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Fri, November 5th, 2010 at 12:28pm PDT | Updated: November 6th, 2010 at 12:27pm

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One month ago, Team CBR was in the Big Apple, covering New York Comic Con from high atop the show floor in the CBR Tiki Room. All weekend long, Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb roamed the halls of the Jacob Javits Center snapping photos of comic creators, cosplayers and other oddities. This weekend we bring you three days of those sights while CBR Executive Producer provides the commentary. First up, here's a look at Friday at the con.

Of the many, many uncomfortable costumes people can wear to a convention, going as a Predator has to be one of the worst. They're certainly impressive costumes, but you must have to plan bathroom breaks hours in advance.Andrew Bell
Jon Rosenberg, "Goats" creator??? and Paul Duffield
Dark Horse BoothBlacklight game inside Animal Planet booth
Cosplayers playing the Michael Jackson gameDavid Hine
Pedobear sighting!"Dapper Men" creators Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee
Archaia's Mel Caylo, one of the nicest guys in comics - just ask anyone!Nick Tapalansky
Tom Pinchuk and Kate GlasheenNeil Kleid and Kate Cook
Stan LeeProbably best to keep his mouth covered, don'tcha think?
James MarstersI like the guy playing the Joker. He's got it down.
Lady Robin? Robin Girl? Whatever, I call her friend! HI FRIEND!Starfire
Wookie costumes are also in the running for most uncomfortable costumes in the world. Inside, they probably smell worse than the inside of a tauntaun.OK, great costume, but why does this pose make you look like you're about to take a ... ok, I'll surpress my inner 12 year old.
Stephanie Sheh (voice actress) sings with the K-On! cosplay bandCaptain Planet. Weren't you supposed to save us from Global Warming and British Petroleum?
Afua Richardson, "Genius" artistEven Sonic the Hedgehog gets dragged jewelry shopping with his girlfriend. Poor bastard.
Hellboy's hand gets in the way, sometimesKieron Gillen, Mike Carey, Peter David
X-men PanelAnother view of the X-men Panel
RobocopBrian Pulido
Jeromy CoxLee Kohse
Lauren PerryDEAAAAAAAAAAAD Robin! (As sung to that annoying REEEEDDDD Robin commercial)
Ok, seen too many cosplayers, which leads to a temptation to get snarky......wait, wait, I take it all back, I love cosplayers. Hello there, friend! Call me!
Assembling a mech costumeChristos Gage
Crowds on Day 1 in the main lobby.With the Anime Fest going on at the same time, that means there's a lot cosplayers that I absolutely won't be able to identify. Like these.
And these.Artist's Alley loves moustaches
Ejen Chuang eats his words (and photos)Red and White Queens
Minori Chihara (voice actress and J-Pop singer)Max Brooks
SteampunkJonah and his monkey friend

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