Diana Thung Debuts at SLG with Captain Long Ears

Tue, March 2nd, 2010 at 6:33pm PST

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Captain Long Ears, the debut graphic novel by artist Diana Thung, explores the depths of one child's imagination as he learns to deal with life, grief and the death of his father.

Eight-year-old Michael has lost his father. Michael's mother has thrown herself into work to avoid the grief. Determined not break a birthday tradition, Michael heads to the theme park accompanied only by his imaginary friend, a gorilla named Jam. Believing themselves to be space ninjas, they embark on exciting adventures. However, things go awry when they decide to save the park's elephant.

Diana Thung created the book based on the simple concept of having a young buy living in an amusement park and then added in several layers to create the lead characers imaginary world "I thought the idea of a boy living in an amusement park was fun, but the story really came together when I put in Jam, Michael's imaginary friend." said Thung " The book is really about the power of imagination as well as about a young boy learning to deal with death and loss" added Thung.

Captain Long Ears is a 168 page, $12.95 graphic novel written and illustrated by Diana Thung scheduled for a May 2010 release from SLG Publishing. A preview trailer of the book can be found at the publisher's website, www.slgcomic.com. A review PDF is available on request. The books ISBN # number is 978-1-59362-187-2

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