Punisher, Smallville, Conan: Comics2Film wrap for July 25, 2003

Fri, July 25th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Samantha Mathis

Will Patton

Mark Collie

John Pinette

Eddie Jemison

Russell Andrews

Casting is complete on "The Punisher" according to today's Hollywood

Reporter. Seven new members have joined the cast of the movie, which begins

filming in Tampa next week.

Samantha Mathis ("Harsh Realm") is set

to play Amanda Castle, Frank Castle's tough and beautiful wife.

Will Patton

("The Mothman Prophecies") is on board as Leonard Glass, the

right-hand man of villain Howard Saint.

James Carpinello

("Felicity") will play Saint's son, John Saint.

Mark Collie

("Peak Experience") will play the evil assassin Harry Heck.

Stand up

comic John Pinette ("Duets") appears as Frank's neighbor Mr. Bumpo.


Jemison ("Ocean's Eleven") will play Nicky Duka, with Russell Andrews

("The In-Laws") starring as FBI agent Jimmy Weeks.

The actors join

the previously announced cast members, which include Thomas Jane ("Deep

Blue Sea") in the title role, John Travolta ("Basic") as villain

Howard Saint, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos ("X2") as neighbor Joan, Laura

Harring ("Mulholland Drive") as Saint's vengeful wife Ivia and Ben

Foster ("Big Trouble") as Spacker Dave.

"What's terrific about

this cast is that they are all distinguished actors," Marvel Studios vice

president Ari Arad said. "It almost feels like an indie cast rather than a

big, exciting action movie."


Allison Mack at Comic-Con International


reports that a series of two to three minute "Smallville" shorts are

being filmed as content for users of Verizon cell phones. Casting sides for the

shorts reveal that they'll tie in with the "Smallville" season

premiere, take place in Metropolis, and feature Maggie Sawyer, Daily Planet

editor Max Taylor. One will even focus on Chloe Sullivan.



Inside sources tell IGN

FilmForce that development continues on the "King Conan: Crown of

Iron" revival. Director John Milius and star Arnold Schwarzenegger

allegedly remain committed to the project.

However, delays on the film are attributed to a creative struggle between the

aforementioned pair and The Wachowski brothers, who are acting as creative

consultants on the film. Apparently the conflicting visions for the movie, along

with the fact that the Wachowskis are still neck deep in "Matrix"

sequels and spin-offs are slowing things down.

Schwarzenegger is said to be hot for The Rock ("The Scorpion King")

to take the reins as Kon, Conan's son.




has teamed up with Devil's

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