Fantastic Four, Spider-Man 2, Hulk, Catwoman and More: Comics2Film wrap for July 30, 2003

Wed, July 30th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist



Gossip site Ain't-it-cool-news

broke the story last week. Now the Hollywood

Reporter confirms the news that Peyton Reed ("Down With Love") is

no longer attached as director of Marvel and Twentieth Century Fox's

"Fantastic Four" movie.

The studio cites the "creative differences" as the reasons for

Reed's exit and insists that the project is still slated for a December 2004

release, director be damned. Screenwriter Mark Frost is said to still be working

on the script for the movie.

Also following up on the reports is the newly re-christened ComiX-Fan

(formerly known as X-Fan). That site checked in with producer Ralph Winter


"[We're] waiting on approval of the outline, and then we can go to

script," Winter told ComiX-Fan last week. "Fox has announced a date of

12/24/04, so we have to get going soon."

Winter said they are trying to craft a fun film, contrasting with darker

superhero movies like "X-Men," "Daredevil" and "The


"We have to be careful not to let it become campy or that will kill all

the comic book efforts. But I think everyone knows that and is wanting to avoid

that. The characters are fun, very enjoyable, and we hope to launch another

franchise as or more successful than, 'X-Men.'"

Winter said that they'd be looking for a director who can bring some

authenticity to the project and allow the "Fantastic Four" to inhabit

a world that closely resembles our own.




this the official teaser poster for 'Spider-Man 2'? Superherohype

says it is. A scooper allegedly snapped a picture of it at the currently running

SIGGRAPH computer imaging show in San Diego where Sony is said to have it on


Movie Spidey's starting to look a bit McFarlane-esque with his knee almost

looping over his shoulder!

Check out Superherohype

for the full sized image.


Love it or hate it, "The Hulk" has helped fortify Marvel's bottom

line according to today's Variety.

Proceeds from licensing of the character (largely around the under- performing

feature film) have led the comic giant to announce a better than expected second


Proceeds from "The Hulk", which grossed $130 million domestically

are said to be a major factor. In the licensing arena, those wonderful

Electronic Hulk Hands are top sellers, on track to beat last year's Spider-Man

Web-Blasters as the must-have toy for Marvel fans. Action figures and a top-five

video game also helped the company stock Hulk out.


French news outlet

reports that Lambert Wilson and Sharon Stone have signed on to the new

"Catwoman" movie. The pair will allegedly play husband and wife in

otherwise unspecified roles. However, it seems unlikely that Stone could have

actually signed on without the Hollywood trades picking up on it first.

Wilson is best known to American moviegoers for his role in "The Matrix:

Reloaded" but he's also got dozens of French films on his resume.

"Catwoman" is set to star Halle Berry in the title role. French

director Pitof is attached to helm.




FilmForce confirms rumors that John Woo is interested in directing a new,

live-action "Masters of the Universe" movie. Sources close to the

director/producer claim that he's keen to do the toy-based movie, but is

currently waiting for the right script before committing to the project.


The online "Smallville" resource KryptonSite

reports that season 3 of the super-teen show is set to debut on October 1st.



In celebration of the release of the

"Daredevil" DVD, the Daredevil Music sister site has launched a "virtual

concert page." The new page features concert clips from the various

bands who performed on movie's soundtrack.

Be sure to check out Comics2Film's

review of the "Daredevil" DVD. While "Daredevil" may be

our least favorite Marvel movie, the DVD is loaded with enough cool stuff to

entice any comic fan.


C2F has drawn the winners in our DVD giveaway. 20th

Century Fox provided five copies of the two-disc set. Without further ado, the recipients

of those free DD DVDs are:

Chris P of Cary, NC

Michael D of Methuen, MA

Craig S of Wheeling, IL

Matt B of Memphis, TN

Ted H of Madison, MS

Thanks to Fox for providing the prizes and to the 2200+ people

who entered the giveaway. The

"Daredevil" DVD was released this week.

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