eigoMANGA "Rumble Pak" secures nationwide distribution

Tue, March 30th, 2004 at 12:00am PST

Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

eigoMANGA has succeeded in securing a distribution

deal with the company Source Interlink to supply

eigoMANGA's comic book series, RUMBLE PAK respectively

to Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Tower Books @ Records,

Virgin Megastore, Waldenbooks, Musicland. A seconding

edition of RUMBLE PAK will be available to chain

bookstores throughout North America starting in the

late Spring of 2004 while the comic book's first

edition published last February will continue its

circulation in comic book stores nationally and in the

UK which is distributed through Diamond Comic


eigoMANGA has also partnered with Pop Comics Network

in providing advertising space for the pop culture

entertainment industry to appear in the RUMBLE PAK

series. The sponsorship provided by the advertising

will enable RUMBLE PAK to lower its cover price for

consumers. The ads will start appearing in RUMBLE PAK

series starting in Issue #4.

For more information about eigoMANGA and RUMBLE PAK,

visit http://www.eigoMANGA.com

eigoMANGA is an independent comic book publishing

company based in San Francisco, California that is

engaged in the development and production of original

manga (Japanese-influenced comic books). eigoMANGA is

the publishing company of the monthly comic book

anthology series, RUMBLE PAK.

Source Interlink is now the largest designer,

manufacturer and manager of front-end display fixtures

in North America. It is estimated that each week more

than 500 million consumers pass through checkouts that

have been designed, manufactured, and/or managed by

Source Interlink or buy magazines distributed by the

Source Interlink Distribution Division.

POP Comics Network Ink is an advertisement network for

comic books and graphic novels. POP is currently

enjoying an over 400,000 monthly circulation rate.

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