CBLDF, Marvel and George Perez team up on new member card

Wed, February 4th, 2004 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Marvel Comics, and George Perez

have teamed up to smash censorship! The 2004 CBLDF Member Card

features Marvel's Hulk putting his foot down for free speech in a

stunning image drawn by JLA/Avengers visionary George Perez! To view

the image, visit http://www.cbldf.org.

"This card is a great first," says CBLDF Executive Director

Charles Brownstein. "Marvel's really stepped up in a big way

by becoming the first major company to allow the use of one of their

key icons on our Member Card. It's also the first time that

George, a past recipient of our Defender of Liberty Award, has

illustrated the card. And, of course, they're teaming up to help

us protect the most important First of all The First


All CBLDF Members who sign up in 2004 at $25 or better will receive

the Perez Hulk Member Card. One hundred members will also be able to

to get their card signed by George Perez by joining the CBLDF Century

Club . Brownstein explains, "The Century Club is something Jim

Lee got going last year. Basically the first 100 people to sign up

with the Fund at a membership level of $100 or better gets their card

signed by George."

In addition to the Perez card, the Fund also rolled out the rest of

this year's Member Premiums. Foremost is the 2004 Member Pin,

which features Randy Dahlk's Fund Logo in gold on an attractive

cloisonn pin. The pin is sent to members who join at the $50

level. For members who sign up at the $100 level, the Fund is

offering a Member T-Shirt, which features the Fund logo in red and

blue on a black shirt. Other membership incentives for higher levels

are available at http://www.cbldf.org.

"This card is great example of how the comics community is

helping the Fund keep watch on this field's First Amendment

rights," Brownstein said. "Marvel, George, and John

Gallagher, who originally published this image on the cover of More

Fund Comics are to be commended for supporting us with their hard


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