Max Landis Lands "Chronicles" At Fox

Tue, August 10th, 2010 at 12:54pm PDT | Updated: August 10th, 2010 at 2:36pm

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Kiel Phegley, Staff Writer

Max Landis, photo by Tanya Thompson of The Miami Hurricane.

The market for superhero movies remains strong in Hollywood with the latest example of capes on screen coming not from a pre-proven comics franchise but from a spec script from a second generation movie-maker.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Max Landis – son of "American Werewolf In London" and "Thriller" director John Landis and a burgeoning screenwriter in his own right – has sold a screenplay titled "Chronicles" to 20th Century Fox. The film will focus on a trio of Portland teenagers given superpowers by a "mysterious substance in the woods." The early plans for the movie will be to have it shot hand-held style like the popular hit "Cloverfield" by first time director Josh Trank. Previously, Landis wrote or co-wrote projects including episodes of the TV series "Masters of Horror" and "Fear Itself," and Trank served as editor on Robert Siegel's "Big Fan."

Of particular note to comics and movie fans is the fact that Landis was repped in the deal by Circle of Confusion – a production company and talent management firm who are inking more deals of late including putting together "The Walking Dead" with AMC and working on the long-gestating "Powers" TV series.

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