Dave Elliott's 'Sharky' Comes to Komikwerks.com

Tue, February 10th, 2004 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

Boston, MA - Veteran comics creator and publisher Dave Elliott is launching

a web comic version of his book Sharky on Komikwerks.com. Image Comics

originally published Sharky as a four-issue mini-series in 1998, written by

Elliott with art by Alex Horley. The comic guest-stars a "who's who" of

independent comics' greatest characters: Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon; Harris

Comics' Vampirella; Mike Allred's Madman; Dark Horse's The Mask; Evan

Dorkin's Milk and Cheese; Michael T. Gilbert's Mr. Monster; Joe Quesada and

Jimmy Palmiotti's Ash; Keith Giffen's Trencher; and Al Gordon and Jerry

Ordway's Wildstar.

In addition to the original four issue series, Komikwerks will also be

publishing a four page introductory story that was originally used only for

solicitation, and an eight page, fully painted story that was first

published in Heavy Metal magazine. Another added bonus will be character

sketches and designs by Alex Horley and other artists such as Jerry Paris,

Dave Johnson and Simon Bisley.

A veteran comics creator, Elliott started his career as an artist, but put

those skills aside in favor of writing, editing and publishing for two

companies he founded, Blackball Comics and Atomeka, as well as a brief stint

as editor for Deadline (created by Steve Dillon and Brett Ewins). In the

early 90's, Atomeka's anthology book, A1, was nominated for an Eagle Award,

an Eisner Award and a Harvey Award (winning the Harvey). Elliott was both

publisher for Tundra UK (winning the coveted Yellow Kid award) and in charge

of the now defunct Penthouse Comix. He wrote The Bible: Eden with Keith

Giffen and art by Scott Hampton (now collected by IDW), created and wrote

ALIEN ARENA with art by Alex Horley and Dani Orizio, and worked on a variety

of other projects Heavy Metal, Image, Marvel Comics and "odds and sods too

numerous to mention." Elliott is currently in the process of relaunching

Atomeka and A1 with his original co-founder Garry Leach.

"We're very excited to have Dave Elliott's work on Komikwerks," declared

Patrick Coyle, co-founder of Komikwerks. "Dave's work is lots of fun, I

think our readers are going to love Sharky. And it's nice to add Dave's name

to an already great list of comics professionals that we've been lucky

enough to work with, including Keith Giffen, Ernie Colon, Andy Kuhn, and

many others."

"For SHARKY it's a totally different audience, in a totally different

medium, on a totally different kind of website..." says Elliott, adding, "so

when's the other shoe going to drop?"

Sharky will be updated with a new episode every Tuesday on Komikwerks.com

About Komikwerks

Founded in 2000 by Patrick Coyle and Shannon Denton, Komikwerks is a comic

publisher dedicated to publishing high-quality, professional level,

creator-owned comics through digital and other distribution methods.

Komikwerks.com launched in March of 2001, and has been name a Sci Fi Channel

"Cool Site". Contributors to the Komikwerks site include comic industry

veterans from major print publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark

Horse. Komikwerks' third comics anthology, "Nuts and Bolts", will be in

stores in April 2004.

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