REVIEW: Scenes from the Small Press: Mainstream Raw

Tue, July 15th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

TV Film
Rob Worley, Columnist

The disc is a quirky collection of raw interview footage, part of a larger documentary

project that Henn is working on. The comic creator set out to document the works

and views of "some of the best creative forces in independent and


While that documentary isn't ready for release yet, "Mainstream

Raw" is.

The disc is, quite simply, about two hours worth of interviews presented as

is. There's been no cutting for narrative or context, as you would expect in a

documentary. Instead, it's just the footage from beginning to end, without


While this may not sound terrible exciting to those of you who are waiting

with baited breath for the two-disc "Daredevil" special collectors

edition, the disc turns out to be very intriguing for those interested in comic

creators like Frank Miller, Joe Quesada, Colleen Doran, Matt Wagner, etc.

You will learn the secret origin of Quesada as he retells his career starting

from his very first inquiry at Valiant comics which, led to his current position

as editor in chief of Marvel.

You will learn about Matt Wagner's stalker who wanted the artist to meet him

and claim their rightful place as the kings of the new Camelot.

You will hear Colleen Doran's horror stories in a tearful interview about her

experiences in the business.

You want opinions? Well, you get Frank Miller! Twice! Miller talks candidly

in an interview about censorship and how the government can kill the comics

industry. Then Henn presents Miller's keynote address from the Harvey Awards,

where he literally rips Wizard Magazine to shreds.

All in all, "Mainstream Raw" contains some fascinating footage. You'll find an

online preview by clicking


If you want to see the DVD in your comic stores, start bugging your retailer

now as its available in the latest Diamond catalog. Or, you can order it directly

from Henn at his

website. Admittedly the $29.95 seems like a bit much for a DVD that doesn't even

have a proper menu, but it is interesting viewing none-the-less.

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