DC Comics Dominates September's Sales

Tue, October 11th, 2011 at 6:58am PDT

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John Mayo, Staff Writer

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's relaunched "Batman" #1 led September's numbers with an estimated 188,420 sales

Below you'll find the sales estimates for comics and trade paperbacks sold in the direct market for September, 2011. The sales numbers below are estimates based on the information provided by Diamond Comics Distributors earlier this month. Sales estimates for August, 2011 can be found here.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when reading this data. These numbers are just estimates for the sales through Diamond to direct market retailers. It does not include any sales outside of the Diamond channel such as newsstands, book stores or overseas markets. Since the majority of habitual comic book readers are served through this sales channel, these numbers are a good indicator of the core sales trends at the retail level. While not all copies will sell to readers, each retailer is buying what they think they can sell so the trends at the retail level should be a close enough reflection of the sales trends at the reader level for the purposes of discussion.

The breakdowns are for just the top comics and top trades listed below. These are not the overall market share. I only deal with numbers that I can see and kick around in my ever evolving number crunching system. Sometimes the numbers get a bit battered and bruised in the process.

The estimated total sales for the 300 comics was 7,270,861 comics which is up by 1,070,819 units from August and up by 1,203,916 units from September 2010. DC Comics had the largest percentage of the top 300 comics with 46.59% of the total units sold followed by Marvel Comics with 38.63%.

This is the largest percentage of the top 300 comics unit the DC has gotten during the final order era which began in March 2003. The gap between DC and Marvel not only is the largest gap in favor of DC but exceeds the sum of the gap in all of the other months DC has had a larger percentage than Marvel of the unit for the top 300 comics. It is not, however, the most units DC have places on the top 300 comics list in a single month. That happened in May 2006 with the One Year Later initiative.

The top selling comic from DC Comics was "Batman (2011)" #1 in slot 1 with an estimated 188,420 units. This was one of six items selling in excess of 100,000 units for DC. The items marked with an asterisk (*) at the end of the title are items reported at reduced numbers to account for potential returns. With all of the first issue of New 52 titles reportedly selling out and going back to print, any returns are likely to be dwarfed by reorder activity. This introduces the interesting possibility where, in addition to the 52 second issues next month, DC could place a number of these first issues back on the chart once again.

The top selling item for Marvel Comics was "Fear Itself" #6 in rank 8 with an estimated 93,032 units.

The estimated total sales for the 300 trades was 313,384 trades which is up by 15,298 units from August and down by 49,163 units from September 2010. Both "Holy Terror" and "New Teen Titans: Games" help account for this larger than average activity on the trades chart.

Topping the trades list in September was "Holy Terror" by Legendary Comics with 9,939 units.

I've got bar charts of this data over on my website: www.ComicBookPage.com. Every month I discuss the comic book and collected editions sales estimates on my Comic Book Page podcast.

I'll be back later with an analysis of the numbers below.


PublisherMarket Share
By Units
Market Share
By Dollars
DC COMICS43.04%35.74%
MARVEL COMICS37.88%35.37%
IMAGE COMICS3.29%4.08%
BOOM! STUDIOS0.94%1.39%
RANDOM HOUSE0.26%0.99%
VIZ LLC0.38%0.90%
BONGO COMICS0.41%0.37%
ASPEN MLT INC0.45%0.37%
ONI PRESS INC.0.13%0.25%
OTHER NON-TOP 201.61%3.58%


Percent of
Top Comics
By Units
Percent of
Top Comics
By Dollars
DC Comics65368$2.99$3.99$3.063,387,321$10,435,511.7946.59%42.74%
Marvel Comics976103$2.99$4.99$3.482,808,420$10,026,196.4438.63%41.07%
Dark Horse19019$2.99$7.99$3.68235,730$822,370.583.24%3.37%
Dynamite Entertainment24024$3.99$3.99$3.99226,553$903,946.473.12%3.70%
IDW Publishing20020$3.99$3.99$3.99200,079$798,315.212.75%3.27%
Image Comics26127$1.00$3.99$3.16184,295$593,892.462.53%2.43%
Boom! Studios10010$3.99$3.99$3.9959,023$235,501.770.81%0.96%
Zenescope Entertainment606$2.99$3.50$3.1635,746$111,648.020.49%0.46%
Bongo Comics505$2.99$4.99$3.4933,065$117,704.440.45%0.48%
Archie Comics303$2.99$2.99$2.9919,220$57,467.800.26%0.24%
Abstract Studios101$3.99$3.99$3.998,189$32,674.110.11%0.13%
Broadsword Comics101$2.95$2.95$2.956,955$20,517.250.10%0.08%
Drawn and Quarterly101$5.95$5.95$5.954,974$29,595.300.07%0.12%
Red 5 Comics101$3.50$3.50$3.504,456$15,596.000.06%0.06%
ONI Press101$3.99$3.99$3.993,403$13,577.970.05%0.06%

Legend: NI = New Items, RI = Reorder Items, TI = Total Items


Percent of
Top Trades
By Units
Percent of
Top Trades
By Dollars
Marvel Comics591069$9.99$150.00$30.4582,095$2,034,542.1726.20%31.88%
DC Comics273966$9.99$59.99$19.9766,340$1,475,624.6021.17%23.12%
Image Comics161935$9.99$69.99$18.0238,214$586,363.8612.19%9.19%
Dark Horse11718$10.99$49.99$22.3223,486$489,499.147.49%7.67%
IDW Publishing17522$14.99$34.99$21.8118,486$393,910.145.90%6.17%
Random House15015$10.99$35.00$13.5916,157$233,824.195.16%3.66%
Legendary Comics101$29.99$29.99$29.999,939$298,070.613.17%4.67%
Boom! Studios527$9.99$19.99$15.567,153$105,674.472.28%1.66%
Fantagraphics Books707$12.99$39.99$20.995,375$103,912.251.72%1.63%
Archie Comics404$11.95$19.99$14.715,118$70,981.141.63%1.11%
Zenescope Entertainment404$15.99$17.99$16.494,622$75,453.781.47%1.18%
Top Shelf123$7.95$9.95$9.282,091$20,143.450.67%0.32%
Hachette Book Group/Yen Press516$11.99$12.99$12.322,085$25,794.150.67%0.40%
Harris Comics112$17.99$17.99$17.991,390$25,006.100.44%0.39%
ONI Press123$11.99$11.99$11.991,265$15,167.350.40%0.24%
Drawn and Quarterly303$21.95$44.95$29.951,177$37,099.150.38%0.58%
First Second303$14.99$29.99$23.321,162$27,118.380.37%0.42%
Dynamite Entertainment123$16.99$24.99$20.661,045$21,994.550.33%0.34%
Ape Entertainment101$6.95$6.95$6.95826$5,740.700.26%0.09%
Radical Comics101$14.95$14.95$14.95688$10,285.600.22%0.16%
Chronicle Books101$19.95$19.95$19.95658$13,127.100.21%0.21%
Bandai Entertainment101$10.99$10.99$10.99593$6,517.070.19%0.10%
Big City Comics101$19.99$19.99$19.99467$9,335.330.15%0.15%
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt101$25.00$25.00$25.00298$7,450.000.10%0.12%

DeltaDelta %WL
1100.00$2.99DCBatman (2011)1 188,420 0
296.99$3.99DCAction Comics (2011)1 182,748 0
375.19$2.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)1 141,682 0
468.60$2.99DCFlash (2011)1 129,260 0
562.83$2.99DCSuperman (2011) *1 118,376 0
654.87$2.99DCDetective Comics (2011) *1 103,392 0
752.22$2.99DCBatman: the Dark Knight (2011) *1 98,389
849.37$3.99MARFear Itself6 93,032590,9192,1132.32%
946.30$3.99MARUltimate Comics Spider Man (2011)1 87,237
1045.24$2.99DCBatman and Robin (2011) *1 85,242 0
1144.60$2.99DCGreen Lantern: the New Guardians (2011)1 84,033
1243.25$2.99DCBatgirl (2011) *1 81,489
1340.45$2.99DCWonder Woman (2011)1 76,214 0
1439.68$2.99DCGreen Lantern Corps (2011) *1 74,769 0
1539.10$2.99DCTeen Titans (2011)1 73,675 0
1638.36$2.99DCAquaman (2011) *1 72,272 0
1738.33$2.99DCBatwoman (2011)1 72,228 0
1838.18$3.99MARAmazing Spider Man669 71,94466857,53614,40825.04%
1935.32$2.99DCRed Lanterns (2011) *1 66,546 0
2033.36$2.99DCJustice League Dark (2011) *1 62,856 0
2133.29$2.99DCNightwing (2011) *1 62,717 0
2232.95$3.99MARUltimate Comics X Men1 62,080 1
2332.64$3.99MARAvengers17 61,4921660,2991,1931.98%
2432.42$2.99DCJustice League International (2011) *1 61,079 0
2530.96$3.99MARUncanny X Men543 58,32654254,8433,4836.35%
2630.76$3.99MARNew Avengers (2010)16 57,9591556,0381,9213.43%0
2730.57$3.99MARAmazing Spider Man670 57,59966971,944-14,345-19.94%
2829.46$2.99DCGreen Arrow (2011) *1 55,512
2929.06$2.99DCSwamp Thing (2011)1 54,757 0
3028.88$3.99MARCaptain America (2011)3 54,413254,387260.05%1
3128.69$2.99DCSupergirl (2011) *1 54,052 0
3228.54$3.99MARUncanny X Force15 53,7711450,7732,9985.90%0
3328.48$2.99DCCatwoman (2011) *1 53,670 0
3428.18$2.99MARFF9 53,091851,9201,1712.26%0
3527.90$3.99MARUltimate Comics Spider Man (2011)2 52,569187,237-34,668-39.74%
3627.87$3.99MARX Men Schism4 52,509354,171-1,662-3.07%0
3727.34$2.99MARNew Avengers (2010)16.1 51,506
3827.07$2.99MARKick Ass 24 51,014354,273-3,259-6.00%22
3926.80$2.99DCRed Hood and the Outlaws (2011) *1 50,501 0
4026.78$2.99DCBirds of Prey (2011) *1 50,466
4126.73$2.99DCSavage Hawkman (2011) *1 50,359 0
4226.56$2.99DCSuperboy (2011) *1 50,047 0
4326.41$4.99MARNew Avengers (2010) Annual1 49,770 0
4424.76$3.99DCJustice League (2011)1*46,650 0
4524.62$2.99DCStormwatch (2011)1 46,397 0
4624.62$2.99DCFury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Men (2011) *1 46,383
4724.07$2.99DCLegion of Super Heroes (2011) *1 45,362
4824.01$3.99MARMighty Thor6 45,231544,5976341.42%0
4923.87$2.99DCSuicide Squad (2011) *1 44,981 0
5023.82$3.99MARSecret Avengers17 44,8901646,320-1,430-3.09%0
5122.93$3.99MARX Men17 43,2001643,164360.08%0
5222.79$2.99DARBuffy the Vampire Slayer Season 91 42,945
5322.68$3.99MARUltimate Comics Ultimates2 42,728158,525-15,797-26.99%0
5422.46$2.99DCDeathstroke (2011) *1 42,325 0
5522.33$3.99MARX Men18 42,0661743,200-1,134-2.63%0
5622.15$2.99DCLegion Lost (2011) *1 41,726 0
5722.00$2.99DCAnimal Man (2011) *1 41,446 0
5821.96$2.99DCBatwing (2011) *1 41,382 0
5921.92$3.99MARInvincible Iron Man508 41,29550740,0841,2113.02%
6021.83$2.99DCDC Universe Presents (2011) *1 41,131 0
6121.39$2.99MARDaredevil (2011)4 40,311339,4778342.11%0
6221.23$2.99DCBlue Beetle (2011) *1 40,003 0
6321.07$2.99DCCaptain Atom (2011) *1 39,699 0
6420.95$2.99MARDaredevil (2011)3 39,477240,992-1,515-3.70%1
6520.86$3.99DCAll Star Western (2011) *1 39,313
6620.85$2.99MARX Men Legacy255 39,28425439,898-614-1.54%0
6720.53$2.99MARX Men Legacy256 38,68025539,284-604-1.54%0
6820.20$2.99DCHawk and Dove (2011) *1 38,065 0
6920.14$3.99MARWolverine (2010)15 37,9511438,871-920-2.37%0
7020.06$3.99MARWolverine (2010)16 37,7961537,951-155-0.41%0
7119.94$2.99DCResurrection Man (2011) *1 37,566 0
7219.87$2.99DCDemon Knights (2011) *1 37,442 0
7319.85$2.99DCFrankenstein, Agent of Shade (2011) *1 37,396
7419.80$2.99DCMister Terrific (2011) *1 37,305 0
7519.69$2.99DCGrifter (2011) *1 37,100 0
7619.25$2.99DCVoodoo (2011) *1 36,271 0
7719.11$2.99DCBlackhawks (2011) *1 36,013 0
7818.96$2.99DCI, Vampire (2011) *1 35,715
7918.10$2.99MARCaptain America and Bucky622 34,09662136,071-1,975-5.48%0
8018.05$2.99DCStatic Shock (2011) *1 34,004 0
8117.91$3.99DCMen of War (2011) *1 33,739 0
8217.82$2.99DCOmac (2011) *1 33,581 0
8317.58$2.99MARVenom (2011)7 33,130635,035-1,905-5.44%
8417.35$3.99MARAstonishing X Men42 32,7004133,472-772-2.31%0
8517.23$2.99MARFear Itself Uncanny X Force3 32,459234,642-2,183-6.30%
8616.05$3.99MARAvengers Childrens Crusade7 30,247630,468-221-0.73%3
8715.75$2.99MARJourney Into Mystery627 29,67862631,551-1,873-5.94%
8815.37$3.95MARBrilliant1 28,951 12
8915.31$2.99MARJourney Into Mystery628 28,84362729,678-835-2.81%
9015.08$3.99MARMoon Knight (2011)5 28,423430,239-1,816-6.01%0
9114.22$2.99MARPunisher (2009)3*26,802
9214.14$2.99MARDeadpool43*26,643 0
9314.11$2.99MARHulk40 26,5913926,897-306-1.14%0
9413.84$2.99MARHulk41 26,0844026,591-507-1.91%0
9513.62$2.99MARNew Mutants (2009)31 25,6723026,680-1,008-3.78%
9613.56$3.99MARUltimate Comics Hawkeye2 25,551137,453-11,902-31.78%0
9712.84$2.99MARThunderbolts163 24,19916225,991-1,792-6.89%0
9812.70$2.99MARAvengers Academy19 23,9281824,539-611-2.49%
9912.59$2.99MARX 23 (2010b)14 23,7271323,977-250-1.04%0
10012.48$2.99MARX Factor225 23,50722423,682-175-0.74%0
10112.34$2.99MARAlpha Flight (2011)4 23,242324,873-1,631-6.56%
10212.32$2.99MARX Factor224.1 23,220
10312.21$2.99MARFear Itself Wolverine3 22,997225,269-2,272-8.99%
10411.99$2.99MARThunderbolts163.1 22,596
10511.81$3.99MARAnnihilators Earthfall1 22,259 3
10611.77$2.99MARGhost Rider (2011)3 22,180224,441-2,261-9.25%
10711.09$3.99DYNGame of Thrones1 20,888 -1
10811.08$2.99MARSpider Island Avengers1 20,884
10910.87$2.99DARAngel and Faith2 20,473122,814-2,341-10.26%0
11010.86$2.99MARDaken Dark Wolverine14 20,4601321,303-843-3.96%0
11110.74$2.99MARGeneration Hope11 20,2431029,247-9,004-30.79%
11210.28$2.99MARFear Itself Hulk vs Dracula1 19,373
11310.26$3.99IDWTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing2 19,333134,805-15,472-44.45%0
11410.18$2.99MARJohn Carter a Princess of Mars1 19,173 0
1159.98$2.99MARBlack Panther Man Without Fear523 18,79852220,343-1,545-7.59%
1169.97$3.99MARWolverine Best There Is10 18,781919,477-696-3.57%0
1179.62$3.99MARFear Itself Home Front6 18,123519,957-1,834-9.19%
1189.59$2.99DCFables109 18,07210818,391-319-1.73%0
1199.38$2.99MARFear Itself Hulk vs Dracula2 17,681119,373-1,692-8.73%
1209.37$3.99DYNBoys58 17,660 -3
1219.31$2.99MARHeroes for Hire (2010)11 17,5501018,375-825-4.49%
1229.31$3.99MARPunishermax17 17,5401617,626-86-0.49%0
1239.04$2.99MARSpider Island Spider Woman1 17,030
1248.92$3.99MARWolverine Debt of Death1 16,814 0
1258.87$3.99IDWGhostbusters Ongoing1 16,716
1268.81$2.99MARBlack Panther Most Dangerous Man Alive523.1 16,592
1278.56$2.99MARSpider Island Cloak and Dagger2 16,129120,349-4,220-20.74%
1288.51$2.99MARFear Itself Deep4 16,041316,919-878-5.19%
1298.46$3.99IDWStar Trek Ongoing1 15,943 -1
1308.38$3.99MARDark Tower Gunslinger Battle of Tull4 15,788316,338-550-3.37%0
1318.33$2.99MARHeroes for Hire (2010)12 15,6981117,550-1,852-10.55%0
1328.28$2.99MARIron Man 2.09 15,600816,456-856-5.20%1
1338.26$3.99DYNKirby Genesis3 15,568217,587-2,019-11.48%1
1348.15$2.99MARFear Itself Youth in Revolt5 15,347416,479-1,132-6.87%
1358.13$2.99MARSpider Island Amazing Spider Girl2 15,311118,395-3,084-16.77%
1368.13$3.99MARSpider Island I Love New York City1 15,310
1378.11$2.99DCAmerican Vampire19 15,2881815,424-136-0.88%0
1388.04$2.99MARHerc7 15,152616,731-1,579-9.44%
1397.89$2.99DARStar Wars Dark Times Out of the Wilderness2 14,870118,549-3,679-19.83%0
1407.86$2.99MARHerc8 14,813715,152-339-2.24%
1417.78$2.99MARRed Skull3 14,650216,167-1,517-9.38%0
1427.75$3.99DYNBoys Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker3 14,605 -1
1437.74$2.99IMAInfinite2 14,585127,436-12,851-46.84%0
1447.70$3.99MARDeadpoolmax12 14,5071114,627-120-0.82%0
1457.63$3.99MARUltimate Comics Fallout4*14,372 0
1467.54$2.99DCAmerican Vampire Survival Ot Fittest4 14,204314,697-493-3.35%0
1477.53$2.99MARFear Itself Fearsome Four4 14,195316,100-1,905-11.83%
1487.49$3.50DARStar Wars Old Republic (2011)4 14,121314,742-621-4.21%
1497.44$3.99MARMarvel Universe vs Wolverine4 14,026315,584-1,558-10.00%0
1507.29$3.50DARStar Wars Invasion Revelations3 13,732214,830-1,098-7.40%0
1517.28$3.99MARStand Night Has Come2 13,723114,511-788-5.43%0
1527.27$2.99DARStar Wars Jedi Dark Side5 13,692414,426-734-5.09%0
1537.20$3.99DYNWarlord of Mars9 13,565813,871-306-2.21%11
1547.18$2.99IMASpawn211 13,52621014,101-575-4.08%0
1557.14$2.99MARSpider Island Deadly Hands of Kung Fu2 13,446115,908-2,462-15.48%
1567.13$3.99MARVengeance3 13,443216,896-3,453-20.44%2
1576.94$3.50MARCriminal Last of Innocent4 13,068313,266-198-1.49%1
1586.92$2.99MARFear Itself Monkey King1 13,035
1596.90$3.99DYNWarlord of Mars10 13,003913,565-562-4.14%9
1606.85$3.99DYNWarlord of Mars Dejah Thoris6 12,903 1
1616.78$3.50DARStar Wars Knight Errant Deluge2 12,767115,449-2,682-17.36%0
1626.66$3.99DYNGarth Ennis Jennifer Blood4 12,557313,501-944-6.99%15
1636.55$3.99DYNKevin Smith Bionic Man2 12,343 -1
1646.52$3.99IDWTrue Blood French Quarter1 12,277 2
1656.29$3.50DARAbe Sapien Devil Does Not Jest1 11,846
1666.28$3.50IMARed Wing3 11,825212,369-544-4.40%1
1676.17$3.50DARBPRD Hell On Earth Russia1 11,634 0
1686.17$3.50DARConan Road of Kings8 11,621711,956-335-2.80%0
1695.93$3.99MARWolverine and Black Cat Claws 23 11,174212,669-1,495-11.80%0
1705.93$3.99DYNDanger Girl Army of Darkness3 11,169 10
1715.91$3.99IDWGodzilla Kingdom of Monsters7 11,141612,525-1,384-11.05%0
1725.78$3.99MARUltimate Comics Ultimates1*10,892 0
1735.77$3.50DARDollhouse Epitaphs3 10,866212,367-1,501-12.14%
1745.65$3.99MARDorothy and Wizard in Oz1 10,648 3
1755.63$3.99IDWTrue Blood French Quarter2 10,605112,277-1,672-13.62%0
1765.59$2.99IMAMorning Glories12 10,5371110,654-117-1.10%8
1775.58$2.99DCUnwritten29 10,5112810,732-221-2.06%0
1785.53$2.99MARCaptain America Corps4 10,424311,395-971-8.52%0
1795.51$2.99MARThor Heaven and Earth4 10,377310,949-572-5.22%0
1805.50$3.99IDWGI Joe (2011) v25 10,371410,825-454-4.19%2
1815.47$3.99BOOHellraiser5 10,303411,097-794-7.16%7
1825.37$3.99IDWTransformers Ongoing26 10,118259,5335856.14%0
1835.09$2.99DCHellblazer283 9,5972829,3732242.39%0
1845.06$3.99IDWGI Joe a Real American Hero170 9,5421699,671-129-1.33%-2
1855.06$3.99IDWTransformers Ongoing25 9,5332410,098-565-5.60%0
1864.98$3.99IDWCobra Ongoing4 9,39137,7401,65121.33%4
1874.94$2.99DCIzombie17 9,316169,569-253-2.64%0
1884.93$2.99IMASevered2 9,280114,412-5,132-35.61%1
1894.92$3.99DYNGreen Hornet18 9,279179,708-429-4.42%8
1904.90$3.99MARSupreme Power (2011)4 9,237310,041-804-8.01%0
1914.89$3.99IMAArtifacts10 9,215910,943-1,728-15.79%
1924.85$3.99IDWSnake Eyes5 9,14149,289-148-1.59%0
1934.81$3.99IDWCobra Ongoing5 9,06849,391-323-3.44%2
1944.81$3.99IDWGodzilla Gangsters and Goliaths4 9,061310,526-1,465-13.92%-1
1954.80$2.99MARMystery Men5 9,04649,301-255-2.74%0
1964.77$3.50DARBaltimore Curse Bells2 8,988110,798-1,810-16.76%0
1974.64$2.99ARCMega Man5 8,74148,900-159-1.79%
1984.55$3.99BOOIrredeemable29 8,582288,821-239-2.71%-1
1994.49$3.99DYNVampirella Scarlet Legion4 8,46639,262-796-8.59%3
2004.49$3.99IMAWitchblade148 8,4611478,487-26-0.31%14
2014.48$3.99IDWDungeons and Dragons11 8,441108,546-105-1.23%0
2024.47$3.50DARThe Guild Clara (One Shot) 8,420
2034.44$7.99DARDark Horse Presents4 8,36638,931-565-6.33%
2044.42$3.99IDWDungeons and Dragons Drizzt2 8,32819,856-1,528-15.50%1
2054.41$2.99IMASuper Dinosaur4 8,30338,943-640-7.16%8
2064.35$3.99ABSRachel Rising2 8,189110,990-2,801-25.49%0
2074.34$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales64 8,183638,086971.20%1
2084.31$3.99AVALady Death (Ongoing)9 8,12788,681-554-6.38%-3
2094.23$3.50IMAHack Slash7 7,96768,201-234-2.85%
2104.21$2.99DCYoung Justice8 7,93078,062-132-1.64%0
2114.20$2.99MARAll Winners Squad Band of Heroes4 7,91438,767-853-9.73%0
2124.19$2.99DCSweet Tooth25 7,896247,948-52-0.65%0
2134.11$3.50IMAHack Slash8 7,73777,967-230-2.89%
2144.07$4.99BONSimpsons Treehouse of Horror17 7,671 -1
2154.06$2.99IMAWitch Doctor3 7,65927,4102493.36%5
2164.04$2.99DCTiny Titans44 7,619437,534851.13%0
2174.02$2.99ASPFathom (2008) v42 7,57919,289-1,710-18.41%14
2184.00$2.99IMAPigs1 7,546 0
2193.89$3.99IDWDoctor Who Ongoing v29 7,32487,480-156-2.09%2
2203.89$3.99MARHalo Fall of Reach Covenant3 7,32127,825-504-6.44%12
2213.77$2.99MARMystic2 7,105118,784-11,679-62.18%0
2223.75$4.99MARCasanova Avaritia1 7,059 0
2233.73$2.99ARCSonic Universe32 7,027317,038-11-0.16%0
2243.71$3.99MARUltimate Comics Hawkeye1*6,982 0
2253.69$2.95BROTarot Witch of the Black Rose70 6,955697,303-348-4.77%0
2263.66$3.99BOOPlanet of the Apes6 6,89058,386-1,496-17.84%1
2273.65$3.99DYNQueen Sonja20 6,883 18
2283.64$3.50BONSergio Aragones Funnies3 6,85927,439-580-7.80%-2
2293.64$2.99DCNorthlanders44 6,858436,901-43-0.62%1
2303.62$3.50DARTurok Son of Stone3 6,82128,015-1,194-14.90%36
2313.61$2.99BONSimpsons Comics182 6,8081816,796120.18%-2
2323.59$4.99MARFF 50 Fantastic Years1 6,761 0
2333.59$3.99DYNTerminator Robocop Kill Human2 6,75518,322-1,567-18.83%1
2343.54$3.99BOOIncorruptible22 6,669217,015-346-4.93%2
2353.53$3.99MARAnita Blake Circus Damned Scoundrel1 6,650 5
2363.50$3.99DYNGreen Hornet Year One12 6,588 24
2373.49$3.99IMABig Lie1 6,572 0
2383.48$3.99IMAMagdalena8 6,55176,968-417-5.98%27
2393.47$2.99ZENInfernogrimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater1 6,544 3
2403.40$2.99DCAll New Batman the Brave and the Bold11 6,410106,351590.93%0
2413.39$2.99DCHouse of Mystery41 6,387406,512-125-1.92%0
2423.37$3.99BOOElric the Balance Lost3 6,34526,643-298-4.49%-1
2433.36$4.99AVALady Death Origins Annual1 6,331 -2
2443.33$2.99DCScalped52 6,270516,409-139-2.17%3
2453.32$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales the Library1 6,255
2463.32$2.99BONFuturama Comics57 6,252566,229230.37%0
2473.31$3.50DARDoctor Solar Man of Atom8 6,22976,833-604-8.84%19
2483.14$2.99IMANear Death1 5,922 0
2493.12$3.99DYNLast Phantom9 5,878 22
2503.11$2.99IMADarkness93 5,856925,971-115-1.93%18
2513.04$3.99DYNTerminator Robocop Kill Human3 5,73526,755-1,020-15.10%0
2523.04$2.99MARKa Zar4 5,73136,475-744-11.49%0
2532.96$2.99IMA50 Girls 504 5,57836,127-549-8.96%0
2542.94$2.99DCDMZ69 5,544685,668-124-2.19%0
2552.92$3.50ASPExecutive Assistant Iris v23 5,50225,843-341-5.84%0
2562.91$2.99BONBart Simpson Comics63 5,475625,462130.24%-1
2572.87$2.99ZENFly4 5,41636,133-717-11.69%
2582.80$3.99DYNKato12 5,283 23
2592.80$3.99DYNZorro Rides Again3 5,274 -1
2602.77$3.99BOODarkwing Duck16 5,228155,312-84-1.58%1
2612.68$3.99AVANight of the Living Dead Death Valley4 5,04635,527-481-8.70%7
2622.67$3.99IDWInfestation Outbreak3 5,03626,614-1,578-23.86%2
2632.67$3.50ASPSoulfire v34 5,02935,895-866-14.69%0
2642.64$3.99DYNKato13 4,981125,283-302-5.72%22
2652.64$5.95DRAOptic Nerve12 4,974 4
2662.64$3.99DCFlashpoint5*4,972 0
2672.60$3.99IMATeen Wolf Bite Me1 4,901 1
2682.57$3.99IDWAnne Rice Servant of the Bones2 4,85016,884-2,034-29.55%1
2692.52$3.50DARUsagi Yojimbo140 4,7431394,769-26-0.55%1
2702.52$3.99DYNSherlock Holmes Year One6 4,74254,849-107-2.21%11
2712.51$3.50ZENCharmed13 4,722124,946-224-4.53%
2722.50$2.99DCScooby Doo Where Are You13 4,701124,686150.32%0
2732.48$2.99MARSpider Man18 4,673174,675-2-0.04%0
2742.46$3.50ZENCharmed14 4,626134,722-96-2.03%
2752.39$3.99BOODucktales4 4,50734,966-459-9.24%3
2762.36$3.50REDAtomic Robo Ghost of Station X1 4,456 3
2772.31$3.99DARCriminal Macabre No Peace for Dead Men (One Shot) 4,359 0
2782.27$2.99IMAAvengelyne3 4,26924,710-441-9.36%
2792.25$3.99DYNGreen Hornet Strikes9 4,243 19
2802.24$3.99DYNRobert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World12 4,212114,288-76-1.77%20
2812.18$3.50ASPExecutive Assistant Orchid3 4,10716,096-1,989-32.63%
2822.13$3.99MARX Men Schism3*4,021
2832.11$3.50ASPExecutive Assistant Lotus3 3,97316,030-2,057-34.11%
2842.11$3.99DYNRobert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World13 3,973124,212-239-5.67%18
2852.10$3.50ASPExecutive Assistant Violet3 3,95515,775-1,820-31.52%
2862.05$3.99IDWJurassic Park Dangerous Games1 3,860 0
2882.01$3.50ASPBroken Pieces1 3,783
2891.98$2.99IMAGladstones School for World Conquerors5 3,72934,638-909-19.60%1
2901.94$3.99BOOFarscape23 3,664213,978-314-7.89%0
2911.85$3.99BOOStan Lee Soldier Zero12 3,494104,250-756-17.79%1
2921.84$1.00IMAPilot Season Declassified 20111 3,462 0
2931.83$2.99ARCArchie625 3,4526233,669-217-5.91%0
2941.82$2.99IMAWalking Dead Weekly37 3,426363,382441.30%0
2951.81$2.99IMASamurais Blood4 3,41224,007-595-14.85%1
2961.81$3.99ONISixth Gun15 3,403113,418-15-0.44%0
2971.80$2.99IMAWalking Dead Weekly38 3,397373,426-29-0.85%0
2981.79$2.99IMAWalking Dead Weekly36 3,382303,806-424-11.14%0
2991.78$2.99IMAWalking Dead Weekly39 3,359383,397-38-1.12%0
3001.77$3.99BOOStan Lee Starborn10 3,34183,995-654-16.37%0

Legend: Qty Rank = Quantity Rank, Index = Diamond Order Index, Pub = Publisher, # = Issue Number, R = Reorder, Est Sales = Estimated Sales, Prev Issue = Previous Issue, Prev Issue Est Sales = Previous Issue Estimated Sales, WL = Weeks Late

15.27$29.99LEGHoly Terror9,9399,939
24.37$24.99DCNew Teen Titans Games8,2318,231
33.22$12.99IMAChew v4: Flambe6,0586,058
42.82$19.99MARCastle Richard Castles Deadly Storm5,3075,307
52.77$19.99DARHellboy v11: Bride of Hell and Others5,21511,883
62.71$12.99IMAMorning Glories v25,1015,101
72.26$29.99DCBrightest Day v34,2594,259
81.97$10.99RANSailor Moon Kodansha Ed v13,7093,709
91.95$9.99VIZNaruto v523,6773,677
101.57$15.99MARUncanny X Force v1: Apocalypse Solution2,9524,405
111.48$19.99DARSavage Sword of Conan v102,7812,781
121.47$14.99DCIzombie v2: Uvampire2,7712,771
131.39$16.99BOOIrredeemable v72,6182,618
141.39$16.99MARUncanny X Men Breaking Point2,6172,617
151.39$29.99DCGreen Lantern Sinestro Corps War2,6102,610
161.38$10.99RANCodename Sailor V v12,6012,601
171.38$17.99DCBatman the Widening Gyre2,5922,592
181.36$19.99MARThanos Imperative2,5572,557
191.31$14.99DARBerserk v352,4602,460
201.29$19.99AVACrossed v2: Family Values2,4262,426
211.26$9.99VIZBleach v362,3682,368
221.25$15.99IDWCode Word Geronimo2,3542,354
231.25$15.99MARUltimate Comics Thor2,3532,353
241.18$29.99MAROz Ozma of Oz2,2292,229
251.17$19.99MARAstonishing X Men Xenogenesis2,1952,195
261.15$16.99DARMass Effect v2: Evolution2,1642,164
271.14$19.99MARWolverine Wolverine Goes to Hell2,1532,153
291.14$14.99FANLove and Rockets New Stories v42,1422,142
301.13$19.99MARVenom By Rick Remender v12,1262,126
311.13$14.99MARRuse Victorian Guide to Murder2,1242,124
321.08$19.99DCJLA v12,0372,037
331.05$22.99DCGreen Lantern Corps the Weaponer1,9871,987
341.05$24.99DARStar Wars Omnibus Episodes I Vi Comp Saga1,9761,976
351.01$9.99IMACarbon Grey v1: Sisters At War1,9111,911
360.99$17.99AVASupergod v11,8641,864
370.99$19.99MARThor for Asgard1,8621,862
380.99$9.99BOOHellraiser v11,8591,859
390.99$9.99VIZFullmetal Alchemist v261,8581,858
400.99$9.99IMAWalking Dead v1: Days Gone Bye1,857162,864
410.97$14.99MARSigil Out of Time1,8331,833
420.96$19.99MARUltimate Comics New Ultimates Thor Reborn1,8071,807
430.96$15.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales v101,8031,803
440.96$29.99DCSuperman the Black Ring v21,8031,803
450.95$11.95ARCMega Man v11,7901,790
460.95$14.99DCNew York Five1,7831,783
470.94$12.99MARDeadpool All in Family1,7791,779
480.92$10.99DAROh My Goddess v391,7261,726
490.91$10.99RANNegima v311,7141,714
500.89$24.99MARInfinity Gauntlet1,6814,161
510.88$24.99MARUltimate Avengers vs New Ultimates1,6531,653
520.88$11.95ARCSonic Universe v11,6521,652
530.85$10.99SCHAmulet v4: Last Council1,6081,608
540.85$17.99DCJustice League of America Team History1,5991,599
550.84$16.99MARAvengers Prime1,5921,592
560.84$49.99DCKamandi Omnibus v1: Last Boy On Earth1,5761,576
570.82$39.99DCCover Story DC Comics Art of Brian Bolland1,5421,542
580.82$17.99IDWGodzilla Kingdom of Monsters v11,5401,540
590.81$14.99IMAArtifacts v21,5331,533
600.79$19.99DCShowcase Presents All Star Comics v11,4971,497
610.79$19.99MARX Men Origins II1,4931,493
620.78$14.99IMAWalking Dead v14: No Way Out1,47227,704
630.78$24.99IDWTrue Blood (2010) v2: Tainted Love1,4611,461
640.76$12.99IMABlue Estate v11,4401,440
650.76$14.99DCGreek Street v3: Medeas Luck1,4271,427
660.75$19.99IDWSuicide Girls v11,4151,415
670.74$15.99MARShadowland Moon Knight1,3861,386
680.74$16.99MARPunisher Circle of Blood1,3851,385
690.73$34.99MARSpider Man Vengeance of Venom1,3781,378
700.72$19.99MARDeadpool v8: Operation Annihilation1,3551,355
710.70$14.99MARStand v1: Captain Trips1,3281,328
720.70$12.99DCAll New Batman Brave and the Bold1,3161,316
730.70$16.99MARHalo Fall of Reach Boot Camp1,3141,314
740.67$9.99VIZOne Piece v581,2651,265
750.67$24.99DCJustice League of America Omega1,2621,262
760.67$19.99MARX Men First to Last1,2561,256
770.66$14.99DCJustice Society of America Super Town1,2441,244
780.66$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Invincible Iron Man v71,2371,237
790.65$17.99DCGod Somewhere1,2341,234
800.63$16.99IMAHack Slash v9: Torture Prone1,1781,178
810.62$4.99VIZPokemon Black and White v31,1621,162
820.62$29.99DARComplete Major Bummer Super Slacktacular1,1611,161
830.61$14.99IMABomb Queen Gang Bang1,1531,153
840.61$16.99MARIron Man 2.0 v1: Palmer Addley Is Dead1,1531,153
850.60$14.99DCTitans Family Reunion1,1251,125
860.59$24.99IDWDungeons and Dragons Fr Drizzt Omnibus v11,1201,120
870.59$10.99DARBlood Blockade Battlefront v11,1151,115
880.59$10.99RANXxxholic v171,1091,109
890.59$15.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends v11,1071,107
900.58$19.99MARNew Mutants (2009) v3: Fall of New Mutants1,0991,099
910.58$16.99IMAGreen Wake v11,0961,096
920.58$19.99MAREssential Defenders v61,0871,087
930.57$19.99IDWGI Joe Special Missions v41,0761,076
940.56$24.99DCLegion of Super Heroes (2010) v2: Consequences1,0631,063
950.56$29.99MARWolverine Old Man Logan1,05213,780
960.56$24.99MAREnders Game Formic Wars Burning Earth1,0501,050
970.56$14.99IMAWalking Dead v2: Miles Behind Us1,05088,212
980.56$24.99MARAstonishing Thor1,0471,047
990.55$14.99DCBatman Dark Knight Returns1,04256,403
1000.55$19.99MARSecret Warriors v6: Wheels Within Wheels1,0411,041
1010.55$17.99IDWTransformers Ongoing v41,0321,032
1020.55$24.99MARMarvel Zombies Supreme1,0291,029
1030.54$17.99DCAstro City Life in the Big City1,0261,026
1040.53$19.99MARStrange Tales II998998
1050.52$24.99DARFinder Library v2983983
1060.52$9.95TOPKorgi v3: A Hollow Beginning982982
1070.52$14.99BOODisney Four Color Adventures v1977977
1080.51$14.99IMASpawn Origins v12970970
1090.51$29.99MARAlpha Flight Classic v2966966
1100.50$19.99ARCArchie the Married Life v1951951
1110.50$15.99ZENWonderland House of Liddle v1938938
1120.49$29.99MARFantastic Four Overthrow of Doom926926
1140.49$29.99MARAvengers Assault On Olympus924924
1150.49$24.99DCBatman Hush Complete91624,809
1160.49$14.99MARNew X Men By Grant Morrison Book 05915915
1170.48$14.99IMAMoriarty v1906906
1180.47$39.99MARNew Avengers (2010) v7889889
1190.47$14.99DCBatman Year One87835,608
1200.46$19.99DCSandman v1: Preludes and Nocturnes8738,499
1210.46$14.99IMASweets New Orleans Crime Story871871
1220.46$19.99MARAnita Blake Circus of Damned Ingenue v2860860
1230.45$24.99IDWDungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms v2853853
1240.45$59.99DCSugar and Spike Archives v1846846
1250.45$34.99IDWBarks Bear Book840840
1260.44$49.99DARCreepy Archives v11826826
1270.44$6.95APEKung Fu Panda v1: Kung Fu Crew826826
1280.42$17.99DCTom Strongs Terrific Tales v2787787
1290.41$9.95TOPLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen III Century #2 196977825,602
1300.41$17.99ZENCharmed v2774774
1310.41$19.99FANMark Twains Autobiography 1910 2010769769
1320.41$24.99IMAElephantmen v4: Questionable Things768768
1330.41$19.99IDWLocke and Key v1: Welcome to Lovecraft7676,835
1350.40$24.99MARZombies Christmas Carol752752
1360.39$14.99VIZDeath Note Black Ed v5743743
1370.39$10.99RANGon Kodansha Ed v1743743
1380.39$15.99MARShadowland Blood On Streets742742
1390.39$59.99MARMarvel Masterworks Golden Age Marvel Comics v6739739
1400.39$17.99DCBatman the Killing Joke73268,253
1410.39$9.99MARMarvel Adventures Avengers Thor Captain America732732
1420.39$14.99IMAWalking Dead v3: Safety Behind Bars73074,046
1430.39$19.99DCBlackest Night7268,298
1440.38$14.95ARCArchie Christmas Classics v1725725
1460.38$150.00MARDark Tower Omnibus Slipcase Set723723
1470.38$17.99HARSimpsons Treehouse of Horror v6: Beyond the Grave7221,371
1480.38$12.99DCFables v1: Legends in Exile71662,603
1490.38$17.99DCCuba My Revolution712712
1500.37$19.99MARPowers (2009) v2: Roleplay705705
1510.37$15.99MARShadowland Power Man699699
1520.37$14.95RALDriver for the Dead v1688688
1530.36$16.99MARIron Man Industrial Revolution686686
1540.36$12.99FANPrison Pit v3685685
1550.36$9.99IMAChew v168329,530
1560.35$17.99HARAstonishing Secret of Awesome Man Yr668668
1570.35$19.99MAROff Handbook of Marvel Universe A to Z v1659659
1580.35$19.95CHRStar Wars Jedi Path658658
1590.35$17.99IDWGI Joe Origins v5655655
1600.35$29.99MARCaptain America By Dan Jurgens v2650650
1610.34$39.99MARCaptain Britain v2: Siege of Camelot649649
1620.34$14.99DCY the Last Man v10: Whys and Wherefores64335,263
1630.33$14.99IMAWalking Dead v4: Hearts Desire62565,439
1640.33$39.99FANArt of Joe Kubert616616
1650.33$19.99IDWGI Joe Disavowed v4613613
1660.32$19.99MARAvengers Off Index to Marvel Universe610610
1670.32$19.99IDWDoctor Who Classics v7605605
1680.32$29.99MARNam v3601601
1690.32$29.99IDWArchies Joke Book v1: Bob Montana600600
1700.32$74.99MAREvolutionary War Omnibus600600
1720.32$14.99IMAWalking Dead v13: Too Far Gone60034,210
1730.32$19.99IDWDone to Death598598
1740.32$34.99MARFantastic Four Worlds Greatest Comics Magazine596596
1750.31$10.99BANKannagi v2593593
1760.31$19.99DCBatman Knightfall Part 01 Broken Bat5842,503
1770.31$14.99IMAWalking Dead v9: Here We Remain58150,538
1780.31$9.99VIZBlack Bird v10580580
1790.31$10.99RANPhoenix Wright v2580580
1810.31$49.99DARArchie Archives v2576576
1820.30$14.99IMAWalking Dead v5: Best Defense57053,805
1830.30$14.99BOOJenny Finn Doom Messiah5652,585
1840.29$10.99RANCage of Eden v1555555
1850.29$10.99RANUntil the Full Moon v1552552
1860.29$24.99DCWe 3 Deluxe Edition5523,781
1870.29$14.99VIZNaruto 3 in 1 Ed v3550550
1880.29$19.99DCV for Vendetta New Edition54610,443
1890.29$10.99RANBloody Monday v1544544
1900.29$14.99IMAWalking Dead v10: What We Become54344,830
1910.28$24.99MARCivil War53584,399
1920.28$14.99IMAWalking Dead v11: Fear the Hunters52442,815
1930.27$14.99IMAWalking Dead v12: Life Among Them51738,313
1940.27$24.99IDWTransformers Classics v1514955
1950.27$14.99IMAWalking Dead v6: Sorrowful Life50953,064
1960.27$75.00MARAstonishing X Men By Whedon and Cassaday Omnibus5081,958
1970.27$19.99MAREssential Spider Man v2506506
1980.27$11.99ONIScott Pilgrim v1: Precious Little Life50545,847
1990.27$17.99DCArkham Asylum Anniversary Edition50125,076
2000.27$14.99IMAWalking Dead v8: Made to Suffer50148,990
2010.26$10.99RANShugo Chara v12495495
2020.26$14.99IMAUndying Love493493
2030.26$19.99FANArmed Garden and Other Stories489489
2040.26$14.99DCY the Last Man v1: Unmanned48769,113
2050.25$14.99IMAWalking Dead v7: The Calm Before48048,328
2060.25$10.99RANMardock Scramble v1479479
2070.25$44.95DRABig Questions476476
2080.25$12.99IMAChew v2: International Flavor46916,544
2090.25$19.99BIGPenny for Your Soul v1: War467467
2100.25$19.99IDWLocke and Key v2: Head Games4623,408
2110.24$11.99ONISpell Checkers v2: Sons of Preacher Man460460
2120.24$9.99VIZKimi Ni Todoke v10: From Me to You459459
2130.24$59.99IMAWalking Dead Compendium v145614,047
2140.24$24.99ST.Robert Jordan Eye of the World v1454454
2150.24$19.99MAREssential Spider Man v3452452
2160.24$14.99IDWDeadworld Last Siesta448448
2170.24$9.99VIZUltimo v6443443
2180.23$17.99DCKingdom Come44233,395
2190.23$17.99DCFables v15: Rose Red44115,627
2200.23$14.99BOOPotters Field440440
2210.23$9.99VIZLibrary Wars Love and War v6435435
2220.23$12.99IMAChew v3: Just Desserts43212,278
2230.23$14.99DCTransmetropolitan v1: Back On the Street42918,810
2240.23$19.99DCBatman Dark Victory42514,135
2250.23$24.99IDWMnemovore (IDW)425425
2260.22$17.99DCPreacher v1: Gone to Texas New Edition41829,244
2270.22$12.99HACWitch and Wizard Manga v1414414
2280.22$69.99IMADarkness Compendium Edition410410
2290.22$19.99DCSandman v2: The Dolls House4105,144
2300.22$9.99VIZDengeki Daisy v6406406
2310.21$9.99VIZHayate Combat Butler v18405405
2320.21$24.99IDWLocke and Key v4: Keys to the Kingdom4044,014
2330.21$29.99IMASpawn Origins v4403403
2340.21$24.99DYNBattlestar Galactica Season Zero Omnibus401401
2350.21$14.99DARSerenity Shepherds Tale39321,184
2360.21$19.99MARMarvel Ghost Stories392392
2370.21$17.99DCBatwoman (2011) v1: Elegy391391
2380.21$24.99DARLittle Lulu Giant Size v4391391
2390.21$19.99MAREssential Spider Man v4390390
2400.21$9.99DC100 Bullets v1: First Shot Last Call38816,842
2420.20$17.99DCSuperman Red Son38229,865
2430.20$12.99HACBunny Drop v4381381
2440.20$23.00DIAA Zoo in Winter378378
2450.20$18.99POCHondo City Law378378
2460.20$125.00MARThor By Walter Simonson Omnibus3751,987
2470.20$29.99DCBatman Under the Red Hood3742,999
2480.20$19.99BOOZombie Tales Omnibus Outbreak374374
2490.20$34.99MARX Men Second Coming3713,898
2500.20$12.99DCFables v2: Animal Farm36834,595
2510.19$29.99DCAstro City Life in the Big City366366
2530.19$19.99IDWLocke and Key v3: Crown of Shadows3603,208
2540.19$12.99DCY the Last Man v2: Cycles35631,677
2550.19$11.99HACBamboo Blade v10355355
2560.19$19.99DARSerenity v2: Better Days and Other Stories3534,429
2570.19$12.99VIZDetroit Metal City v10350350
2580.19$18.99FANLike a Sniper Lining Up His Shot349349
2600.18$14.99DCFables v3: Storybook Love34723,904
2610.18$12.99DARDrifters v13451,824
2630.18$19.99DYNBoys v8: Highland Laddie3441,333
2650.18$24.99DARGreen River Killer True Detective Story3441,532
2660.18$19.99IDWLove and Capes v3: Wake Up Where You Are344344
2680.18$12.99DCAll Star Superman v134223,499
2690.18$14.99DCScalped v2: Casino Boogie3403,360
2710.18$25.99DIAMissionary Man Bad Moon Rising334334
2720.18$11.99HACMy Girlfriends a Geek v4333333
2730.18$19.99DCFinal Crisis33213,023
2740.18$7.95TOPLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen III Century v1: 191033145,131
2750.18$14.99DCBatman and Robin (2011) v1: Batman Reborn330330
2760.18$74.99MARCaptain America By Ed Brubaker Omnibus v13303,402
2770.18$14.99DCLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen v133013,007
2780.17$14.99DARAvatar Last Airbender v1: Lost Adventures3292,964
2800.17$17.99DCFables v14: Witches32417,673
2810.17$9.99VIZArata the Legend v7321321
2820.17$16.99BOOIrredeemable v23208,193
2830.17$16.95RANVelveteen and Mandala319319
2840.17$17.99DCFables v4: March of the Wooden Soldiers31819,397
2850.17$22.95DRAPure Pajamas316316
2860.17$19.99DCBatman Knightfall Part 03 Knightsend3111,360
2870.16$14.99DCTransmetropolitan v2: Lust for Life3072,832
2880.16$150.00MARArt of Marvel Studios Slipcase306306
2890.16$10.99RANArisa v4305305
2900.16$11.99HACSoul Eater v13031,327
2910.16$12.99DCAll Star Superman v230012,867
2920.16$16.99DYNBoys v1: Name of the Game3006,002
2930.16$19.95RANEpic Chronicles Hagar the Horrible 1976 1977300300
2950.16$11.99ONIScott Pilgrim v2: Vs the World30031,242
2960.16$9.99VIZOresama Teacher v4299299
2970.16$11.99HACZombie Loan v12299299
2980.16$25.00HOUBest American Comics 2011298298
2990.16$12.99DCUnwritten v1: Tommy Taylor and Bogus Identity29711,797
3000.16$24.99MARSpider Man v2: Brand New Day2963,036

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