NYCC 2011 Photo Parade: Thursday, Friday

Wed, November 2nd, 2011 at 12:30pm PDT | Updated: November 2nd, 2011 at 1:24pm

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Yesterday, Comic Book Resources shared our Long Beach Comic Con Photo Parade leaving some of you wondering, "Hey -- what about last month's New York Comic Con? Weren't you guys there? Didn't you take any pictures?"

Today, we happily present the 2011 NYCC Photo Parade: Thursday and Friday Edition, featuring comic pros, celebrities, Tom Morello's concert, DJ Z-Trip, a rare glimpse inside the workings of CBR's con headquarters and, of course, cosplayers galore! As always, CBR Executive Producer/Big Kahuna Jonah "My Dog Is Awesomer Than Your Dog" Weiland provides the commentary and friendly ribbing.

DC Comics BoothRobert Kirkman
The Marvel stage is well-manned by SHIELD operatives.Captain America props at the Marvel booth.
DJ Z-TripTom Morello
Tom MorelloTom Morello
Tom MorelloDJ Z-Trip
DJ Z-TripDJ Z-Trip
DJ Z-TripTom Morello
Captain America props at MarvelEliot's Halloween costume from ET
Kevin Conroy, the voice of BatmanRocksteady Studios Game Director Nick Arundel
Kevin Conroy"Batman: Arkham Asylum" director Sefton Hill
DragonBall Zzzzz ... dammit, I made that joke in yesterday's photo parade.Minecraft Zombie
Not sure what this is, but she's lovely. Nice costume.I saw a number of Transformers at the show this year - was rather hilarious watching them try to maneuver through some very small hallways at the Javits, which I've come to call a crap hole.
More Minecraft! Love the axe.Jem
Honestly the best part of this photo is the dude in the background with a Sailor Moon backpack. ROCK IT BRUTHA!Whatever.
Giant-Sized SmurfetteKevin Brown - Dot Com (30 Rock)
Joe StatonKatie Cook
Dave RyanLee Khose
Scott Snyder and Greg CapulloChris Burnham and David Finch
Batman: All Access PanelKyle Higgins loves Nightwing
Voice Over Director extraordinaire Andrea RomanoBruce Timm
Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, Venture Brothers creatorsThat Captain America costume looks like it might lead to chafing.
Hey, everybody, it's Jim McCann!Eric Stephenson, Robert Kirkman, Rob Liefeld, and Tim Seeley
Joe Keatinge, Ross Campbell, and Jim McCannImage's Creator Owned Panel
Nice home made Bender costume.Members of Team CBR hard at work in our Tiki/News Room. From far left to right - Senior Editor Stephen Gerding, Staff Writer Katie Calautti, Staff Writer Josie Campbell's hair, Staff Writer TJ Dietsch and video editor Alex Kropinak. Also, the CBR Monkey sees all!
More members of Team CBR in the Tiki Room. From bottom left moving up there's some jackass named Jonah, Contributing Writer James Gartler, Contributing Writer Brett White and in the back is Staff Writer Steve Sunu! Also, CBR Pink Flamingo sees all!Oscar the Grouch

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