Derf Keeps 'Em Squirming with 'The City' Collected from SLG Publishing

Wed, August 27th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

In a move that cartoonist Derf imagines will raise eyebrows at the

Department of Homeland Security, SLG Publishing has assembled the

best of his provocative comic strip The City into one 144-page

volume, The City Collected, to be published October. Ranging in tone

from mockingly tongue-in-cheek to scathing, The City has been Derf's

forum for unabashed commentary on politics and modern culture since

its debut in 1990, and now runs in more than fifty independent

weeklies. With his satiric depiction of the typical patriotic

American as the superhero White Middle Class Suburban Man, his

scathing criticism of government policy, and razor-sharp eye for the

quirks and downright eccentricities of Americans, Derf delivers on

his intention to "slice and dice the modern zeitgeist with

unrestrained abandon."

Derf, who also wrote and drew the Eisner-nominated comic books

Trashed and My Friend Dahmer, takes a characteristically humorous

view of the publication of the collection of his controversial comic

strip. "I look forward to the long-overdue publication of The City

collection," he said, adding, "All my hut-mates here at the Midwest

Internment Camp for the Unpatriotic are excited, too!"

SLG Publishing's president Dan Vado observed that Derf's The City

Collected is especially timely and topical. "The City is a cartoon

history of current events," he said. "Other cartoonists have covered

some of the issues that Derf has, but none do it with the 'screw-

you,' pull-no-punches attitude that he does."

The City Collected is a 144-page paperback in a 10 x 7-inch format.

It will be published in October 2003 and retail for $10.95. Strips

from The City, as well as commentary and an interview with Derf can

be found at his website,, and a preview of The City

Collected will be available at SLG Publishing's website,

Established in 1986, SLG Publishing is a San Jose, California-based

publisher of comics books and graphic novels. Operating under its

imprints Slave Labor Graphics and Amaze Ink, SLG Publishing has

published the work of such notable and diverse cartoonists as Evan

Dorkin, Jhonen Vasquez, and Andi Watson.

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