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Thu, April 14th, 2011 at 2:28pm PDT | Updated: April 14th, 2011 at 6:30pm

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Two weeks ago, CBR News took San Francisco by storm, covering the 2011 WonderCon from their enchanted Tiki Room overlooking the convention floor. From there, comic book creators, Hollywood celebrities and more joined the crew in taking in the sights and sounds of the three-day event that saw Marvel announce Warren Ellis' "Secret Avengers" and Jason Aaron's X-Men "Schism, IDW made several big announcements, Activision debuted a new Spider-Man video game, Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment wowed fans with new "Green Lantern" movie footage and more. For a full listing of CBR's WonderCon coverage, click here.

Now, in the first of CBR's WonderCon photo parades, we invite you to experience the show for yourself, or re-experience it if you were lucky enough to have been there yourself. Pinguino Kolb provides the pretty pictures while CBR producer Jonah Weiland spices things up with compliments and snark.

That would be a more menacing site if they were actually, you know, effective. Stromtroopers can't even shoot straight!Itty bitty Jawa. Rather cute against the backdrop of the massive convention center.
Look, Stormtrooper Zombie is kinda cool, but logistically it doesn't make sense. How can you eat human flesh through the helmet? And not everything needs to be zombified.Pretty good home grown Hellboy.
David MackLadies
BabydollAn iffy Comedian. As the kids on the Internets like to say, "meh."
Christos Gage and Marko Djurdjevic Jason Aaron. You're reading his CBR column, Where the Hell Am I, right?
IDWLiking these X-Men costumes. Nicely done.
IDW's Greg GoldsteinI know I should probably recognize who these people are, but the brightness of all that yellow is distracting me.
There's been a female Robin, why not a female Captain America? Like it!You've heard of Boba Fett, now we introduce Stupid Fett.
Tone RodriguezTony Fleecs
Green Riding Hood and Lady Green Hornet? I really don't know.A small section of the show floor.
This Bat Hoodie does kinda rule!!"Immortals" Poster Unveiling
"Immortals" cast (L-R): Tasim Singh, Luke Evans, Henry Cavill and Isabel LucasNot sure if she's connected to some Manga or something, but an excellent costume none-the-less. Also, "Hi, can I interest you in a visit to our Tiki Room?" EDIT: CBR reader Howard tells us this is Ulala from the video game "Space Channel 5" and she's a dancing reporter. Well, awesome, I'd watch her news any time!
StormGhostbusters are almost as ubiquitous (and lame) as Stormtroopers, but here's a costume that would be improvied with zombification.
CBLDF boothBlack Lightning and a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. I do believe Black Lighthing can and should kick that Power Ranger's ass!
I get bored by all the Star Wars costumes because, ultimately, they tend to blend in together for me, but this one is very well done.

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