Sat, July 19th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Well, the day two photo parade from Comic-Con International in San Diego is filled with a very large assortment of costumed folk. As I walked around the convention floor talking with creators and meeting some amazing people, I noticed the incredible number of people with great, bizarre, goofy and damn funky costumes! So, I spent a lot of time running up to people, feeling like an idiot, asking, "Can I take your picture?" in the whiniest voice I could muster. Naturally, each said yes!

The aisles were thick with people, as would be expected, and Saturday is just hours away. I'll take a picture from our fifth floor hotel right across the street from the convention center when I wake up to hopefully capture the line outside the convention to get in. Should be amazing.

Here's the day two photo parade for ya. Hope you're enjoying this slice of funness.

Oh mama! OH MAMA!
Catwoman This is just the first in our continuing series of Star Wars geeks
"Does anyone know where the bathroom is?" Stormtrooper: "I am SO full!"
"Find those plans!" Trigun!
CrossGen is back with their spinny things atop their booth. The Dark Horse Booth is not spinny thing enabled.
The inseperable duo of Kieron Dwyer and Rick Remender Eric J of Rex Mundi
Gary Phillips Greg Horn
Oni's Jamie Rich hams it up! Judd Winick
A happy little Klingon family. "Artesia's" Mark Smylie
"CrossOver's" Rob Roddi Sebastian Clavet of 88 MPH Studios, group behind "Tron" and "Ghostbusters"
Saul Colt of Steve Rude
Steve Uy "Hello, Ladies!"
The crew working on the Tron comic (Okay, I lost my notes, I'll get their names tomorrow. SORRY!) UNIVERSES COLLIDE!
Now I understand why people can be afraid of clowns. "The Twilight Experiment's" Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
"You wanna piece of me?" The Batgirl/Oracle Crossover we've been waiting for!
There's nothing like the good, clean, wholseome fun of a young girl enjoying Comic-Con with a bullet wound to the head.

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