Thu, July 17th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Wednesday night saw the second ever Preview night at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Three hours of con fun the day before the convention officially opens. We can tell you this for certain, it was busy! The floor was PACKED with eager fans, looking to spend some quality time with their favorite creators. The crowds were really quite impressive. If it's this busy on the night before the con officially opens, imagine the Saturday crowds when the stars show up!

Here's pictures from preview night. More photos tomorrow.

"KHANNNNNNNNNN!" The San Diego Convention Center. Jack Hawksmoor looks menacingly down on a fan at the DC Booth.
The Komikwerks booth! Shannon Denton of Komikwerks.
"Scurvy Dogs" Ryan Yount and Andrew Boyd AiT/PlanetLar's Larry Young and "Abel" creator William Harms
Those Red Star guys Christian Gossett and Brad Kayl Mike Mignola signs for a fan
"Assassin" artist Jet IDW Publishing's Ted Adams with son Sam
Tomato. Attack. Newsarama's Matt Brady and our own Augie De Blieck Jr.
The Fourth Rail's Randy Lander and Don MacPherson The Dreamwave is back with spinny things on their booth
"Gun Fu's" Howard Shum Wild times at the Beckett booth
The MASSIVE "Punisher" banner This won't be the only Stormtrooper we see all weekend. Just wait.
Because all adult movie stars need action figures. Here's Christy Canyon! And we all need a Ron Jeremy action figure.
Avatar Press big man William Christiansen "Lucifer's" Mike Carey
Scott Dunbier and "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" artist Kevin O'Neil. Guess which question he'll be sick of by Sunday? BTW, he told me he did like the movie. "Hawkman" artist Rags Morales
David "Kabuki" Mack

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