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Sun, August 17th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Rob Worley, Columnist

Some people have e-mailed and asked what happened to the

Friday C2F wrap. Others have wondered what all that "countdown"

business was in the Monday-Thursday wraps from last week. And most surmised

correctly that I got caught up in "Blackout 2003" (coming soon to a

theater near you, no doubt) and, on Friday, was unable to post a C2F update (or

do anything else that would be associated with modern civilization).

But the

electricity and bandwidth is flowing once again, so I now present you with what

was intended to be Friday's Comics2Film entry on CBR....



Over six years. That's how long I've been writing Comics2Film. And those are

Internet years. Given the lifespan of most websites, Internet years are like dog

years. You have to multiply by seven.

Now, after six years, two months three weeks and a few days (or about 43 dog

years), you are reading the last Comics2Film update. It's been a great, exciting

run for me personally but I've decided that the time is right to move on.

Back when I started, nobody was paying close attention to the weird little

sub-genre of movies that are based on comics. Hollywood was making them, but

with gems like "Batman and Robin," "Steel" and

"Spawn" filling the silver screen, who could bother to care? Me, I


Here we are six years later and comic book movies are a big deal. We've had

five major studio releases culled from comics already in 2003 and one indie release

collecting all kinds of awards before it even began it's limited run this weekend

(speaking, of course, about "American

Splendor"). The comic-to-film has undeniably arrived.

For me, a comic geek who grew up on a steady diet of Spider-Man and Hulk,

I've had a ringside seat watching my favorite characters make the transition.

Now that my two favorites have hit theaters in a big way (say what you will

about "The Hulk," but that watching him taunt soldiers with the broken

cannon from a tank is more than enough to keep this fanboy grinning) there's a

definite feeling my work is done.

While I wonder if anyone's gotten rich writing news for the Internet, I will

say that creating and working Comics2Film for six-plus years has been one of the

most rewarding experiences of my life. It has opened doors for me that I never

even knew were there (much less pondered unlocking them). It's put me in

contact with many interesting, cool and just-plain-nice people in both the

comics and film industries.

Before I sign off I'd like to name many of these people who have helped out

along the way.

First up I'd like to thank Jonah Weiland for playing host to Comics2Film as a

column and, more recently, a daily feature at CBR. Besides becoming a good friend

and Jonah's enthusiasm and professionalism continue to make CBR the comics site

you HAVE to visit.

I'd also like to thank the secret society known as Forum X, who has offered

steadfast support to C2F in recent years. Forum X can now be revealed to include

Dave Richards, Adam Thur, Kevin Leung, Rhonda Hearon, Zac Pensol, Joe Hendren,

Thom Stricklin, Mikey Mason, Jason Lethert, Christian Koch and Damon Schmidt.

I'd like to thank my internet hosts at

as well as and

before them, who gave me more breaks than a struggling webmaster deserves.

Finally, like a bad Oscar speech, I'd like to name as many of the people who

have had an impact on the C2F effort over the years as I possibly can, with

preemptive apologies for those that I've missed. That would include Sean Jordan,

Valerie Thorpe, Peter Briggs, Ben Myron, Michael Shuken, Evan Charnov, Patrick

Sauriol, Dave Elliott, Keith Giffen, Kevin Feige, Steve and Dorothy Gerding, Hans Rodionoff,

David Engel, Shannon Denton, Daniel Alter, Beau Smith, Scott Rosenberg, David

Tischman, Carleton Smith, Marcelo Gomes, Mark Jones, Heidi and James Meeley and Brian Pate. Many, many more, I'm


So what does the future hold?

You'll continue to get breaking news on comic book movies right here at CBR.

Jonah will be making an announcement about a regular new comic-to-film feature soon. will

continue on as a largely fan-run entity. It'll still have links to comic book

movie news on other sites and the rich, well-organized archives the site is

famous for will continue to grow. The fan art community and message board communities will

remain there as well, along with the usual contests and giveaways.

As for me, well, you haven't heard the last from me. I've been lucky enough

to see a number of promising opportunities come my way in the past few years,

and I aim to make good on them. As CBR has reported the first such project is a

comic called "Young

Ancient One" for Marvel/Epic. And who knows...if a movie scoop just happens to

fall my way you may read a C2F update here and there as well.

Until then...I'll see you all at the movies!

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