PREVIEW: "Nightjar" #1 from Avatar Pres

Tue, March 30th, 2004 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Avatar Press has provided CBR News with a four-page preview of "Nightjar" #1, hitting store shelves this Wednesday. CBR News spoke with writer Antony Johnston back in January about the series. Avatar also provided us with the following description of the series:

This week's comic shipment includes NIGHTJAR #1 from Avatar Press, the first

in a new series continuing the story started by Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot

over twenty years ago! Written by Moore collaborator Antony Johnston and hot

new artist Max Fiumara, NIGHTJAR #1 picks up where Moore and Talbot's

opening story (seen for the first time in 2003's YUGGOTH CULTURES) left off.

NIGHTJAR is the story of Mirrigan Demdyke, member of an elite class of

magicians, known as Birds. Eighteen years ago, Mirrigan watched her father's

heart explode in their back yard. That was fair, because Mirrigans father

was Emperor Of All The Birds, the most powerful sorcerer in Britain, and

that's how they arrange their successions.

But on her deathbed, Mirrigan's grandmother reveals a secret - her father

wasn't killed by one sorcerer. He was killed by seven, combining their

powers into one massive attack. And that's just not fair.

Mirrigan's grandmother charges the young Bird with an oath to make the seven

conspirators pay for their treachery. But the cabal is much older, wiser and

more powerful than Mirrigan - and they have plans of their own for the new


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"Nightjar" #1 "Nightjar" #1 Wrap-around Cover

"Nightjar" #1, Page 6 "Nightjar" #1, Page 7

"Nightjar" #1, Pages 14 & 15 "Nightjar" #1,
Page 16

"Nightjar" #2 "Nightjar" #2 Wrap-around Cover

"Nightjar" #3 "Nightjar" #3 Wrap-around Cover

"Nightjar" #4 "Nightjar" #4 Wrap-around Cover

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