Spider-Man Gears Up For War In Latest Marvel Teaser

Thu, June 28th, 2012 at 9:25am PDT

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CBR News Team, Editor

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics began a new teaser image campaign to ramp up for Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012. Thus far, images depicting artifacts from the Marvel Universe -- including Thor's shattered hammer and Wolverine's burning claws and Captain America's bloodied shield and Iron Man's dented, bloody faceplate -- were revealed with the words "This Is War" superimposed below the image.

Today, Spider-Man sees some action, which is appropriate as it's during his Comic-Con International panel where the full details on this event will be revealed. As with prior releases, the information accompanying the image divulged no new details, though they all promise more news to be announced during the Amazing Spider-Man Panel on July 15 at CCI 2012.

Stay tuned to CBR in the coming weeks for more teasers for Spider-Man and the Avengers' "War," and check back on July 15 for our live coverage of the Amazing Spider-Man panel!

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