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Sat, July 21st, 2012 at 3:00pm PDT | Updated: July 22nd, 2012 at 5:22pm

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

We've already brought you Preview Night/Thursday and Friday's photo parade, and today CBR present Saturday at the 2012 Comic-Con International in San Diego! Always one of the biggest days of the annual event, this year was no different as CBR photographer Pinguino Kolb captures Hollywood celebs, comic book elite and cosplayers, cosplayers, cosplayers!

CBR founder and man about town Jonah "Is Comic-Con Over Yet?" Weiland chimes in as always with his inimitable loving snark as we continue to count down to the final day of the show!

Like father, like son.I really don't know how cosplayers stay in costumes like this for a full day. There has to be a pool of sweat in their shoes by 7:00 PM.
We can be heroes, indeed!"Young Justice's" Red Arrow
Another character from a Japanese anime I don't know with a ridiculous gun.I'm pretty sure we get a picture of the guy on the right in a different costume every year and he always makes them work. No clue who he is this year, but badass as always.
Airbending.A little Pirates of the Carribean cosplaying. I'm surprised after the reception to the last movie that there was anyone still willing to cosplay that movie.
Jon RosenbergFantastic Two-Face.
A low-rent knight or some sort?Wait a second - people got grief for their kid's strollers, but big ass bikes were OK?
Everyone in this works for me except Magneto. He's just not menacing enough. Practice your menace, dude.This is kinda great.
Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer MorrisonGinnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas
William Shatner sporting an excellent shirt! Seriously!Papa & Son Surfer is kind of the best thing in this photo parade.
I want to be friends with both of you. Please. Hello? Don't walk away from me!Click on this photo to take the entire costume in. Impressive dedication, but hell if you have to go to the bathroom quickly.
Winter is coming? No, heat exhaustion is coming.Giant white blob and Steampunk feamle Joker?
Mike MignolaPeter Kuper
A less enthusiastic group of X-Men I have not seen.Danny Miki
I have no idea.Jim McCann
Chris MorenoWolverine with '80s hair and a tribal tattoo. OOOOOK.
SPOOOON! Wonder Woman is not amused by the Tick.No idea.
Excellent Batman & JokerPunk rock Iron Lady? I'm not sure, but I kinda dig it.
Squirrel GirlDude, your nipples are showing.
Wolvie Fett? Whatever it is, I like.John Barrowman
John and Carole BarrowmanCyanide and Happiness
Scott KurtzPinguino says, "Mustache Emporium is probably the coolest SDCC booth I've seen in a while."
OMG I actually know this one - Mega Man!Simply - woah! Nice photo, Pin!
FantasticMore woah!

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