which he talks about the genesis of

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and speculates on the future

of the series.

Meanwhile, Variety

prognosticates the weekend box office battle between the two period actioners:

"LXG" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." Sadly, the Hollywood

trade is not predicting victory for the comic book flick.


opened early on Wednesday where it took in a whopping $13.5 million. Variety is

projecting a $60 million take for the entire five-day weekend, with the

Friday-Sunday run popping the $30 million mark.

The article speculates that

"Pirates" cuts across demographics. It's aimed at families, has a

romantic subplot and Johnny Depp's "quirkily magnetic" performance

should keep adults amused. "League" hopes to sell adults on its

literate underpinnings and younger audiences on the action and adventure.


3" is also a factor in the box office war. The film made an impressive bow

last week and may bring audiences back for a second helping this time out. Even

if it loses half its audience, as is typical, it'll still be ringing up about

$22 million.

Not helping "League" in its box office battle is the

critical drubbing it appears to be taking. Although C2F's

review of the film is positive, it appears the majority of critics out there

disagree. At the time of this writing, review aggregator Rotten

Tomatoes is scoring the movie "rotten," with only 21% of the 42

reviews from established film critics skewing positive.



Pictures is looking to develop Aaron McGruder's "Boondocks" comic

strip for both film and TV according to today's Variety.

McGruder and partner Reggie Hudlin (director of "House Party," among

others) are set to write a pilot script for TV and develop a treatment for a

movie script.

"The Boondocks" revolves around two inner-city kids, Huey (a

revolutionary in the spirit of his namesake, Huey P. Newton) and Riley (a

wannabe gangsta), who move to the suburbs with their slightly-out-of-touch


The critically acclaimed strip has long been seen as attractive fare for

Hollywood, but it was a meeting with various suits at Sony's TV and Animation

divisions that convinced the series creator to park his project there.

"I got a really good vibe from them," McGruder said. "I got

the sense they understood and respected the strip for what it was, and they were

interested in making the best projects they could. 'Boondocks' is not your

standard commercial fare, but they appreciated what it was about."

Both projects would expand on the strips, adding new characters and

plotlines. Sony is eying a TV series to bow in 2004 or 2005 with the feature

film to follow.



reports that Debra Messing has joined the cast of the CGI/live-action

"Garfield." The actress, who stars in the NBC sitcom "Will and

Grace" will join Bill Murray in providing voices for the furry feline

characters that populate the comic strip movie.

Messing is on board to play Arlene, Garfield's pink-furred cat girlfriend.

Murray, of course, plays the title fat cat.

The movie wrapped production of the live-action shooting, which features

Breckin Meyer as Garfield's owner, Jon, and Jennifer Love Hewitt as Jon's

girlfriend, Liz.

Voice recording and work on the CGI elements is now underway, with voice

sessions happening in the U.K.

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"Garfield" is directed by Peter Hewitt ("Bill and Ted's Bogus

Journey") from a script by Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, both of "Toy

Story" fame.



week's issue of "Femme Fatales" magazine features

"Smallville" darling Kristin Kreuk on the cover. The actress is the

subject of a six-page feature in the magazine. The piece features a photo spread

of which the publisher says, "To say the pictures are 'steamy' would be putting it mildly -- If you are a fan of hers or the

show's, this is one issue of Femme Fatales you definitely wont want to miss."

You can look for highlights on line next Wednesday at CFQ.com

(home of "Femme Fatales" genre counterpart "Cinefantastique").

Kreuk fans who are headed for Comic-Con

International: San Diego next week will be able to purchase16x20"

poster of the cover at the CFQ booth at #3820-3822. Supplies are limited.



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