NBM publishes 'Rumble Girls' collection

Mon, September 29th, 2003 at 12:00am PDT

Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

NBM is proud to announce its plans to publish and revive one of the

pioneering American manga artists' Lea Hernandez most celebrated

creations: Rumble Girls.

Not only is this the first time NBM publishes in the manga style

(other than adult) but this will also mark the first time NBM enters

into the pocket 5x7 format that is taking over the wider market by


"Silky Warrior Tansie", the first story arc in this series started at

Image will come to its full completion in this thick 176 page tome

due out in December with an easy on the wallet price of $9.95. This

can be ordered from comic bookstores now. Hernandez and NBM have also

come to an agreement (over a delightful lunch in San Diego) on

continuing the series with bi-monthly comic books then compiled in

the same manner in a series of story arcs. The comic book will start

publication some time in the spring of 2004.

Lea also has a book on how to draw manga called "Manga Secrets" in

the works to come out from North Light Books in January 2005.

"I'm really excited that Rumble Girls will finally be in a collected

edition and in reader-friendly venues like the big bookstores that

have already embraced manga," said Lea Hernandez. " I think readers

who've been following my work since my first GNs and new readers both

will enjoy RG:SWT, which was inspired by many years in various

entertainment businesses, and is a nice healthy dose of snarky media

fable about staying sane in a culture where storytellers can't make

weird things up faster than real people do them."

The story is a fascinating suspenseful mix of SF, intrigue, celebrity

watching and romance which can satisfy all from the age of 15 on up,

boys and girls. Raven Tansania Ransom is a promising pilot-in-

training of personal armor known as a Hardskin, at exclusive girl's

school Academie Juliet. Carmen Cameron, another pilot-in-training,

reveals to the school Raven's shady background, making her the butt

of gossip and cruel pranks. Raven challenges Carmen to full-Hardskin

combat, not knowing Carmen's fixing the fight. Raven's coach, who is

also sexy media celebrity Crimson August, faces a crisis as well: his

popularity is slipping leading his company to give him a new rival.

Someone young, innocent and female. Someone very much like

Raven. "I'm very happy to add another pioneer to our roster of

artists in the person of Lea Hernandez," NBM publisher Terry Nantier

said. "Years ago, she championed the pocket format with the

publication of Cathedral Child. They laughed at her then. Ain't

nobody laughin' at it now. I can relate to that!" Orders from the

general trade are already bearing this out.

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