SAN DIEGO, DAY TWO: 'Lady Death,' 'Fables,' 'Prime,' 'Draxhall,' more!

Sat, July 19th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

TV Film
Rob Worley, Columnist


Andy Orjuela and Rod Peters of ADV Films presented fans with a first look at

the "Lady Death" animated feature film. The movie, long in

development, finally has a solid release schedule. The movie is slated for DVD

release on October 31, 2004. However, fans attending next summer's Comic-Con

will likely be the first to see the movie in its entirety.

Orjuela took the

blame for delays on the movie, citing his desire to be sure that the story of

the film did the character justice. Now that the storyline has been hammered

out, the movie started the key animation phase. The movie is expected to go into

post production in January with animation is expected to be completed by March.


new trailer for the movie will be released at that time, along with an official

website for the movie. The current trailer, which can be seen on

was also shown at the presentation and greeted by loud applause.

Voice casting

is slated for March/April with recording sessions to follow that. Music is to be

provided by an unnamed party who worked on feature films like "Any Given


"Lady Death" is expected to come in at a running time

of around seventy-seven minutes. The DVD release will be packed with extras

including cast and crew interviews and documentary footage produced by Orjuela.


said that the movie will be dark and violent, but like many direct-to-video

releases, it will not carry a rating. He also hopes the film sparks interest in

a cable TV series.



  • Lisa Henson of Henson Pictures told Comic-Con attendees that they are in

    negotiations to adapt Bill Willingham's DC/Vertigo book "Fables"

    to the big screen. DC Editor Jeanette Kahn would serve as a producer on the


  • "Drumline" director Charles Stone III is allegedly interested in

    helming the Marvel/Universal movie "Prime" based on the Malibu

    Ultraverse character.

  • Further word on the "Rex Mundi" rumblings are that French

    director Pitof is eying the comic as one he'd do after "Catwoman."



Ken Lashley's Draxhall

Jump is enjoying their Comic-Con debut this weekend. In addition to a nice

sized booth of their own, the team's artwork and design can be found all over

the convention floor, including "G.I. Joe" and

"Transformers" designs at the Hasbro booth.

Greg Parkin at Draxhall tells us that the group continues to branch out

into other media. They've just entered into a partnership with Elliott Animation

Inc. to form Draxhall Elliott Creative, a firm devoted to shepherding their

properties into other media.

The hot project for the new Draxhall Elliott is the kids oriented "Samur-fly."

Also garnering a lot of attention is their ass-kicking, sword-wielding female

warrior character "Jaekada." Draxhall will publish a comic based on

the character in the near future and is working on a movie pitch as well.

Furthermore, the character has seen plenty of interest from toy manufacturers.




reports that ESC Entertainment, the special effects shop formed by Warner Bros.

to generate F/X for "The Matrix" sequels, will continue bringing

superheroes to life even after the Wachowski Bros. movies see release.

ESC is also on tap to be the lead F/X house providing shots for "Catwoman."

They may also do work on the upcoming "Constantine" and





reports that Frank Darabont's Darkwoods Productions has optioned Bernie

Wrightson's "Captain Sternn" character. Plans are for Darkwoods and

Wrightson's Himani Original Productions to development as a CG animated feature,

an animated TV series, comics and video games.

Wrightson will contribute to the project along with writer David J. Schow

("The Crow") and Himani president-founder Kevin Kutchaver


"Captain Sternn" made his debut in the pages of "Heavy

Metal" magazine and was later seen in a segment of the original "Heavy

Metal" movie.




reports that Dik Browne's comic strip "Hagar the Horrible" is in

development as a live-action movie. Abandon Pictures have acquired the feature

rights to the character. Abandon president and CEO Karen Lauder and VP Deborah

Marinoff are producing the movie.

"Hagar" may blend CGI and live-action elements, a la

"Garfield" and "Scooby Doo."

Abandon is also developing films based on video games "Max Payne"

and "Alice."



Universal pictures has placed Peter Lenkov's "R.I.P.D." in

turnaround according to today's Variety.

The movie, based on Lenkov's comic about after-life cops, was to be produced by

Mike Richardson at Dark Horse Entertainment and Larry Gordon Productions.

Richardson and Gordon plan to set the project up at a different studio.

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