Marvel Universe RPG gets third printing

Wed, September 17th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

While Marvel Comics' first entry in the Young Adult prose fiction market has

produced a crossover media hit in the best-selling MARY JANE novel, Marvel's

other recent new publishing category launch has been a quieter, more

grassroots success. Marvel is pleased to announce that the Marvel Universe

Roleplaying GAME Guide Hardcover ($19.99) - the publisher's first in-house

foray into the RPG market - has gone into its third printing since its

initial release in April 2003 and the RPG's first supplement, May's RPG

Guide to the X-Men Hardcover ($19.99) has just been approved for a 2nd


Although the game's success is due in part to its wide, crossover appeal to

Marvel Comics readers who enjoy the character profiles and adventure

briefings, along with players of previous Marvel RPGs, even more surprising

has been the positive reception by not only current hardcore gamers, but

also the even harder-to-please GameMasters.

"From all of the feedback we've gotten from the gaming community - emails,

Internet discussion groups, and personal contacts - people of all types are

loving the Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game," said Jeff Simons, who along

with his partners at Q.E.D. Games, Inc. helped Marvel develop the game.

"There is quite a loyal, growing fan base, some of whom are very surprising

for longtime members of the community like us.

"Most surprising are the GamesMasters. Because the game puts a lot of

storytelling power into their hands, they've become some of its biggest

supporters. Even GMs who never thought they'd like a diceless game are

having fun playing Marvel, and have become the game's most vocal

cheerleaders and more importantly - recruiters, enticing other long-time

gamers who also never thought they'd get hooked on a diceless game to give

it a try.

"We're also especially pleased with the number of female players who are

enjoying the game. Guys who played roleplaying games have always lamented

that there aren't more girls playing, but we're hearing stories that this

isn't the case with the Marvel RPG."

"Here at Marvel we really didn't know what to expect with the release of

this game, as it was a brand new market and community we were inviting

ourselves into," said the project's editor Mark Beazley. "Plus, by going

against the grain and creating our own system rather than simply putting out

a 'D20' game, we placed ourselves in an underdog position which simply made

us all the more determined to put out the best product possible and prove

our worth to the gaming community.

"We feel with Q.E.D.'s veteran guidance and our rookie enthusiasm we've

found a chemistry that gamers really seem to be responding to, and we're

looking forward to expanding and improving this game to not only make it a

great Marvel gaming experience, but to make it one of the most satisfying

experiences in the entire market."

Marvel plans to continue publishing supplements to attract new players and

to keep the game fresh and exciting for current players. The GUIDE TO THE

HULK & THE AVENGERS Hardcover, originally solicited as September release,

will be held until November, to allow for more copies of the third printing

of the main Game Guide (required to play the supplements) to find their way

into player's hands. Future supplements are also in the planning stages,

with a Spider-Man's Guide to New York City - focusing on Spidey's Universe

and more emphasis on NYC-centric heroes and villains - set for a Spring 2004


Fans and gamers seeking more information or current players can log onto the

Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game's special website on at There they can find a game FAQ,

sample pages and examples of play and combat, along with an area to send

feedback to and ask question of the game's editors and developers.

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