Punisher, Powers, Hellboy, CrossGen, LXG: Comics2Film wrap for August 11, 2003

Mon, August 11th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist



week Marvel and Artisan announced that Roy Scheider had been cast in an

unspecified role in "The Punisher."

Comics2Film/CBR News has learned that Scheider will play Frank Castle's

father in the movie. Our source was unsure if the lead character would interact

with his father in present day or in flashback.

Scheider is a veteran actor with almost eighty credits to his name. He played

tough guys in movies like "The French Connection" and "Marathon

Man" in the 1970s. He also commanded the futuristic sub-marine "SeaQuest

DSV" on TV in the 1990s. He's best-known for the role of Police Chief

Martin Brody in "Jaws."

In other "Punisher" news, ComiX-Fan

interviewed Garth Ennis whose successful run on the comic book is, in part,

basis for the storyline of the movie.

"I'm kind of tickled they used some of my characters, but I've got a bit

of a 'wait-and-see' attitude to movies these days," Ennis told ComiX-Fan.

"A nice, brutal, fast-paced, well-plotted action movie would be a welcoming

break from most of the stuff coming out at the moment - the key to the whole

thing is Frank's character, of course. Soften him or tone him down and you've

got just another vaguely edgy anti-hero, but get him right and you can have some

very dark fun indeed."

Of the casting, Ennis commented, "Thomas Jane is a good choice [to play

Frank], I think; he has a good enough range to suggest he knows how to handle

something like this."

Ennis also added, "I hope it's good, and I hope they have the courage of

their convictions. And I hope there's a fantastically successful Mr. Bumpo

spin-off movie that makes me about a billion ******* dollars, that would be kind

of nice.

"Failing that, I'll settle for a good, entertaining action film."

For more from Ennis, including lots of talk about his "Punisher"

book for Marvel Max check out the

complete interview.


Comic superstar Brian Michael Bendis addressed a packed room in an informal

and entertaining Q & A session at this weekend's WizardWorld. Although the

conversation mostly centered on his work in comics, Bendis did talk about the

"Powers" movie.

"Frank Oz is directing it. He's in the middle of making 'Stepford Wives'

right now and so, when he's done with that, I think 'Powers' is next,"

Bendis said.

That statement was greeted with enthusiastic cheers, but Bendis also

cautioned, "I've been down this road before and this is as far as it's ever

gotten on anything so we'll see."

Bendis had high praise for Oz. "I've met a lot of scummy people in this

business and he is by far the nicest, most generous, God damn storyteller I've

ever met. It's really damn inspiring to be around him because...he really knows

how to tell a story.

"He's so involved with me and ['Powers' co-creator Mike Oeming] about

writing material, which is such an honor," Bendis said.

Although Oz is a well-established director with movies like "The

Score," "Bowfinger" and "What About Bob?" on his

resume, fans also remember that he was the voice of many Muppets on the various

Jim Henson TV shows and is still the voice of Yoda in the "Star Wars"


"He's a distinguished filmmaker and every once in a while he'll be

talking and the Muppet voice will pop," Bendis joked, emulating the voice.

"It's like, 'I'm talking to Fozzie!'"



Down spoke to Doug Jones, the actor working under tons of rubber and makeup

as Abe Sapien in the "Hellboy" movie. The website caught up with the

actor after production wrapped on the movie and did an extensive interview with


Jones said that he thought the makeup looked great during the production.

"I was extremely happy. When we did the makeup tests back here in Los

Angeles a couple months before, I was astounded with that look," Jones told

Counting Down. "And since those tests, they even broadened the shoulders

and made the chest a bit more...chesty. So when it went on for the first time in

Prague before we shot, I was like...'Oh my...I am one sexy fish!'"

The actor expressed overall enthusiasm for the project in spite of the

Story continues below

grueling shoot.

"This was the most exciting and fun job I think I've ever done. And at

the same time it was the hardest I've ever done," Jones said of the movie.

"The thing is I've had long makeup jobs before, where I'm in the makeup

process for a long time, but this was anywhere between five and seven hours. It

was five hours if I was wearing the [wetsuit] on my costume that day, and

without it, they had to do up my whole torso as well to be 'fish-guy', and that

was an extra two hours.

"So when you've already put in a seven hour day and then your twelve

hour shooting day starts, that makes for a long reeeally really tiring thing. So

I had to push through a lot of pain and discomfort to get to the character of


"But once I got there and the cameras were rolling, it was so worth

it. Because I honestly and absolutely love this character. I love playing him. I

love his relationships with everyone else in the film. I love him"

For the complete, extensive interview with Jones click over to Counting



CrossGen Entertainment has signed on with Endeavor for agency representation

in Hollywood according to today's Hollywood

Reporter. The article cites "Ruse," "Sojourn" and

"El Cazador" as hot titles for the company.



Like "The Hulk" before it, "The League of Extraordinary

Gentlemen" has exited the box office top 10 in its fifth week in release.

Weekend estimates published by Box

Office Mojo have the comic-based movie taking in an additional $1.5 million

in its fifth week, dropping it to the #11 spot. The total domestic gross at this

point stands at $62.2 million.



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